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Proud Boys Founder: Wearing A MAGA Hat In NYC Is Like Trying To Be Openly Gay In The 1950s [VIDEO]

“Here in New York City, wearing a MAGA hat is like being openly gay in 1950, and I’m not exaggerating. You will get your ass beat, you will not last at a bar in Harlem—we try it all the time and get booted out. There’s many bars that say, ‘You cannot openly be here.’ If you go into a bar ...

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Homocon Group Aligns With Extremist Group

From the far-right Big League Politics: The Proud Boys are a fraternal organization of Trump supporters with two requirements for membership: Each member must be biologically male and believe that “the West is the best.” The group was founded by Gavin McInnes, political activist and co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine. “Every single Proud Boy I have met have ...

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Violence Outside NYC Far-Right Trump Celebration, Chelsea Manning Crashes “Fascist Hate Brigade”

The New York Post reports: A supporter of President Trump who had attended an alt-right Manhattan celebration of the anniversary of the inauguration was attacked by a protester Saturday night, police said. Several hundred people had bought tickets for the gathering at a nightclub at West 50th Street and 12th Avenue — which featured right-winger Mike Cernovich and which was, ...

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