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Trump Supporters Vow To Burn Down Bookstore

Berkeleyside reports: Ten times in the last six month, Revolution Books, the far left bookstore in the Telegraph Channing Mall, has found itself under attack from far-right activists. The latest skirmish was March 4th when a group of people who called themselves “Berkeley Warriors” on a live Facebook feed came from Sacramento and stormed the store. “Fucking Commie scum,” one ...

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Homocon Group Aligns With Extremist Group

From the far-right Big League Politics: The Proud Boys are a fraternal organization of Trump supporters with two requirements for membership: Each member must be biologically male and believe that “the West is the best.” The group was founded by Gavin McInnes, political activist and co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine. “Every single Proud Boy I have met have ...

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