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Dueling Hillarys + Tina Fey’s Palin On SNL [VIDEO]

Via Deadline: As expected as the inevitable pantsuit joke, Saturday Night Live cohost Amy Poehler reprised her former giggling first lady impression to take on Kate McKinnon’s scrunch-faced dynamo candidate in a Dueling Hillary Clintons sketch on last night’s SNL. “Your laugh is different too,” said Poehler’s Hillary to McKinnon’s Hillary. “It’s less joyful.” Indeed. With Tina Fey cohosting alongside ...

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New Hillary Clinton Pro-LGBT Campaign Ad Is First To Show Same-Sex Kissing [VIDEO]

Mark David Stern applauds at Slate: On Sunday, Hillary Clinton released a campaign ad touting her record as an advocate for LGBT rights. The 70-second spot is a pretty low-budget affair, interweaving Clinton’s pro-LGBT speeches (including her landmark Geneva address) with clips of lovey-dovey gay couples. Democratic candidates release stuff like this all the time, and the ad would be ...

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