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Rush Limbaugh Has The Grammy Sadz

Via Meditaite: “It was horrible, it was despicable,” Limbaugh said of the show. He agreed with the words of former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who thought the “demonic” performances showed there’s “a lot of evil in the world.” Limbaugh also admonished Macklemore’s lyrics, which “openly attacked right-wing conservatives and Christians.” But Limbaugh said the controversy was “the point” of shows ...

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Mediaite Names Worst In 2013 Media

Mediaite readers have named Michelle Malkin and Ben Shapiro as the worst personalities in the above formats. Plenty of progressives made the poll too. Hit the link for more.

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Quote Of The Day – Tommy Christopher

“First of all, I don’t if you’re aware of this, but when I had a heart attack three years ago, I was uninsured, and I haven’t been able to get insurance ever since then. Listening to all the pressure on the president to negotiate, a lot of it from inside this room, it made me think, is there a chance ...

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