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BRITAIN: Furious Theresa May To Confront Trump At NATO Meeting Over New US Leaks Of Terrorism Intel

The Guardian reports: Theresa May will confront Donald Trump over the stream of leaks of crucial intelligence about the Manchester bomb attack when she meets the US president at a Nato summit in Brussels on Thursday. British officials were infuriated on Wednesday when the New York Times published forensic photographs of sophisticated bomb parts that UK authorities fear could complicate ...

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John Oliver On Orlando: This Just Hurts [VIDEO]

Entertainment Weekly recaps: John Oliver opened Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight by commenting on the mass shooting at an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub on early Sunday morning that left 50 people dead. “As I’m sure you know by now, at least 50 people were killed by a gunman at a gay nightclub in what is being described as a ...

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DNC: Inciting Fear Isn’t Presidential [VIDEO]

The Democratic National Committee has issued a new video which slams GOP candidates for their relentless claims that the nation is engaged in a war against Islam itself – and not terrorism. Bolstering their arguments are post-9/11 statements to that effect by George W. Bush. Watch below.

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