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Frothy Mix: Make Secularism A Religion So That It Can Be Banned In Public Schools

“The idea that if you take religion out of the public square, if you take the Bible out of the classroom, that that’s neutral – well, no it’s not neutral! It’s a different worldview. I think we should start calling secularism a religion. Because if we did, then we could ban that too, because that’s what they’ve done. They’ve hidden ...

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Securlarism: The Route To Prosperity And Low Crime

Over on Huffington Post, Phil Zuckerman makes an interesting comparison between very religious nations and relatively secular ones in respect to the Christiantists’ claim that God smites heathen nations. Consider the nations of Scandinavia specifically. These countries are noteworthy because they were among the first nations to make abortion legal and readily available and they were also among the first ...

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