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CNN Trolls Trump: Sounds Like Melania Had The Remote

The Hill reports: CNN on Saturday mocked President Trump for tweeting about an interview on the network despite his repeated attacks on it for being “fake news.” The network’s communications team responded to Trump’s tweet, suggesting that if Trump was watching CNN, it must have been because first lady Melania Trump was choosing the channel. Last month a report said ...

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New Book From Obama’s Photographer: SHADE

This will surely be fantastic: Former White House photographer Pete Souza on Wednesday revealed the cover of his upcoming photography book about the Trump and Obama administrations. Publisher Little, Brown and Company announced “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents” earlier this year, saying that the book would contrast the two presidents with “unforgettable images of President Obama delivering new power ...

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Merriam-Webster Adds “Shade” To Dictionary

The A.V. Club reports: America still has much to learn from drag queens—gender being a social construct, for example, or the perils of hog body—but there’s one aspect of drag culture that has long since moved into the mainstream, and that’s the slang. Chief among these linguistic gifts is a new, many-layered meaning for the word “shade,” a concept that ...

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