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ALTERNATIVE FACTS: Pro-Trump Group’s Ad Campaign Heralds “Civil Rights Champion” Jeff Sessions [VIDEO]


Miranda Blue reports at Right Wing Watch: A dark money group that spent $21 million supporting Donald Trump in the presidential election is now running a television ad portraying Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee to be attorney general, as “a civil rights champion.” Sessions has been a lifelong opponent of civil rights. He was rejected for a federal judgeship ...

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Giuliani: Chuck Todd’s Pushback Against “Alternative Facts” Just Proves Anti-Trump Media Bias [VIDEO]


Via Politico: The media simply does not like President Donald Trump, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Monday morning, and he would be much more comfortable if they simply admitted it. Shown a clip of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway’s confrontational appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” over the weekend, Giuliani suggested that the anchor of that show, ...

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World Net Daily Urges Trump To Invade Saudi Arabia: Seize Their Oil, De-Fang The Head Of The Jihadi Snake


Global thermonuclear war. It’s what Jesus would want. Via World Net Daily: Would you like to know how the United States can virtually eliminate global Islamic terrorism and world hunger with one stroke? Seize the oil wells of Saudi Arabia. If this sounds preposterous and unethical – “the U.S. doesn’t go on the offensive, and it certainly doesn’t ‘steal’ other ...

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Kellyanne Conway Retreats On Trump’s Taxes


Blame Wikileaks? Via Politico: President Donald Trump will release his tax returns after the IRS completes its audit of him, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tweeted Monday in an apparent clarification from her earlier statement. “On taxes, answers (& repeated questions) are same from campaign: POTUS is under audit and will not release until that is completed,” Conway tweeted. Her ...

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SCOTUS Rejects Sister Wives Polygamy Case


The Salt Lake Tribune reports: The U.S. Supreme Court today declined to hear arguments from the husband and four wives who star in the television show “Sister Wives,” essentially affirming that polygamy remains a crime in Utah. The appeal by Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown sought remove the penalties for a practice that has caused consternation in Utah ...

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NAFTA And TPP On Chopping Block Today


NBC News reports: President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order as early as Monday stating his intention to renegotiate the free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, a White House official told NBC News. Eliminating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was crafted by former President Bill Clinton and enacted in 1994, ...

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BRITAIN: PM Theresa May Accused Of Covering Up Missile Test, Nuke Reportedly Misfired Towards US


The Guardian reports: Theresa May was told about the test of a Trident missile that reportedly misfired, less than a week before she held a House of Commons vote on renewing the £40bn nuclear system. The prime minister’s spokeswoman insisted on Monday that the operation was successful because the submarine HMS Vengeance and its crew were “certified” afterwards. However, she ...

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Breitbart News To Expand Into Italy


Buzzfeed reports: Breitbart News is set to expand its presence in Italy, BuzzFeed News has learned. The alt-right platform, which has one full-time journalist in Rome, is planning to add reporters to its bureau in the Italian capital. The decision to boost operations in Rome comes following plans to open bureaus in Germany and France, a sign that Breitbart is ...

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WASHINGTON: Legal Watchdog Group To Sue Trump Over “Illegal Payments” From Foreign Governments


Newsweek reports: A group of American lawyers and researchers said it will file a lawsuit alleging that U.S. President Donald Trump is violating the constitution by illegally accepting payments from foreign governments. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which describes itself as a non-profit legal watchdog group that aims to hold public officials accountable for their actions, said ...

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Dan Rather Blasts White House On “Alternative Facts”


Venerable newsman Dan Rather has gone viral with a rant posted yesterday to his Facebook page. Here it is in full: These are not normal times. These are extraordinary times. And extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. When you have a spokesperson for the president of the United States wrap up a lie in the Orwellian phrase “alternative facts”… When ...

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