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Blades Of Bore-y

Last night Aaron and I attended a preview of Blades Of Glory, starring Will Ferrell and Jon (Napoleon Dynamite) Heder. Will Farrell plays the same character we saw in Anchorman, a deluded megalomaniacal ladies man, who along with Heder is banned from men’s figure skating after a gold medal ceremony fistfight. Thanks to a loophole pointed out by Heder’s creepy ...

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Tom Of Sparta

Last night I saw the movie 300, which I found gorgeously photographed, populated by innumerable beautiful men, and really, really, really awful. Ripped directly from the Lord Of The Rings canon of computer-multiplied hordes, freakish creatures, and interminable sword fights, the only thing that saved this movie from being a complete waste of time were the hot men and their ...

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