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Ben Shapiro Apologizes And Deletes Racist Columbus Day Video For Its “Broad-Based Stereotyping”

Yesterday Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire drew gasps on social media when it posted a Columbus Day video which depicted Native Americans as literal bloodthirsty cannibals who were saved from their own savagery by kindly Christopher Columbus, who bestowed literacy, science, and “not-scalping” upon them. Shapiro at first defended the clip as merely clumsy satire, but this afternoon he has reversed. ...

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Ben Shapiro’s Site Notes Columbus Day With Video Mocking Native Americans As Bloodthirsty Cannibals

Mediaite reports: To celebrate Columbus Day this year, right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro’s website posted a video apparently excusing ethnic genocide by depicting Native Americans as cannibals and savages who weren’t tamed until white Europeans came to America and took their land. The Daily Wire’s animated video begins with a caption that sarcastically reads, “The North American indigenous people are a ...

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