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This Is An Ad For Something

From British Airways: We teamed up with Out of the Blue, Oxford University’s all male a capella group, for a very special version of Wham’s classic hit ‘Club Tropicana’ The 14-strong group flew to Malta with the airline to recreate the summer hit and bring the taste of sunshine and pina coladas tantalisingly close to Brits looking forward to their ...

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British Airways Suspends Three Pilots over Anti-Gay Facebook Comments

Three pilots have been suspended by British Airways after they made anti-gay comments on their Facebook pages. The action comes as the airline is suffering the longest employee strike in its history, forcing the pilots to work as flight attendants. Three British Airways pilots were yesterday suspended after branding passengers “wankers”, “faggots” and “tossers”. The Mirror revealed their foul-mouthed tirade ...

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You Can’t Sit There, You Might Molest

A man in the UK is suing British Airways for making him move to another seat on a flight out of London. According to company policy, adult men are not allowed to sit next to children unrelated to them. Because we’re all potential child molesters. In line with the policy, BA cabin crew patrol the aisles before take-off checking that ...

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