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GOP Rep: I Don’t Care If Trump Misspeaks [VIDEO]

The Hill reports: Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) said Wednesday that he “doesn’t care” if President Trump misspeaks — including about Russia. “He’s doing things that are a direct affront to Russia. I don’t care if he misspeaks or if he says the wrong thing,” Hunter said on “Fox & Friends.” “He has a different technique, that’s why I voted for ...

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GOP US House Rep. Duncan Hunter Tells Republican Group: Trump Is An Asshole, But He’s OUR Asshole

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports: Rep. Duncan Hunter, one of Donald Trump’s first allies in Congress, described the president in profane terms to a group of Republicans on Friday, but also touted the president as their champion. “He’s just like he is on TV,” Hunter, R-Alpine, told the group. “He’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole.” Hunter was speaking at ...

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Talking About Things And Saying Things About Things Is Different From Trump Saying What He’ll Do

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter today unleashed a bit of Palin-worthy word salad in defense of Donald Trump. From the Washington Post: “What I’m done with is trying to articulate or explain or answer for what Donald Trump says,” Hunter said. “I think he’ll be a great president. I think he’ll make good decisions on the economy, on the border, on ...

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