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Pastor Mark Burns Walks Out On CNN Interview When Busted For Lying About His Biography [VIDEO]

This is the Trump surrogate who declared that Jesus has forgiven him for posting a cartoon which depicted Hillary in blackface. CNN reports: A top Donald Trump surrogate admitted to falsifying some of his professional accomplishments after a contentious confrontation with CNN anchor Victor Blackwell. South Carolina preacher Mark Burns, who regularly introduces Trump at his campaign events, had listed ...

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No Obama Mask For White 5th Grader

The 5th grade adopted son of a gay couple in Portland, Oregon has been told that he can’t wear an Obama mask during a school talent show. His parents say it’s because their son is white. “I understand the history of blackface and how African Americans were caricatured by it,” said Scott Lechert. “However, we now have a popular biracial ...

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