ATLANTA: Megachurch Pastor Eddie Long Dies At 63, Was Sued By Four Male Teenagers For Sexual Coercion


USA Today reports: Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, died Sunday morning. In a statement, the church confirmed Long’s death from cancer-related causes. “I am confident through my belief in God that my husband is now resting in a better place,” said Long’s wife, Vanessa. “Although his transition leaves a void for those of us ...

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RUSSIA: Bill To Decriminalize Domestic Violence Advances, Author Spearheaded “Gay Propaganda” Ban


The Moscow Times reports: A bill decriminalizing domestic violence has passed its first reading in Russia’s State Duma. Some 368 lawmakers voted in favor of the law, with just one deputy voting against the plans. One other deputy abstained from the vote. The bill would remove the charge of “battery within families” from Russia’s Criminal Code, downgrading it to an ...

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Arkansas Supreme Court: It’s A “Basic Biological Truth” That Gay Spouses Can’t Be Listed On Birth Certificates


The Associated Press reports: Arkansas’ highest court on Thursday threw out a judge’s ruling that could have allowed married same-sex couples to get the names of both spouses on their children’s birth certificates without a court order, saying it doesn’t violate equal protection “to acknowledge basic biological truths.” The state Supreme Court also issued a rare admonishment to Pulaski County ...

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MEXICO: Tens Of Thousands Protest Against President’s Plan To Legalize Gay Marriage Nationwide [VIDEO]


Reuters reports: Tens of thousands of people across Mexico marched on Saturday to protest against gay marriage, challenging President Enrique Pena Nieto’s proposal to recognize same-sex marriage throughout the traditionally conservative country. The marches were called by the National Front for the Family, a coalition of civil society organizations and various religious groups, and continued throughout the day from Mexico’s ...

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JAPAN: 15 Dead, 45 Wounded In Knife Attack At Facility For Disabled, Lone Suspect A Former Employee


The right wing will leap on this as evidence of the supposed pointlessness of gun control. Via the Guardian: At least 15 people have been killed and another 45 injured after a man went on a rampage with a knife at a Japanese facility for disabled people in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Japan’s public broadcaster NHK said the ...

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Pat Robertson: Satan Is Behind The Battle To Maintain The Separation Of Church And State [VIDEO]


But you knew that. Right Wing Watch recaps the response to the above viewer question: Robertson said that such groups exclusively target Christians because “they understand Christianity is where the power is — the power doesn’t exist in Islam, the power doesn’t exist in Baha’i or any of these fringe religions.” “They fight against Christianity because Christianity touches the souls ...

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John Oliver: How Is This Not A Thing? [VIDEO]


Gizmodo recaps: John Oliver runs a regular segment called “How Is This Still a Thing?”, but he’s decided to turn it on its head. So “How Is This Not a Thing?” describes the things that Oliver would like see invented—preferably as soon as possible. Amongst others, Oliver would like Ambien for the part of the day that we have to ...

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HYPOCRISY EXPLOSION: Sarah Palin Denounces Ted Cruz As An Inexperienced “Half-Term Senator”


“Calling GOP frontrunner supporters ‘low information’ disengaged voters, Ted Cruz’s insinuation reeks of all the reasons America knows ‘the status quo has got to go.’ The arrogance of career politicians is something at which the rest of us chuckle, but Cruz’s latest dig strays from humorous into downright nasty. Cruz is right, though – independent, America-first, commonsense conservatives supporting Donald ...

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Lands’ End Apologizes To Right Wingers After Publishing Gloria Steinem Interview In Latest Catalog


Right wingers have deluged the Facebook page for Lands’ End with vows to boycott the company because they dared to publish an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in their latest catalog. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Lands’ End quickly backpedaled this week from an association with feminist Gloria Steinem after hearing complaints from customers and the publication of an article ...

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NORTH CAROLINA: Gov. Pat McCrory Vows To Undo Charlotte’s LGBT Rights Law And All Others In The State


Before the Charlotte City Council even voted to approve its LGBT rights law last night, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory had vowed “immediate intervention” if it were to pass. Tonight McCrory and state GOP leaders are moving to make that promise come true and then some. Dominic Holden reports at Buzzfeed: In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Gov. McCrory said legislators ...

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CDC Issues Lifetime Risks For HIV Diagnosis


According to a first-of-its-kind study issued today by the Centers For Disease Control, black gay men in the United States have a 50% chance of an HIV+ diagnosis in their lifetime. All men who have sex with men face a 79-times higher risk of contracting HIV than do heterosexual men. From the CDC’s press materials: A CDC study released in ...

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VIRAL VIDEO: Snowboarding In Manhattan


Going viral today is the below clip of a couple of guys being towed on snowboards last night through the streets of Manhattan. Somehow they were not arrested by the NYPD, although the cops did speak to them at least once. Watch below.

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NEW YORK CITY: MTA To Completely Close 30 Subway Stations For Months-Long Renovations


Yesterday New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and MTA officials announced technological upgrades to the subway system and the coming months-long closures of 30 stations for major renovations. AM New York reports: Millennial-friendly amenities will be introduced into the subway system, 30 stations will be redesigned and phone chargers will be installed in train cars and buses, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and ...

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Beyonce Crashes Channing Tatum’s Drag Lip Sync


During last night’s episode of Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, Channing Tatum was performing Beyonce’s Who Run The World when Queen Bey herself appeared with crew of her own dancers. Watch below.

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Andy Bell & Dave Aude – True Original [AUDIO]


Erasure frontman Andy Bell last collaborated with EDM king Dave Aude in 2014 with the single Aftermath (Here We Go), which took them to #1 on Billboard’s dance chart. Eight different mixes of their latest project were released on iTunes this weekend and several are below.

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Pharma Douche Arrested For Securities Fraud


Whoa. Bloomberg Business reports: A boyish drug company entrepreneur, who rocketed to infamy by jacking up the price of a life-saving pill from $13.50 to $750, was arrested on securities fraud related to a firm he founded. Martin Shkreli, 32, ignited a firestorm over drug prices in September and became a symbol of defiant greed. The federal case against him ...

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Game Of Thrones Tease: Is Jon Snow Alive?


This year’s Game Of Thrones season ended with lead character Jon Snow being stabbed many times by his own men and even by his very young protege. The scene has spawned many plot theories including one in which Snow returns as a zombie. This morning HBO tweeted the above image to promote the April launch of season six. Twitter is ...

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Human DNA Found In 66% Of Vegetarian Hot Dogs


News sites are blowing up today with the latest linking of processed meat consumption and cancer rates, but THIS story is far more intriguing. Via USA Today: Hot dogs are considered one of the most American foods. However, a report uncovers some startling findings on what people are really eating when they bite into a frankfurter. Clear Food analyzed 345 ...

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GOP Whistleblower: The Benghazi Investigation Is Meant To Derail Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign


First GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy accidentally told the truth and now this. CNN reports: A former investigator with the House Select Committee on Benghazi is accusing the Republican-led panel of carrying out a politically motivated investigation targeting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton instead of the thorough and objective fact-finding mission it was set up to pursue. Major ...

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White House: Not Ready To Endorse Equality Act
UPDATE: Video Added To Post


According to Washington Blade reporter Chris Johnson, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said that President Obama isn’t prepared to endorse the Equality Act, which would essentially grant LGBT Americans the same federal protections enjoyed by Christians since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. How very disappointing. Nobody really expects the Equality Act to get any ...

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