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Todd Starnes Whines That Proposed Textbook Depicts Trump As A Racist And His Supporters As Hillbillies

Todd Starnes is very upset about a proposed US history textbook that has been sent to some high schools for review. He writes: Pearson Education is defending a new high school textbook that depicts President Trump as mentally ill and his supporters as a bunch of poor, white hillbillies. The anti-Trump propaganda is included in the upcoming edition of “By ...

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Jerry Falwell Jr. Praises Trump’s Racist Birtherism

This morning Hair Furor is at Liberty University where he will deliver the commencement address. (Live video below.) Liberty head Jerry Falwell Jr. thought he’d promote the speech by praising Trump’s racism birtherism. The Chronicle Of Higher Education reports: Throughout their relationship, Mr. Falwell has praised Donald Trump for speaking fearlessly, even when others would say he was speaking falsely. ...

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