NY State AG Race Looks Interesting

I took this photo of Mark Green in front of Grand Central Terminal last Friday, as he campaigned for New York State Attorney General. On September 11th 2001, I voted for Green for NYC mayor, a race he would have won, had the coverage of the terrorist attacks not totally drowned out his runoff campaign against Michael Bloomberg, who was endorsed by the suddenly popular Rudolph Guiliani. As it turned out, I am very happy with Bloomberg thus far, and voted for his re-election last year.

Also running for Attorney General in 2006 is openly gay Sean Patrick Maloney, about whom I don’t know much, other than that he’s President Clinton’s former staff secretary and that he represents the family of Matthew Shepard in some regard. Eliot Spitzer, our current Attorney General, is the overwhelming favorite to replace George Pataki as governor, and has been endorsed by the Empire State Pride Agenda. Am I a bad citizen to say I want Spitzer to win because he’s just so damn hot?