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GOP Platform Subcommittee Approves Plank Calling For Bible To Be Taught In Public Schools As “History”

NBC News reports that a GOP platform subcommittee today approved an amendment which calls for the Christian bible to be taught in public schools as a “historical document.” According to a Dallas News reporter in the room, hate group leader Tony Perkins, who sits on the committee, declared that “a good understanding of the bible being indispensable to an educated ...

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HOUSTON: Family Research Council Issues Ad In Campaign To Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance [VIDEO]

Yesterday the Family Research Council issued a money beg for the $25,000 they claimed to need to produce a television ad for the campaign to repeal Houston’s LGBT rights law (HERO). Very mysteriously, the ad is already done. Via email: “In the battle over the Houston’s Proposition 1 bathroom bill, LGBT activists don’t have to pay for advertising. The media ...

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