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Atlanta Paper Blasts Trump’s Attack On John Lewis


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Atlantans responded with an incredulous “how dare you!” Saturday after President-elect Donald Trump kicked off the MLK holiday weekend with a twitter rant saying most of Atlanta is in “horrible shape and falling apart” and describing Georgia’s U.S. Rep. John Lewis — a civil rights icon — as “All talk, talk, talk — no action or ...

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Trump Can’t Stop Whining About The Election


From the New York Post: The Commander-in-Tweet ripped Democrats again Sunday for still being unable to accept that he won the election, promising that his support will only grow. The President-elect has firmly reiterated that companies who keep their factories in the U.S. will be rewarded under his administration while those who outsource to foreign countries like Mexico will face ...

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Protesters Shut Down Homocon Milo’s Event [VIDEO]


CNN reports: A speech by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos’ at UC Davis was over before it even started Friday after protests erupted, forcing sponsors to cancel the event. Thirty minutes before the Breitbart tech editor was scheduled to speak, the UC Davis College Republicans canceled the controversial talk after consulting with the university’s police department and student affairs officials. Former ...

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Trump Attacks Rep. John Lewis For Declining To Attend Inauguration, Calls His District “Crime Infested”


The New York Daily News reports: President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to bite back at an long-serving congressman refusing to attend the inauguration, calling the Civil Rights leader “sad” and “all talk” on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend. “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape ...

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Bill Donohue: Female MSNBC Reporters Are Ugly


Catholic League blowhard and well-known supermodel Bill Donohue today used a just-issued study to declare that the female reporters at MSNBC are unattractive. It’s what Jesus would want. The reason that the study comes to its conclusion is rather interesting. The Washington Post reports: Research has found that being attractive influences many things in a person’s life — their salary, ...

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Fox Commentator Laura Ingraham Mocks Obama For Getting Teary-Eyed During Farewell Speech [VIDEO]


Vile Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night to mock President Obama for getting teary-eyed during his farewell address. Upon the urging of Hannity, Ingraham asked for tissue and then dramatically dabbed her eyes, declaring that she’d “never seen a man grab a tissue” like that before. Ingraham: “A man, would be like, whatever.” Watch ...

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RIGHT ON SCHEDULE: Crybaby Donald Trump Attacks “Over-Rated Actress And Hillary Flunky” Meryl Streep


You KNEW he couldn’t resist. Via Politico: Donald Trump piled onto actress Meryl Streep in a Monday morning flurry of posts to his Twitter account, writing that she is “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes. She is a Hillary flunky who lost big.” Without mentioning Trump by ...

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Twitter Suspends Pharma Douche For Harassment


New York Magazine reports: Martin Shkreli has been tweeting all morning at writer Lauren Duca, who caught his attention after she schooled human bow tie Tucker Carlson on his own show a few weeks ago. He apparently direct messaged her a few days ago to ask her to be his plus one to the inauguration, despite the fact that she’s ...

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Hair Furor Mocks Schwarzenegger For Apprentice Ratings: “But Who Cares, He Supported Hillary”


Trump is again attempting to steal the day’s media narrative and distract from the Russian hacking story. The Associated Press reports: President-elect Donald Trump is taunting Arnold Schwarzenegger for bringing in low ratings in a spinoff of Trump’s old reality television show, “Celebrity Apprentice.” In an early Friday tweet, Trump refers to himself as a “ratings machine” and says Schwarzenegger ...

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GoFundMe Slammed For Hosting Milo Event Fundraisers


From the Seattle Stranger: Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos from its platform after the Breitbart editor spearheaded a racist harassment campaign against black Saturday Night Live actor Leslie Jones, but at least one tech company is continuing to make money off of Yiannopoulos’s racist, sexist, anti-Muslim, and anti-trans vitriol. That tech company is GoFundMe, the sunny, do-gooder crowdfunding site with a ...

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VIRGINIA: Sideshow Bob Marshall Files “Bathroom Bill” That Requires Schools To Out Transgender Students


Last week Marshall filed a bill which would classify porn as a public health hazard similar to smoking. The Washington Post reports on his latest assholery: A Virginia legislator has filed a bill to regulate transgender people’s use of restrooms in schools, at highway rest stops and in other government buildings — a proposal akin to a controversial North Carolina ...

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Trump: Happy New Year, You Losers And Haters


The douchebaggery will never end. The New York Daily News reports: He’s finishing 2016 with holiday jeer. Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday to wish the world a happy new year — and to excoriate his rivals a final time before the calendar turns to 2017. “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have ...

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Mike Huckabee: “Vain Obama” Insulted Hillary By Saying He Could Have Beaten Trump [VIDEO]


Via Mediaite: Mike Huckabee thought that President Obama insulted Hillary Clinton more than anybody else when the 44th President alleged he would have beaten Donald Trump if the former were permitted to run for the White House again. “What an insult to Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama to say ‘She’s a loser, I’m a winner. She couldn’t win, I would ...

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Trump Campaign Chair’s Wishes For 2017: Obama Dies Of Mad Cow Disease, FLOTUS Lives In Cave With Apes


Notorious racist Carl Paladino was the Trump campaign chair for New York state. The Buffalo News reports: When Artvoice asked Buffalo developer and School Board member Carl Paladino what he wanted to see happen in 2017, he didn’t filter his responses — and the controversial, crude answers are causing a firestorm. In the alternative weekly newspaper’s survey, which asked 42 ...

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Pat McCrory: Charlotte’s LGBT Rights Repeal Proves The Issue Was Invented To Cost Me My Governorship


Via press release: “Governor McCrory has always publicly advocated a repeal of the overreaching Charlotte ordinance. But those efforts were always blocked by Jennifer Roberts, Roy Cooper and other Democratic activists,” said Graham Wilson, Press Secretary. “This sudden reversal with little notice after the gubernatorial election sadly proves this entire issue originated by the political left was all about politics ...

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Kellyanne Conway: Obama Only Complains About Russian Hacking Because Hillary Is Making Him [VIDEO]


CBS News reports: Kellyanne Conway, a top adviser to Donald Trump, questioned Sunday President Obama’s motives for choosing to respond against Russia over cyber attacks into Democratic party systems. Asked on CBS’ “Face the Nation” whether the president-elect approved of Mr. Obama’s call to take action against Russia because of the Kremlin-directed hacked, Conway said Mr. Trump “respects” the decision. ...

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Breitbart: Mock Your Liberal Friends And Family With Our “Precious Snowflake” Christmas Ornament


Breitbart is encouraging their readers to sow familial disharmony over the holidays with a mocking Christmas ornament. Here’s the pitch: “We could not offer therapy dogs or cry-ins. That being said, nothing says You’re Precious quite like Breitbart’s first ever Snowflake Tree Ornament. Crafted with love in the USA, these snowflakes will NOT melt, even if the recipients do.” This ...

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AUSTRALIA: Students On Public School Bus Given Hate Group’s Flyers Disguised As Christmas Presents


Buzzfeed reports: Students on a public school bus in regional Victoria have been handed gift-wrapped flyers railing against marriage equality and the Safe Schools Coalition. The flyers, made by the anti-marriage equality group Marriage Alliance, argue against the Safe Schools Coalition’s LGBTI anti-bullying program, linking it to marriage equality. Natalie*, the older sister of a 13-year-old student at Kyabram P-12 ...

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ARIZONA: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Follows Through On Threat To Relaunch Obama Birth Certificate Investigation


The Hill reports: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who lost his reelection bid in November, has resurfaced his investigation into President Obama’s citizenship. Arpaio, who was a vocal supporter of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and often appeared with him on the trail, lost a bid for his seventh term last month. Arpaio said he and a chief investigator ...

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ARIZONA: Man Storms Into LGBT-Friendly Church, Claims Trump Gave Him Permission To Scream Abuse


Tempe’s CBS affiliate reports: A Tempe church is warning all Valley religious organizations about a man storming into its office using inflammatory, graphic language about the LGBT community, citing Donald Trump’s presidential win as permission. Tempe police said the stranger saw the rainbow flag hanging outside the Community Christian Church on Wednesday and went inside the office to voice his ...

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