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My apologies that I can’t respond to everybody!

  • abqdan

    Hi Joe, I’m sure this new site will be great, but did you design it for people under 20? Six point type is not a good choice for a lot of us. Yes, I know I can magnify the page, but really – if you push that default point size up a little bit, it will be a much more comfortable read for a lot of your readers – and they won’t have to fiddle with their browser settings. The font size in this comment box is excellent for reading – the news items, not so much. Appreciate all your work by the way – you’re still my first stop in the morning while I absorb caffeine.

  • Chris

    Could you please remove whatever javascript code is messing with native scrolling on desktop? It is really, really annoying to have scrolling inexplicably change (for the worse) just for your website, for no discernible reason.

    • EarthSurfer

      I have to second Chris’ request. The scrolling acceleration is very disconcerting, and I would prefer if it was disabled. The acceleration may be of use on the longer home page with multiple articles, but I find it disconcerting for the shorter individual article pages. Generally, I would just prefer having the feature disabled.

    • BradCerenzia

      Agree – I hate having my native environmental controls overridden by a site; probably not intention, likely comes packed up with the site skin. It’s making me bonkers because it keeps overshooting my aim. 🙂

      Anyway, I think it’s in this script that the scrolling rewrite is happening:

      The debouncing section at the bottom?

      (function(e,t){var n=function(e,t,n){var r;return function(){function u(){if(!n)e.apply(s,o);r=null}var s=this,o=arguments;if(r)clearTimeout(r);else if(n)e.apply(s,o);r=setTimeout(u,t||100)}};jQuery.fn[t]=function(e){return e?this.bind(“resize”,n(e)):this.trigger(t)}})(jQuery,”smartresize”)
      //SmoothScroll for websites v1.2.1
      function tie_SmothScroll(){function c(){var e=false;if(e){N(“keydown”,y)}if(t.keyboardSupport&&!e){T(“keydown”,y)}}function h(){if(!document.body)return;var e=document.body;var i=document.documentElement;var a=window.innerHeight;var f=e.scrollHeight;o=document.compatMode.indexOf(“CSS”)>=0?i:e;u=e;c();s=true;if(top!=self){r=true}else if(f>a&&(e.offsetHeight<=a||i.offsetHeight<=a)){var l=false;var h=function(){if(!l&&i.scrollHeight!=document.height){l=true;setTimeout(function(){"px";l=false},500)}};"auto";setTimeout(h,10);if(o.offsetHeight<=a){var p=document.createElement("div");"both";e.appendChild(p)}}if(!t.fixedBackground&&!n){"scroll";"scroll"}}function m(e,n,r,i){i||(i=1e3);k(n,r);if(t.accelerationMax!=1){var s=+(new Date);var o=s-v;if(o1){u=Math.min(u,t.accelerationMax);n*=u;r*=u}}v=+(new Date)}p.push({x:n,y:r,lastX:n<0?.99:-.99,lastY:r<0?.99:-.99,start:+(new Date)});if(d){return}var a=e===document.body;var f=function(s){var o=+(new Date);var u=0;var l=0;for(var c=0;c=t.animationTime;var g=m?1:v/t.animationTime;if(t.pulseAlgorithm){g=D(g)}var y=h.x*g-h.lastX>>0;var b=h.y*g-h.lastY>>0;u+=y;l+=b;h.lastX+=y;h.lastY+=b;if(m){p.splice(c,1);c–}}if(a){window.scrollBy(u,l)}else{if(u)e.scrollLeft+=u;if(l)e.scrollTop+=l}if(!n&&!r){p=[]}if(p.length){M(f,e,i/t.frameRate+1)}else{d=false}};M(f,e,0);d=true}function g(e){if(!s){h()}var;var r=x(n);if(!r||e.defaultPrevented||C(u,”embed”)||C(n,”embed”)&&/.pdf/i.test(n.src)){return true}var i=e.wheelDeltaX||0;var o=e.wheelDeltaY||0;if(!i&&!o){o=e.wheelDelta||0}if(!t.touchpadSupport&&A(o)){return true}if(Math.abs(i)>1.2){i*=t.stepSize/120}if(Math.abs(o)>1.2){o*=t.stepSize/120}m(r,-i,-o);e.preventDefault()}function y(e){var;var r=e.ctrlKey||e.altKey||e.metaKey||e.shiftKey&&e.keyCode!==l.spacebar;if(/input|textarea|select|embed/i.test(n.nodeName)||n.isContentEditable||e.defaultPrevented||r){return true}if(C(n,”button”)&&e.key

  • Robert

    it’s tiresome to have to hit a “Read More” button for every single article. Click to expand, wait to load, then hit the back button to go back to the main page, then hit another “Read More” to read the next item, wait to load. Honestly, I bailed. You’ve made the experience way too complicated. I want to READ not click.

    • Chris

      Americablog & Towleroad did the same thing, with poor redesigns, and I’ve stopped reading both as a result. It’s driven by advertising, of course, and while advertising has always been a trade-off with user experience, I think we’ve hit a breaking point. It doesn’t help that each page is slow to load, but even if it were zippy it’s still an entirely unpleasant experience. It’s really a shame.

      • Robert

        I agree. I stopped reading Towleroad as well because the experience is so dreadful. Feel the same way about the new JMG.

        • Chris

          I should say that as a web developer/designer, I’m both familiar with the reality of the falling floor of ad rates, and also not change-averse for its own sake. Unfortunately, it’s probably a lose-lose situation no matter which way you slice it, but it’s a mistake to expect readers to simply suck up a less-than-ideal redesign simply because one feels it is justified by the need to boost ad income to more sustainable levels. At the very least, you need to make damn sure that it’s awesome in every other possible way, to mitigate the impact. The design (visually) is at least minimalist and readable, unlike Towleroad. It might be possible to square the circle, here, but it’d take resources and a talented technical team. Simply rolling the same old user unfriendly page-multiplying techniques (poorly) of years past doesn’t cut it.

          FWIW, I’ve been looking at the browser inspector as various pages load and I just counted 55 separate 3rd party sources in a single page load (other servers from which images, scripts, etc are loaded). Some of those are Disqus, CDN, etc, but most of them are from various advertising/tracking networks. So, we’re seeing a situation where a web redesign makes the site objectively worse, from a usability perspective, to support ad income that is based on advertising techniques that are themselves becoming ever worse, from a privacy and technical perspective. We’re in freefall, here, and unless something changes we’re going to start to see most independent, specialist news sites like this one break under the strain.

          • Chris

            It’s also fruitless, in the end: however the ad networks currently calculate ad payouts, they will, eventually, trend towards a uniform rate per user-second spent seeing the ads. If you serve up 10 times as many ads to a given user in the same amount of time, you might temporarily boost your rates, but seeing as you’ve not actually increased the commodity you’re selling (the user’s attention), things will regress to the mean and after they do your site will still be worse for it. It’s a vicious cycle.

          • Frankly, I don’t much care WHY this change is necessary but my B+ in ECON101 taught me a little bit about supply and demand. When readers flee ad rates will fall even more.

          • GC

            One response worth a look: the developers of AdBlock Plus will specifically whitelist sites whose ads meet certain criteria for being “nonintrusive”.

    • Tom239


      I much prefer complete articles over “read more”.

      • karen in kalifornia


    • goofy_joe

      In just the last day or so I’ve seen at the bottom of the article, just before the comments, you can hit a link to go to the next article. This seems pretty smooth and loads quickly on my Safari browser. I am beginning to enjoy having the article and comments together, and then moving on once I’m done (by using that link).

    • karen in kalifornia

      I would vote this up except I forgot my disquis login.

  • Reginald Lim Sue

    Trying to adjust. But here is some feedback, for what it’s worth. The advertising column is a full third of the screen. A little too overpowering for my taste. I would like to suggest a “night” mode, where the white background could be muted to a black or at least a darker color. It helps with the glare. Towleroad has chosen to NOT have the black background, and I find that I have less and less interest in going there. Not a threat… just saying, the latest design moguls seem to love the bright white look. And not everyone is a fan of glare. The click to load more is a bit annoying, but not such a big deal in my book.

  • RichLPhd

    Nice redesign. Like it. No need to overthink it. Enjoy it. Content is KING.

  • Dennis McGuire

    an FYI—you spelled the name of your blog incorrectly in the © footer

  • Todd Parr

    Congrats on the upgrade Joe! I love the new site. Bear HUGSXX

  • dan_in_san_diego

    Great site Joe, an everyday read………………..and thanks for the great comment sections everyone…………..

  • Circ09

    Tiny thing but “The Lesbian Lifestyle” on your blogroll seems to be no longer – or now a shopping site.

  • I’ve visited your blog several times each day for years but, I’m sorry to say, the new format will run me off long before I get a chance to get used to it. I visit to read, not to click. Sadly, the new format at is just as bad. I hope you’ll reconsider the change.

    • TallBearNC

      What do u have to constantly click?

      On the old site, you could only scroll down so far, and once you missed that, it was gone. Now u can click previous pages.

      The main different is when u click it doesn’t open what u click into a new tab

      If that’s your issue that is EASILY fixed:

      Windows: right click and choose open in new tab
      IOS/droid: press and hold link for a few secs till options come up. Pick open in new tab
      Os x: no right click unless u have a 2 button mouse then same as windows. If one button, it’s euther alt, control, or shift click to open in a new tab
      Linux: right click , open in new tab.

      That’s all the extra clicking I can think of, and that’s an EASY FIX for JMG to add. But if that’s your ONLY reason and this site is so valuable, you should give it a chance. The pros FAR outweigh the cons

      Just realized that I think you were talking about the fact that each article now has a read more button which causes the entire article to read load in the browser tab that you are currently on, and that you have to click the back button to go back and that the site does not remember where you were when you click back. Yes, I agree that that is annoying, but it shouldn’t drive somebody away. Plus there’s an easy way around this and it’s the same thing I mentioned above. Right click or do whatever I suggested on the Readmore button to open the article into a new tab. When you are done, close the tab and you’ll end up exactly where you were before you clicked the read more button. I understand why he chose to add that… Because if you didn’t each “page” would be massively long – just like the old site, and word press does not support pages that long. So this is your issue it will be an impossibility for him to remove those read more tags on every post unless you want to see only 2 to 3 articles per page and have to constantly click the next button at the bottom of the page to get your next articles. Plus I think they’re nice because I don’t want to read every article. This way I get a snippet, and if it’s something I want to read, I do the equivalent of a right-click and open it in a new tab, read it, and then close the tab and move on. This site is definitely different from the old side and it has its pros and cons, but I feel that the pros outweigh the cons, but you may not

      This is a FREE site (paid by ad banners). For what he posts and keeps people informed, I’d pay $9.99/month to have ads removed which would help him fund it better to make it better.

      If u don’t want to come, it your choices your loss. No one can force you. Your opinions are valid. However you are complaining about a 100% free service. We are all lucky that he even runs the side at all. Because if he did not run this site, all of us would have to run all over the Internet to find the news articles that are centered into this one area

      So for anybody that’s complaining – keep in mind you’re complaining about something that’s free. If Ran this site , I would be 100 times more likely to listen to constructive criticism, but I would probably out right ignore bitching and whining because I’d be providing this site as a free service to people in the community at-large
      Like I said your opinions are your opinions and your opinions and feelings are completely valid and no one can invalidate them. I am only suggesting that you rephrase the way that you communicate with JMG about changes to the new site

      • 41PC

        Agreed! JMG is my must-read, every day, regardless of where in the world I find myself.

        I’m very grateful for the aggregated information and that I can forward links without worry about NSFW images.

        Thanks Joe!

    • karen in kalifornia

      Ditto for here and Towleroad. I was a causal reader on TR, but frequent on JMG…now not so great as before.

  • jugomono

    Hate to complain because your site is my go-to every day & I really do like the new design, but the blockquote font – serif + italic – is really tiresome to read. It’s like reading a book from the 19th century while the rest of your new site is clean & contemporary. Why not just make it a variation of whatever font your regular text is?

  • Greg

    Enjoying the new site. Any chances of being on News on Apple’s new i0S 9 (which comes out next month I believe)? 🙂 Should make it nice and easy to view also!!

  • Joshua Gilman

    I don’t see what the big deal is with all of the complaining about the format. As far as the “read more” buttons and having to go back and reload, why not just right click the button and open in new tab? It’s just two clicks. I don’t have any issues with pages loading. The pages instantly load for me. As far as the ads, thats what AdBlock is for.

    Bottom line for me, i’m just glad i can continue on to older posts now, instead of being away for 3 days and missing old posts for not keeping up with them.

    • TallBearNC

      Especially people who are threatening to never return because he changed formats. Those people irritate me the most because this is a free site, and he doesn’t have to do this. It’s like give the guy freaking break. Now if this were a subscription-based paid site, then absolutely I would say people that have all the rights to bitch and moan and complain if he change something that they were paying for it is something they did not lie… But in this case I think the new site is far better than the old

      People should send him constructive criticism or not at all. Basically it’s like the old phrase: if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. But I know for a fact that he is open to constructive criticism.

      Plus what I want to say to all these severe whiners and complainers is this: THE SITE IS BRAND NEW. GIVE HIM CONSTRUCTIVE SUGGESTIONS AND TIME TO FIX THINGS….then, after 1 to 2 months, if a person is still just absolutely miserable… Then they should just move on because it got point there being nothing but drama queen, and what I would say to those people is since you complained so much, you obviously think you Could run a site like this so much better… So go do it. Go run a site like this and see what it’s like to try to keep tens of thousands of people happy all the time – it’s impossible. Your mailbox is constantly filled with praise and hate filled messages… Happy and angry people

      I used to run something equivalent to a website in the 1980s and early 1990s for the Internet took off. It was something called a BBS, and I had 16 phone lines (it was called athenon BBS and it was run out of Sacramento California it was chat and matchmaking services, and forms for the GLBT community at the time, and were two other sister BBSs that ran the same software in Sacramento called Acropolis and Parthenon), and I used to run myself ragged trying to make everyone happy, and then I just stopped. Iran things the way I wanted them to be run, and sure some people left but there was always not be able to keep it going, and I treat people nice and kindly, and I did make changes to people who asked me nicely with constructive criticism

      • Jeffrey

        There was a guy on the first day who totally lost his shit and flounced out of here saying “Ill never return!” So I informed his that there are many decaffeinated brands that were just as tasty as the real thing. But seriously, I have no problems with the site. Do I have extra fast internet or just more patience? Anyway, if JMG is that slow for them, how bad must their porn watching capabilities be?

  • TallBearNC

    Thank you for a new site. Now if I don’t log in for a week, I don’t miss out. Sure it has some bugs and quirks, but thevsite is NEW and fixing takes time. Plus the site is 10Xs faster and more responsive on my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6+… Desktop speed is slightly faster. Overall, I give it 9/10. 9.5 once the lil bugs and some click issues resolved 10/10 once we can pay to remove the ads which speed things up even more

    FYI, ppl with Firefox just shut the ads down. I won’t say how it’s done, but it can be done which loses u $$. I’d offer some incentives for ppl to subscribe

    Level 1: free with ads
    Level 2: free with enhanced/priority support (support responds within hrs vs a day or so for free users
    Level 3: removes ads, priority support, maybe the ability for a user to customize their UI (or some other perk like a recognition page where all the platinum supporters are thanked and listed

    I take one thing back that makes it an 8. I deduct 1 full point because when a moderator deletes a post or comment of mine, they NEVER tell me why (that was on old site too). Anytime a mod nukes a post or reply to a post, they should tell the person why and notify. Sometimes I repost 10Xs in a row because I think its a bug. Then a mid told me my reply didn’t have anything to do with the articles content (which was untrue). There we go..any paying member should be able to contact someone higher than a mod when a mod is being a…jerk

  • abqdan

    Nice change to a full-width picture with text beneath – and the text is more readable!

  • Michael M

    Robert just below voices my opinion exactly, Joe. I love your site and visit it many times a day. But the new design is not working. There’s not enough of an article, you want me to click to read more, which takes me to a new page, which means I have to START READING THE ARTICLE AGAIN… I get that you need to build revenue by page clicks, but this makes reading your posts very difficult.

  • patrick

    Dedicated JMG reader – even appeared on here once with Joe when he was visiting the EDGE-bar in San Francisco some years ago.

    Just wanted to add my voice to those disappointed by the READ-button and having to open numerous pages, or click back-and-forth, in order to get through a day’s reading at the new JMG. Am guessin’ y’all were thinking this through before the site-redesign, yet it makes using JMG a bit of a chore. And, honestly, I am less likely to review any stories which I’m not fully intrigued by – whereas before, I typically read just about everything.

    In any case, and as always, thanks for all of your hard work and your contributions to the LGBT-Community!

  • zacharyRI

    I don’t have the problem others are referring to below (clicking multiple times to read articles, reload, etc.) because I use an automated feed reader to aggregate my web surfing into one single interface that loads complete articles for me, one after the other, in the order I choose. I use Feedly; there are many others. Just a suggestion that may help. Carry on, Joe. You do a great job and we are lucky to have access to your talents and website for free.

  • jugomono

    Loving the new layout. I know a lot hate the READ MORE, but I actually really like getting the full story + Comments + link to Next or Previous. Works for me. Good Luck!

  • Mark

    Is anyone else having issues with discus loading very, very slowly on some pages? Some load the comments just fine – while with others discus spins and spins and spins….. I can’t tell if it is inserted content (pics, vids, etc) slowing it down or what….

  • roscoe stevens

    The “Read More” thing is the thing that bugs me the most: not because I have to click, but because when i get there, I have to re-read to find where I left off. Can’t what comes after I click be a continuation of what I was reading? Or can’t where I stopped reading on page 1 be in a different font so I just can continue reading?

    That said, I’ll be here way less, if at all, because this is now another one of those ad-driven and clickbait-driven sites that makes my computer whirl almost out-of-control and the fan starts blasting to handle all the craziness. It’s why I don’t read a lot of similar sites….its a pain in the neck. Good luck. You’ve been a regular for me and I’ll miss it, but I’m sure the increased revenue will make up for it all.

  • David Gervais

    On the subject of ads. The new site serves up some surprising ads. Fight now,
    “Fill in the nutritional gaps of your cowherd: -shown to increase conception rates” and more.
    I like cows and I`m glad there are products to help people care for them.

    This is mildly informative, but whoever placed the ad wasted their client`s money.

    As pointed out in someone else`s post, increased ads do not increase revenue because the lesser results will just lead to lower ad rates.

    Oh, and now one for a Gun Safe. Yes, I agree that they should be required in every location where there are guns, but again, what triggered them to advertise to me?

  • Homo Erectus

    Here’s a delicious news story from Florida. When you read it, keep in mind that the state is back in court for refusing to allow same sex couples to put both names on their child’s birth certificate.

  • Greg

    First, thank you Joe for your tireless work on your prior site and now on You provide the best source of news on the web.

    Your new site is well designed, with perhaps 1 irritation: the slide out of the top news story gets displayed far too often, when it refers to the same article repeatedly.

    Otherwise, thank you for a great site! All the best on!

  • Edward Spodick

    Well Joe – it’s different, but so what. The part of your new site which frustrates me is simply that the RSS feed only contains 10 entries.

    I go through my feed every few days, which means that I miss many of the stories you post on JMG as I only see the 10 most recent.

    I catch most of the other news on Towleroad, G.A.Y. and others, but I always liked your particular take on things and wish I could still see it as often.

    Oh well – it’s your site and your choice. Good luck and keep up the good fight!


  • decourseydave

    Very unhappy with the new site. Having to go back and keep clicking to go forward especially when your computer or mine doesn’t bring me back to the same place is extremely annoying. Following you all these years to be usurped by an bad choice in web creators is very sad!

  • Aikane Kai

    When I said I’d get used to the site, I was wrong. It’s so poorly designed, I can’t make myself use it. Long before HuffPo filled her site with clickbait crap, they redesigned it to be flashy, busy, link heavy. They made it an uncomfortable site to use. Sadly, this site is going the same direction. I used to look forward to going through JMG as I made dinner. Now, I’m not even giving it a second thought.

    I’m willing to bet your visitor counter has dropped significantly.

  • Noel

    Sorry, I just don’t like the new web site – it’ slow and not user friendly – wish you would go back to the old format

    • Geezus Christ

      I believe the sluggish reaction time is due to poor database connectivity issues – which is why many of us are continuing to encounter the “Error establishing a database connection” errors. They’re becoming more and more frequent which makes sense, given that the volume of users visiting the new site continues to grow larger as each day passes. I hope Joe is reading these posts so he can point his techno team in the right direction to solve these problems. The server and related database(s) are simply not set up optimally to handle the volume of visitors.

  • Sbaz10

    I have read others criticisms of the new site and I echo most of them. While the new site loads much better on my ipad mini, the constant clicking to read more is very tiresome. It seems that just a slightly larger field would solve this for most stories/postings. Trying to be supportive- 5+ years of reading and depending on Joe for solid info is worth a little loyalty, but hope we get a 2.0 version soon!

  • Geezus Christ

    Those fly-out frames from the right side of the screen announcing articles on the site that we already know about are both annoying and unnecessary. Are the plans to fill their space with paid advertising sometime on the future? If so, it would be great if you could suspend them from flying out until that time. Or, if there are no plans to sell the space to advertisers, then I’d suggest turning them off altogether. It really is an annoyance to keep clicking the X button to close them, especially when it’s so obvious that those articles are clearly listed on the site..

  • Geezus Christ

    I also assume that your techies are working on the “Error establishing a database connection” errors that keep popping up. What Database are you using? Whichever one it is isn’t able to handle the volume of users. You need to increase capacity.

    • HoneyBoySmith

      Sweet, merciful crap. That’s exactly the problem I was having (and, came here to mention).

      Wasn’t sure it was me or the site.

      • Geezus Christ

        Oh, but it’s not you – it’s me. Oops! I thought this was a break-up, HoneyBoy. Really, it’s not you – it’s them.

  • TallBearNC

    Something is up. For 2-3 days the site is so slow it’s unusable and it keeps throwing unable to connect to database. It almost looks like the DB is totally overloaded and the web server can’t, or takes a long time, to connect

  • Mudpuppy’s

    PLEASE go back to the old format! Way too many clicks and server errors. You used to be my first morning read. Now not so much. Just too frustrating first thing in the morning 🙁

  • canoebum

    Here’s an interesting tidbit from one of our southern neighbors.

  • Marides48

    I don’t mine clicking on “read me” if it is just the article I want to read. Unfortunately, in my opinion, is that I have to wait for most comments (& included photos/videos) are downloaded too. Unless I’m fortunate to have a really fast connection, I have to wait a long time to be able to “Read More”. It get’s old fast when I have to wait so long for each article+related comments to download. Perhaps it’s less annoying during times of low visitor traffic. For those of us with a slower connection, separate the Read more link form the comments link. While I think your web blog is full of interesting information, it may not be worth visiting it if it requires unnecessary waiting time to click on “Read Me”. Also, editing my comments can also be very frustrating.

  • Geezus Christ

    Is it just me? Or, is the following cartoon truly meant to make a stereotypical mockery of gays in the Boy Scouts? If so, why hasn’t it been met with the same level of outrage as, say, a cartoon depicting an African American salivating over a pile of watermelons? I just saw this, not in the editorial section, but on the regular comics page of the LA times from August 20th. I really don’t find it funny:

  • MikeinATL

    Kudos on the new website format. It is crisp and clean. So many new websites try to add too many columns and you have to read up and down as you skim across.

  • Michael Rush

    one of the Aaron and Melissa Klein cakes is on ebay at 77.00 , 2 days 9 hours left to bid as of this writing ….

  • karen in kalifornia

    New website and design crashes Safari on a regular basis. Now, admitedly I’m way behind on os and safari updates, but blogspot didn’t crash old os and safari.
    Usually crashes while trying to scroll at the speed I used to. Scolling is jumpy.
    No need to reply. Just sayin.

  • patrick

    Hate to repeat an inquiry someone’s already made – but did many/most of the comments and slideshows disappear from past-articles when imported to the new website? Just revisited an October 13th, 2012 post about Joe’s visit to San Francisco’s Edge Bar. it’s even titled “Slideshow”, yet there’s not a single photo and no comments to many articles from around that period.

  • Fyva Prold

    I’m not sure if you missed that (I sure did), here is an old news:

    “Josiah Duggar ends courtship with Marjorie Jackson” (Aug 5). Many commenters there note that the dude just need to find a nice guy instead.

  • Hal

    What is happening to the site. It is slow to load, if at all, and hangs.

  • greenman47

    I wouldn’t mind the jump to link if the load time were quick, but it’s not. Often I spend up to a minute waiting for the article in question to appear and although a minute isn’t long in the larger scheme of things, it’s a long time to watch the beachball spin in internet time. The main site loads slowly and the articles even slower.

  • David Rogers

    I’m not going to keep reading your blog when I have to “read more”. I will just change to another blog. You have lost me. Get a grip please. I have enjoyed your blog for years. It you continue this, I will not continue you as my home page.

  • Bob M

    It’s a good morning!!!!! What ever you did last night (Thursday, 8/27) is working soooooo much better. Thank you (and I don’t mind clicking the read more button, you can always open the atricle in a new tab and not have to go pack to the previous page…)

  • stevenj

    Other than a few sporadic glitches on the new blog before last night’s tweak and only 1 or 2 days of slow loading everything has been OK at this end. Very glad to see the right side pop up gone -Thank You.

  • The rss feed when added to Newsblur sends me back to the old Blogger platform. I don’t know if it’s a problem here or there, but it’s a problem.

  • westforddesign

    Please add an article about Oliver Sacks, who just passed away, to J.M.G.. Dr. Sacks was an outstanding scientist – and gay.

  • robertoinexile

    kudos on the new site design/functionality. content remains superior. i understand the rage over all the ads, but having been in that business for about a thousand years (now retired, praise-the-universe), i know about the commerce part of everything… gotta do commerce unless it’s just a hobby. JMG is clearly no hobby. it’s easy to get used to free things online, but it’s also cool to charge for “premium” service, like “reduced or no ads” service if that’s what readers value… i gladly and voluntarily pay a couple of my go-to news sites (regardless of ad presence) because they bring me important information consistently, as well as good social content for awareness since i now live outside the USA. AND i want them to continue to do so. i check JMG no less that three times each day, and wish you continued success in whatever model you need to follow. -R in X

  • Gary Badertscher
  • Aikane Kai

    Wow, 2 weeks to the day. I came back to see if anything had been fixed; to see if Joe had bothered to even address the concerns of so many up here. No and no.

    I admit, I haven’t really missed the place like I thought I might. Other sites have gone down the toilet due to bad design and not giving a fuck about their readers. I guess it’s time for this one too. Ah well.

  • Geezus Christ

    I suspect the Javascript that’s driving your floating menu bar along the top is interfering and causing problems with the page scroller. The scroller is getting stuck which causes the page to continually scroll downward, even after the mouse is released from the scroll button.

    We don’t need that floating menu bar across the top – especially since I suspect that it’s causing the problem with the page scroll buttons. It might also be caused by the floating tabs that pop out letting us know that there are X number of comments below where we are, or X number of new comments above us. That functionality is also not needed.

    Your web guy is trying to add too many unnecessary bells and whistles which continue to wreak havoc on the overall efficiency of the site. One thing I learned in web development long ago is that Just because something looks “cool,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it adds to the functionality of the site. And, in fact, many times it actually interferes with it.

  • David

    Having to “read more” is annoying. Having to go back to read other articles is also annoying and time consuming. Your site was my home page. It will be no longer. I won’t visit your page again. You have lost a follower. I’m really sorry you changed your format. It is definitely not user friendly.

  • Mark McGovern

    Hi Joe;

    I’m not great with connecting to things, but check out this story, assuming this link works:

  • Thomas

    There is a poll in the local Cleveland paper about LGBT Business certifications. One of the poll answers is not it gives them an unfair advantage…would love to see the yes it is good win.

  • crewman

    One of your recent posts ( was littered with troll comments. For a while that’s entertaining, but when that person takes upon herself (?) to comment on every single post, it becomes too much noise and just annoying.
    Suggestion 1: troll ratio filter
    Is the site capable of implementing a filter that blocks posts from people who have a vote-to-comment ratio lower than .5? That means on average, for every 2 comments they’d have to get get at least 1 upvote. In order to let people get started, maybe also allow any comment from new accounts, with fewer than 10 comments.
    Suggestion 2: troll flag
    Give the community a means of flagging trolls and remove them automatically. Not just a single post, but all posts by that person on that thread. This path could be abused though and might have to be thought out a little.
    Suggestion 3: community chaperones
    Maybe give volunteer moderators the ability to flag trolls. Their powers should be limited to removing trolls that get out of hand and the ad spam that makes its way in.
    Suggestion 4: limit repeat posters
    Maybe set a limit on how many posts a single user can make on a given thread. If a single poster posts more than 20 posts, that might be suspect. Even better, combine that with the troll ratio in Suggestion 1. Allow trolls to post up to 5 posts per thread. Maybe even a sliding scale, so the higher your vote-to-comment ratio is, the more posts you are allowed per thread. That is, your value has been established and you are trusted to participate more.

  • chris james

    I still think JMG is the best damn site for current events in the gay world. I also enjoy the humor…like seeing the ad for Liberty University on the home page…they are paying a gay site for that ad LOL

  • Geezus Christ

    Joe, would you please show the error message below to your web techie(s)? Your new site keeps producing script errors, forcing my Firefox browser to crash. It’s becoming more than just a small nuisance – it’s happening more and more:

  • Erik Vrandic

    not sure why Huggies appeared next to Island House…