Manhunt Spellchecker 2

In the early days of JMG, I posted a verbatim compilation of messages I’d received on, the gay sex hook-up site. Here is an updating of that list, including some of the originals.

-Hey dud!

-U R Hott! Put that in the sexy place!

-I am *completely* uninhabited.

-Tonight I’m feeling VERY ranchy, how about u?

-Are you interested in a gang-bag? I would love for you and your friends to gang-bag me.

-You give me extra pleasure, especially in the lower half.

-Are you into SM? I have no pain deceptors.

-I hope you are into barebaking, cuz I’d love for you to bread me.

-Are you into hot men with mussels and strongly looking?

-You will never get to the bottom of my cunt.

-I’m into sweety passionnut sex with couples and small gropes.

-Can you get into rapping me? I love rap scenes and roll plays.

-I need to exercise my mouth. Will you be my gym?

-I want a hot verbal top who tells me what I am and where it goes, mostly.

-Can you host? I can’t cuz I’m small, and somewhat spaced.

-No waters. No leathers. And boots are too nosy.

-Let me no.