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WaPo: Donald Trump’s Many Businesses Set To Be Overseen By Trump Appointees At Federal Agencies


The Washington Post reports: Airplanes belonging to Donald Trump’s businesses will be inspected over the next four years by employees of the Federal Aviation Administration that he will lead. Disputes over Trump’s trademark registrations could be reviewed by judges appointed by his hand-picked commerce secretary. His Department of Housing and Urban Development could reverse its past opposition to a potentially ...

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Trump Security Council Hire Monica Crowley Resigns Post To Spend More Time With Her Plagiarizing


CNN reports: Conservative author and television personality Monica Crowley is stepping away from her appointment to a senior communications role in Donald Trump’s incoming administration, CNN confirms. The move comes after CNN’s KFile uncovered multiple instances of plagiarism in her 2012 book, her columns for the Washington Times, and her 2000 Ph.D. dissertation for Columbia University. Crowley was slated to ...

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CHINA: State Media Mocks “Laughable” Trump


Raw Story reports: An editorial in the state-run news outlet Global Times of China is literally mocking U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. “Trump’s thinking about China is becoming increasingly clear: He wants China to make huge economic and trade concessions to the U.S. To achieve that, he is willing to stir certain calm areas in China-U.S. relations, including treating the Taiwan ...

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Trump Does Damage Control After John Lewis Attack


The New York Times reports: President-elect Donald J. Trump will meet on Monday with the eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to discuss the legacy and observe the holiday of the civil rights icon, Mr. Trump’s spokesman said. The unexpected move comes as tensions escalate between the incoming president and a number of prominent black elected ...

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Sean Spicer Whines About “Mean-Spirited” SNL [VIDEO]


Via Mediaite: SNL this weekend featured a heavy parodying of the recent Trump press conference, with plenty of jokes about Buzzfeed’s unverified leaked 35-page dossier. In the sketch, a reporter asks Trump (again portrayed by Alec Baldwin) point blank, “I’d like to ask you about your big Russian pee-pee party.” But Spicer was having none of it, slamming the venerable ...

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Trump Accuses CIA Head Of Leaking Fake News


Reuters explains what spawned Hair Furor’s latest tantrum: CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday offered a stern parting message for Donald Trump days before the Republican U.S. president-elect takes office, cautioning him against loosening sanctions on Russia and warning him to watch what he says. Brennan rebuked Trump for comparing U.S. intelligence agencies to Nazi Germany in comments by the ...

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REPORT: Three Times As Many Buses Booked For Anti-Trump Women’s March Than For Inauguration Day


Buzzfeed reports: Three times as many bus parking permits have been requested for the Women’s March on Washington, DC, than for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, city councilman Charles Allen told BuzzFeed News. As of Thursday, when Allen held a hearing to review inauguration preparations, 393 charter bus permits had been requested for the inauguration on Jan. 20. In comparison, a ...

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Atlanta Paper Blasts Trump’s Attack On John Lewis


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Atlantans responded with an incredulous “how dare you!” Saturday after President-elect Donald Trump kicked off the MLK holiday weekend with a twitter rant saying most of Atlanta is in “horrible shape and falling apart” and describing Georgia’s U.S. Rep. John Lewis — a civil rights icon — as “All talk, talk, talk — no action or ...

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Buzzfeed Editor Defends #PissGate Leak [VIDEO]


CNN reports: BuzzFeed’s editor in chief says his organization is “proud” of its decision to publish unverified memos alleging that Russian operatives have compromising personal and financial information about President-elect Donald Trump. “We thought that it was important, when you have a blanket claim like he was compromised by Russian intelligence, to share the details,” Ben Smith told CNN’s Brian ...

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Trump Can’t Stop Whining About The Election


From the New York Post: The Commander-in-Tweet ripped Democrats again Sunday for still being unable to accept that he won the election, promising that his support will only grow. The President-elect has firmly reiterated that companies who keep their factories in the U.S. will be rewarded under his administration while those who outsource to foreign countries like Mexico will face ...

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SNL Riffs On Trump’s Chaotic Press Conference [VIDEO]


The New York Times recaps: If Donald J. Trump’s first news conference as president-elect was a raucous, chaotic affair on Wednesday – and it was – the parody of it on “Saturday Night Live” was somehow calmer and more organized than the actual event. Still, the “S.N.L.” sketch pulled few punches as it swung at the show’s most powerful, persistent ...

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AND SHE’S TELLING YOU, SHE’S NOT GOING: Jennifer Holliday Cancels Trump Inauguration Performance


The Wrap reports: Jennifer Holliday has canceled her appearance at Donald Trump’s inauguration event next week, calling her decision to perform a “lapse of judgement.” The Tony and Grammy winner came under fire from some of her fans on Friday after it was announced that she was set to perform at a concert as part of Trump’s inauguration festivities. Holliday, ...

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Roger Stone: My Photographic Analysis Proves That Ted Cruz’s Father Definitely Helped Assassinate JFK


“In my upcoming book, The Making President 2016, I show you why it is not fake news and I make the case that Ted Cruz’s father was indeed a CIA operative and was indeed in New Orleans. So that has yet to be adjudicated. You’re going to want to read this book. Why did Trump do that? That’s simple. It ...

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Trump Attacks Rep. John Lewis For Declining To Attend Inauguration, Calls His District “Crime Infested”


The New York Daily News reports: President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to bite back at an long-serving congressman refusing to attend the inauguration, calling the Civil Rights leader “sad” and “all talk” on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend. “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape ...

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Human Rights Watch: Donald Trump Foments Hatred And Intolerance And Is A Threat To Human Rights


The Hill report: Human Rights Watch is listing President-elect Donald Trump as a threat to human rights, calling his campaign a “vivid illustration of the politics of intolerance.” “Donald Trump’s election as US president after a campaign fomenting hatred and intolerance, and the rising influence of political parties in Europe that reject universal rights, have put the postwar human rights ...

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SIEG HEIL: Former Breitbart Staffers To Form “Populist Nationalist” Group To Enforce Trump’s Agenda


The Atlantic reports: Patrick Howley, a former Breitbart News reporter, left the site under vague circumstances back in November. Howley told me at the time that he was leaving of his own volition because the site had become more “controlled” after the departure of Steve Bannon, the organization’s former chairman who was hired for a top job in the Trump ...

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Gay Icon Jennifer Holliday Confirmed For Inauguration UPDATE: Publicist Says Trump Team Jumped The Gun


The Daily Beast reports: Jennifer Holliday’s career is marked by survival. It’s why she’s an icon. Specifically, it’s why she’s a gay icon. The Dreamgirls Tony- and Grammy-winner, who just wrapped a run in The Color Purple on Broadway, was announced Friday as part of the entertainment lineup for Donald Trump’s inauguration, a booking that has famously been passed on ...

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Trump Team: Michael Flynn’s Call To Russia On Day Of Obama’s Sanctions Was To Wish “Merry Christmas”


Yeeeeah. New York Magazine reports: On the same day that President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S. and imposed other sanctions in retaliation for the Kremlin’s alleged attempts to influence the presidential election, Donald Trump’s incoming national security adviser, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, spoke on the phone several times to Russia’s ambassador to the U.S, Washington Post columnist ...

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Penthouse Magazine: Three People Are Trying To Claim Our $1 Million Bounty For Donald Trump’s Piss Tape


If nothing else, this keeps the PissGate story alive: Adult magazine Penthouse has received three claims for its $1 million offer to anyone who could provide real tapes of President-elect Donald Trump’s alleged and unproven sexual escapades at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, the publication’s editor exclusively revealed to International Business Times Thursday. Penthouse editor Raphie Aronowitz said the magazine isn’t ...

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Trump Continues Attacks On US Intelligence


Politico reports: President-elect Donald Trump renewed his criticism of the intelligence community Friday morning, blaming it once again for leaking an unverified report containing compromising and salacious allegations about him to the media and citing the Russian government as proof that the dossier’s allegations are false. That report, which had circulated for months among government officials and media institutions, was ...

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