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Alex Jones Sues PayPal For Anti-Conservative Bias

Remember all the times Alex Jones screamed about gay wedding cakes? Apparently businesses don’t have the right to turn you away because of who you are if you happen to be Alex Jones. Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones hit PayPal with a federal lawsuit Monday, claiming bias against conservative views guided its decision to block his company from earning money …

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Alex Jones: I’ve Already Won And I’m Ready To Die

“I’m the globalist lethal injection and I’m ready to die. So let’s just be clear, I’ve already won. This is all gravy from this point on. So I’m already in the system, I’ve already won and they thought it was a joke and now they just took their death dose. Really, I’m going to kill the New World Order. They’re …

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Now On Sale By InfoWars

Last week Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed best friend the gay community ever had, began selling “LGBTQ For Trump” t-shirts. This week Donald Trump’s actual best friends at InfoWars began selling the above t-shirt, the reverse of which bears an American flag and this message: “The Most Patriotic Way To Say Fuck You!” InfoWars host Joe Biggs is promoting the sale …

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