“We’re Gonna Kill You, Faggot!”

Drag performance artist and musician Kevin Aviance was brutally gaybashed yesterday after leaving the East Village’s Phoenix bar. According to news reports, he was attacked by a group of six or seven men who shouted, “We’re gonna kill you, faggot!” Apparently, passers-by did nothing to stop the attack. Four young men were arrested and charged with hate crimes. Aviance is hospitalized with a broken jaw and other injuries. As long as our Republican leadership continues to tell the youth of America that gay people are contemptible, these contemptible crimes will continue.

UPDATE: Rather than providing Kevin’s personal contact information to the nutcases of the world, may I suggest sending cards and messages of support directly to the Phoenix Bar?

Kevin Aviance
c/o Phoenix Bar
447 East 13th Street
New York City, NY 10009

UPDATE II: Aviance has vowed to perform at NYC’s Pride festival on June 25th. (via – 365gay.com)