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SOUTH CAROLINA: Republicans Introduce Secession Bill Just In Case Liberals Try To Confiscate Their Guns

The Associated Press reports: South Carolina debated seceding from the Union more than 150 years ago, a decision that ultimately led to the Civil War. Now, the topic has come up again, amid a national debate over firearms and gun rights. A trio of state House Republicans on Thursday quietly introduced a bill that would allow lawmakers to debate seceding ...

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SC State Rep. Mike Pitts: Abolish Federal Currency, Replace It Gold & Silver Coins

South Carolina state Rep. Mike Pitts (R) has filed a bill to ban the use of federal currency in his state and replace it with silver and gold coins. Pitts, a fourth-term Republican from Laurens, introduced legislation earlier this month that would ban what he calls “the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin” in South ...

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