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American Atheists Unveil Holiday Billboard Messages


Hemant Mehta reports at the Friendly Atheist: American Atheists just revealed their 2016 holiday billboard campaign. Once again, they’re urging people who are on the fence about religion to skip church. The first sign, riffing on Donald Trump‘s campaign slogan, says “Make Christmas Great Again — Skip Church!” The billboard will be up throughout December in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Shreveport, ...

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BMW Pulls “Targeted Ads” From Breitbart


Bloomberg reports: Breitbart has become a minefield for brands in recent weeks, with critics lining up on both sides of the political aisle. Before Kellogg abandoned the site, activists attacked the cereal brand for advertising on Breitbart, saying its content espouses racist and anti-Semitic views. A screen shot showing an advertisement for Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats was part of an ...

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Breitbart Declares “War” On Kellogg’s Over Ad Ban


From the Hollywood Reporter: Breitbart News, the media outlet whose executive chairman, Steve Bannon, was Donald Trump’s campaign CEO and is now the president-elect’s chief counselor, is declaring war on liberal activists who are encouraging brands to withhold their advertising from the popular website. Insurance company Allstate and food company Kellogg’s, maker of Fruit Loops and Cocoa Krispies, are the ...

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Kellogg’s Bans Ads From Breitbart Over Hate Speech


Bloomberg reports: Kellogg Co. is pulling its ads from the website Breitbart News, the right-wing news organization whose former chairman Steve Bannon was tapped as a top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump. Brands that advertise on Breitbart have drawn flak in recent weeks, with activists saying the website espouses racist and anti-Semitic views. A screen shot showing an advertisement for ...

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WAR ON CHRISTMAS: South Carolina Gun Dealer Launches Holiday Billboard Campaign With AR-15s


From Greenville, South Carolina’s NBC affiliate: A Columbia gun dealer is launching its controversial Christmas billboard campaign for the third year, and says its goal is to “start conversation about the role of firearms in the American household.” A release from Palmetto State Armory said the campaign is designed to lead to conversation about guns in a “positive and lighthearted ...

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Gay Husbands Star In Hershey’s Holiday Ad [VIDEO]


Paging One Million Moms. Gay Star News reports: Confectionary brand Hershey’s features gay husbands in its latest ‘Say It With A Kiss’ advertising campaign advert. The adorable advert features husbands Josh and Matt Noble, who live in New York City. The couple recently moved Josh’s mother into their home so they could help support her. “She and my father spent ...

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Major Ad Service Drops Breitbart For Hate Speech


Bloomberg reports: AppNexus Inc., operator of one of the biggest digital advertising services, has barred Breitbart News from using its ad-serving tools because the conservative online publisher violated its hate speech rules. AppNexus scrutinized Breitbart’s website after U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump tapped Steve Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart, to be White House chief strategist last week. The digital ad ...

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The John Lewis Holiday Ad Is Here [VIDEO]


The Christmas ad for Britain’s John Lewis department store chain is always big news and pundits love to find metaphors for current events. This year is no different. The Guardian reports: In theory, the intention was admirable. But this year has been such a domino stack of heartbreaking disappointment that John Lewis wouldn’t have had to do much to make ...

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Jordanian Air: Fly To America Now, Just In Case


NBC News reports: As the world waited Tuesday for Americans to choose their new president, a Middle East airline launched an advertising campaign that took a swipe at Donald Trump’s original plan to ban Muslims from the USA. Royal Jordanian Airlines posted a promotion on social media urging customers: “Just in case he wins… travel to the U.S. while you’re ...

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Clinton Camp Demands That Networks Cease Airing “Provably False” Pro-Trump Ads About FBI Investigation


CNN reports: Hillary Clinton’s campaign sent cease-and-desist letters to broadcasters advising that they shouldn’t air ads from pro-Donald Trump PACs that include the claim that Clinton is “under investigation by the FBI.” The letters were dated Sunday, the same day the FBI announced that it was sticking by its conclusion that no charges were recommended against Clinton following completion of ...

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NRA To Gun Control Activists: Vote On Wednesday


CNN reports: The National Rifle Association thinks gun rights supporters and gun control advocates should vote on different days. The NRA posted a photo on its Instagram page showing two election dates. The picture shows the side of a building with a sign that says, “Remember your assigned voting days! Second Amendment supporters: Nov. 8. Gun control activists: Nov. 9.” ...

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TONIGHT: Hillary Clinton To Deliver “Closing Message” In Largest Single Ad Buy Of Campaign [VIDEO]


Via Buzzfeed: The night before polls open across the country, Hillary Clinton will lay out her closing argument for a “hopeful and inclusive” vision in a two-minute direct-to-camera ad set to reach an estimated national audience of 20 million people. “I think we can all agree it’s been a long campaign. But tomorrow, you get to pick our next president,” ...

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Sen. Al Franken: Trump’s Closing Message Ad Is An Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle To His Alt-Right Fans [VIDEO]


The Guardian reports: The Democratic senator for Minnesota, Al Franken, has accused Donald Trump of launching an antisemitic TV advertisement along the lines of the fake Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Franken, who is Jewish, said he immediately was struck by what he called “a German shepherd whistle, a dog whistle” in a new two-minute advert from the Trump ...

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New Trump Ad Delivers “Closing Message” [VIDEO]


From Trump Central at Breitbart: Donald Trump’s campaign released a new television ad on Friday titled, “Donald Trump’s Argument for America.” The two-minute ad will run on prime time national news and entertainment channels, including NFL, NASCAR, and NCAA programs. It’s a $4 million ad purchase aimed at major markets in key battleground states including: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, Florida, Michigan, ...

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New Hillary Ad Uses Katy Perry’s Roar [VIDEO]


The Washington Post reports: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is debuting a new television ad Saturday set to the music of Katy Perry’s hit “Roar,” the latest contribution to her campaign by a pop star. The 60-second spot might be just as notable for where it’s airing: in 11 states that the Clinton campaign now identifies as battlegrounds in the ...

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Trump Issues Nastiest Attack Ad Of Campaign [VIDEO]


You’ll note that the ad shows Hillary coughing and features very unflattering photos much like the one used in the attack on Ted Cruz’s wife. Via TIME: In a new ad released Thursday, Trump’s campaign highlights the FBI’s announcement that it found emails relevant to the investigation of Clinton’s private email server on a computer belonging to Weiner, the estranged ...

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Hillary And Trump Book Ads For World Series Finale


The expected audience for tonight’s Game 7 is expected to be around 30 million. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have each purchased airtime for campaign ads to run during Game 7 of the World Series, according to a new report. CNN Money quoted a source from Fox, the network broadcasting the game nationwide, who said Clinton’s campaign ...

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James Franco Goes Nearly Nude For Hillary [VIDEO]


The ad is by Emily’s List. The Huffington Post recaps: James Franco is back and better than ever with his second video endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Parodying the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” series yet again, the actor explains why everyone should be #WithHer as pictures and clips of the former Secretary of State ...

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New Hillary Ad Blasts Trump’s Misogyny [VIDEO]


TIME reports: In the closing week of the campaign, Hillary Clinton’s campaign aims to highlight Donald Trump’s record of offensive remarks about women, releasing a new ad Tuesday that highlights some of the most memorable ones. The spot runs clips of old Trump interviews. In one he says, “Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.” In another, ...

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LBJ’s “Daisy Girl” Returns 52 Years Later In Hillary Ad Which Questions Trump’s Nuclear Stance [VIDEO]


The Arizona Republican reports: Monique Luiz, the Phoenix resident who 52 years ago starred in the most famous, or infamous, political TV commercial of all time, is back in a new ad for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. In 1964, Luiz was the three-year-old tot plucking the petals from a daisy in a haunting black-and-white spot for President Lyndon Johnson. ...

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