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Paul Ryan Forced To Ask GOP Rep’s Son To Stop “Dabbing” During Commemorative Photo-Op [VIDEO]


The Hill reports: A commemorative picture in Congress is no place for “dabbing,” according to House Speaker Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin Republican shut down a young man’s attempts Tuesday to pull off the popular hand gesture. After being sworn into the new Congress Tuesday, Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall (R) paused to take a photo with his family and Ryan when ...

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Somebody Hacked The Hollywood Sign


From the Hollywood Reporter: The Hollywood sign was vandalized to read “Hollyweed” early Sunday morning. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department said in an apparent New Year’s prank, someone was able to climb onto the mountaintop and place tarps over the sign for it to read “Hollyweed.” The incident was caught on surveillance cameras and LAPD is investigatgating ...

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VIRAL VIDEO: Alexa, Play Pussy Anal Dildo


Via Mashable: We’re not exactly sure what this child is asking for when he says, “Alexa, play ‘Digger digger,'” but we’re almost positive it’s not porn. Regardless, Amazon’s personal assistant reached back through her algorithmic server banks, scanned the child’s budding language and, through the miracle of technology, determines that this child really wants to hear some porn. It only ...

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JAPAN: US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy And Embassy Staff Go Viral With Quirky Holiday Dance [VIDEO]


The New York Times reports: The Japanese public pays careful attention to the words and deeds of Caroline Kennedy, the United States ambassador to Japan and one of the State Department’s best-known diplomats. But Ms. Kennedy generated an unusual buzz in Tokyo this week by doing something that is almost certainly not in her job description: wearing a Santa suit ...

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SO FETCH: Professional Hockey Players Perform The “Jingle Bell Rock” Dance From Mean Girls [VIDEO]


SB Nation reports: Ah, the holiday season is here. A time for joy, family, gift giving, and debating over what qualifies as a Christmas movie. It’s also that time of year when athletes do absurd things in support of their team’s social media hijinks. The South Carolina Stingrays from the ECHL are one such team, who upped the ante this ...

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HOLY DUCK FACE: Joseph & Mary Take Selfie With Baby Jesus In “Hipster Nativity Scene” Now On Sale


Hail Mary, full of kale. Hemant Mehta writes at Friendly Atheist: With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s not too late to start thinking about the Nativity scene you’ll put outside your home. For the atheists out there, may I suggest this one featuring what the birth of Jesus would look like in 2016? I kind of want one just for the ...

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Carpool Karaoke With Lady Gaga [VIDEO]


Rolling Stone reports: Lady Gaga hitched a ride with James Corden Tuesday in the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke, where the singer also discussed the Super Bowl, recording “Pokerface” and her massive collection of Michael Jackson-worn clothing. Gaga, who recently received her driver’s license for the first time, then takes the wheel of the Carpool Karaoke mobile, but her inability ...

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Cher & James Corden – I Got You Bae [VIDEO]


Rolling Stone reviews: Cher joined James Corden Thursday to perform “I Got You, Bae,” a modernized version of Sonny & Cher’s 1965 hit “I Got You Babe,” on The Late Late Show. “I’m going to do one of my favorite songs tonight,” the singer told the crowd. “But I want to do it in a different way.” Corden walked out ...

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Weird Al Songifies The Final Debate [VIDEO]


Last week Brooklyn’s Gregory Brothers brought us Joseph Gordon-Levitt, today we get Weird Al: If the Al Smith Dinner tonight left you craving better political humor, the popular songifiers over at schmoyoho installed Weird Al Yankovic as the moderator of the third and final Clinton-Trump debate remix. And clearly Chris Wallace missed an opportunity to surround himself with men in ...

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Hillary Roars At Ellen’s Debate Dance Clip [VIDEO]


The Today Show recaps: The presidential race is serious business, but one candidate saw the silly side on Friday. With the final debate just days away, Hillary Clinton sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to take a closer look at last Sunday’s debate — and it left her in stitches. Of course, as anyone who watched the town hall face-off between ...

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Songifies The Debate [VIDEO]


The Gregory Brothers, Brooklyn’s viral video stars, have enlisted Joseph Gordon-Levitt for their “songified” take on the second presidential debate. Watch below as JGL substitutes for Anderson Cooper as Hillary and Trump sing their pitches to the voters.

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VIRAL VIDEO: The Hillary Shimmy Song


300K views overnight. Boing Boing recaps: From our prolific internet songwriter friend Jonathan “Song a Day Man” Mann, a wonderfully catchy little ditty for this shitshow of an election season. The Hillary Shimmy Song. Jonathan Mann writes a song every single day, and he has been doing that for the last 7+ years. You might recall that Jonathan Mann wrote ...

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Nike Readies Launch Of Self-Lacing Shoes


I’ll be there in a couple hours, my shoes are charging. And technically, the laces are only for show: Nike has finally announced when it will begin selling its self-lacing sneakers inspired by the shoes worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to The Future II. According to a tweet from the company’s Heidi Burgett, the HyperAdapt 1.0 will be ...

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UKIP MP: The Sun Causes The Tides, Not The Moon


Nobody ever accused the pro-Trump, pro-Brexit UKIP of being scientific geniuses. Business Insider reports: Douglas Carswell, UKIP’s sole MP, got into a bizarre Twitter argument about what causes tides. Carswell, who is renowned for being vocal online, decided to pick a fight on Monday night with someone who said, correctly, that the moon is mainly responsible for tidal movement. The ...

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Rick Perry Dances To Green Acres Theme [VIDEO]


Via Fox News: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is dancing for veterans’ causes, improved this week, receiving a 22 for his “Green Acres” quickstep with Emma Slater. Perry revealed to FOX411 his buddy Donald Trump watched his week one dance. “I talked to him last week, he called and was flying between one stop and another and said, ‘Hey, ...

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PHILADELPHIA: Jesus Found Guilty Of Trespassing After Refusing To Take Giant Cross Out Of Apple Store


Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate reports: Philly Jesus is preaching a message of forgiveness after being found guilty of trespassing stemming from his arrest at a Center City Apple Store earlier this year. “The son of man will triumph over these bogus charges,” said Michael Grant, aka Philly Jesus, ahead of Wednesday morning’s trial. Despite being found guilty of misdemeanor defiant trespass ...

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Ellen Takes The First Lady To CVS [VIDEO]


Mashable recaps: Things are going to be very different once Michelle Obama and family leave the White House, so Ellen DeGeneres decided it would be helpful to teach the FLOTUS a thing or two about grocery shopping at CVS (which, according to DeGeneres, stands for “cotton, Vaseline and stuff”). The two (mostly Ellen, really) wreaked havoc around the CVS. They ...

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MEXICO: Proposed Senate “Anti-Trump” Bill Would Revoke Treaty That Ceded Western United States


The Independent reports: You could call it tit-for-tat with a dash of Mexican drama. Mexico is to consider a proposal to revoke its treaties with the US, including the 1848 agreement that transferred half its territory to Washington if Donald Trump is elected and tries to make the US’s southern neighbour pay for a border wall. A Mexican senator is ...

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Carpool Karaoke With Britney Spears [VIDEO]


But was she really singing? Via Complex: Britney Spears, in full-on promotion mode for her new album Glory, was the latest participant in James Corden’s trademark Late Late Show bit, Carpool Karaoke. The skit, which aired early Friday morning, had the pop star and Corden driving around and singing her hits. Or at least, Corden was singing. At times in ...

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Bad Lip Reading At The Dem Convention [VIDEO]


CBS News recaps: “See, I’m wearing my three hemp bracelets and just rappin’ at ya.” — Bill Clinton, 2016. OK, so that wasn’t actually a thing Bill Clinton said. But watch “Bad Lip Reading” do its thing with the Democratic National Convention, and you’ll see him almost kind of appear to say it. The candidate herself is, of course, featured ...

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