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The Moob-Busting Shirt

So there’s an undershirt that’s billed as “moob-busting.” Via Gizmodo: Not only does the Funkybod t-shirt promise to camouflage manboobs, it also creates the illusion you’ve got a muscular toned physique, no matter how frail you might be in real life. It’s all thanks to a set of subtle plates—presumably made of a comfortable foam—that accentuate your shoulder, bicep, lat, ...

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Quote Of The Day – Ron Reagan Jr.

“Limbaugh hasn’t had a natural erection since the Nixon Administration; think he’s compensating for something? Now, I wouldn’t pick on him for any of this stuff, not his blubbiness, not his man-boobs, not his inability to have a natural erection—none of that stuff—to me, off limits until! until! Mr. Limbaugh, you turn that sort of gun on somebody else—once you ...

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