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Tony Blair: Six Weeks Left

A decade after taking over as British Prime Minister, Tony Blair steps down on June 27th. Widely credited for helping move Britain away from socialism towards a vibrant, pro-market economy, Blair instituted welfare reforms, tripled the funding for the national health service, and brokered a truce with the IRA. Today Britain has the world’s 5th largest economy and the pound ...

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Brits May Need Visa To Visit U.S.

The government is working on closing the “visa loophole” that allows British citizens to enter the U.S. without a visa, citing terrorism concerns over Britain’s vast Pakistani population, which currently numbers about 800,000. Options on the table include requiring all Brits to apply for a visa or singling out only Brits of Pakistani origin. Naturally, the British government is balking ...

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HomoQuotable – Peter Tachell

“This vote is another nail in the coffin of homophobia. The defeat of the religious fundamentalists is a just reward for their deceitful scare-mongering campaign.” – British gay activist Peter Tachell, celebrating that despite vigorous protest and lobbying by British fundies (remember Monday’s video?), the Sexual Orientations Regulations was approved by the House of Lords yesterday. Zod saved the queens!.

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