Heatwave Melts Cheese

I think it was back in 1983, onstage at the (now) lamentably long-closed Backstreet Fort Lauderdale, one of the best gay nightclubs in the history of the planet, that I saw the Love Twins reclining on lawn chairs, performing their only hit, the inestimably cheesy Miami Heatwave. In the song, the singer is on vacation in Miami, right? And she’s missin’ her man back in New Yawk, right?

90 degrees and I wish you were here
Every day feels just a year
Miami heatwave (heatwave!)
Miami heatwave (heatwave!)

Of course, add 23 years or so and not only have my eyes rolled back into position, but now…I kinda love this tacky tacky song. Cowritten and coproduced by HI-NRG legend Ian Levine, the vocals are by Laurnea Wilkerson, who played Dorothy in the road production of The Wiz.

Download Miami Heatwave. G’head, it’ll do you good to have a laugh during THIS heatwave.

Florida’s fun, but I miss New Yawk
Where are you now, I wish we could tawk!