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Vice Profiles Ex-Gay Catholic Extremist Michael Voris

Vice News reports: It’s no surprise the ultra-conservative Church Militant website and its founder, Michael Voris, have seen a surge in popularity within the American Catholic culture following the election of Donald Trump. But now the far-right fringe group is at war with the Catholic Church, which Voris believes has taken a sharp turn to the left. Voris and his ...

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Anti-Gay Site Founded By Alleged Ex-Gay Man Attacks “Morally Failing” Malta For Banning Ex-Gay Torture

Earlier this year Michael Voris, the virulently anti-gay and comically bewigged Catholic activist behind the website Church Militant, confessed that he had once led a “sexually sinful life of live-in relationships with homosexual men.” Today Voris’ site denounces Malta, which last week banned ex-gay torture. From their article: Although Malta has a 90-plus percent Catholic population and is a Catholic ...

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Anti-Gay Catholic Activist Michael Voris Confesses: I Used To Live A Sinful Life With Homosexual Men

Thanks in part to pressure from virulently anti-gay and comically bewigged Catholic activist Michael Voris, last week the Catholic Church fired its news service editor for tweeting against North Carolina’s hate law. Yesterday Voris posted a video on his website, Church Militant, in which he confesses that for most his thirties, he lived a sexually sinful life of “live-in relationships ...

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