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Trump Signs Orders On Controversial Pipelines

The New York Daily News reports: President Trump signed two executive actions Tuesday that will advance construction of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. The actions follow months of protests by environmentalists and Native American groups in North Dakota against the Dakota Access project, a $3.8-billion pipeline that would bring crude oil from the state’s Bakken oil patch ...

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Rachel Maddow: Trump Has Endangered US Troops With His “We’ll Take Their Oil” Comments [VIDEO]

Last night Rachel Maddow devoted the opening of her show to Trump’s appearance at CIA headquarters when he said this: “If we kept the oil [in Iraq], we wouldn’t have had ISIS in the first place. The old expression, to the victor belong the spoil. We should’ve kept the oil. But, okay, maybe we’ll have another chance.” Notwithstanding the seeming ...

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Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Ties To Iran

Responding to the torching of its Tehran embassy, yesterday Saudi Arabia cut its diplomatic ties to Iran. A ripple effect is taking place today in pro-Saudi nations. The BBC reports: A number of Saudi Arabia’s allies have joined diplomatic action against Iran after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked amid a row over the execution of a Shia Muslim ...

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