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HomoQuotable – Sara Gilbert

“I think if you’re on a show called My Husband’s Not Gay, then your husband’s gay. But I also think there is a reverse bullying in the gay community where you can’t do it a certain way and – I’m sure this is controversial – but I think if a guy is attracted to guys and he wants to try ...

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Actress Sara Gilbert Surprises Talk Show Co-Hosts With Pregnancy Announcement

Former Rosanne star and talk show host Sara Gilbert surprised her co-hosts by revealing her pregnancy during a “face your fears” segment of the show. The cast’s reaction is really sweet. Gilbert is married to rocker Linda Perry. (Via Towleroad)

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Sara Gilbert Marries Linda Perry

Rosanne cast member and talk show host Sara Gilbert married rocker Linda Perry on Sunday. News of the ceremony was revealed yesterday by co-hosts on Gilbert’s show, The Talk. “Let’s get started with a big congratulations for our own Sara Gilbert, who got married last night,” Julie Chen said. “It was magical. It was the most beautiful ceremony.” Aisha Tyler ...

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