GOP Rep Who Compared Obama To Hitler Demands CNN Reporter Be Fired For Disrespecting Trump


Josh Israel reports at Think Progress: A day after Donald Trump shouted down CNN reporter Jim Acosta at his first “press conference” since July and accused his network of providing “fake news,” a Republican Congressman is demanding that Acosta be fired. Two years ago to the day, Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) made national news for a tweet comparing the president ...

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Bill Donohue: Female MSNBC Reporters Are Ugly


Catholic League blowhard and well-known supermodel Bill Donohue today used a just-issued study to declare that the female reporters at MSNBC are unattractive. It’s what Jesus would want. The reason that the study comes to its conclusion is rather interesting. The Washington Post reports: Research has found that being attractive influences many things in a person’s life — their salary, ...

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Fox Commentator Laura Ingraham Mocks Obama For Getting Teary-Eyed During Farewell Speech [VIDEO]


Vile Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night to mock President Obama for getting teary-eyed during his farewell address. Upon the urging of Hannity, Ingraham asked for tissue and then dramatically dabbed her eyes, declaring that she’d “never seen a man grab a tissue” like that before. Ingraham: “A man, would be like, whatever.” Watch ...

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Twitter Suspends Pharma Douche For Harassment


New York Magazine reports: Martin Shkreli has been tweeting all morning at writer Lauren Duca, who caught his attention after she schooled human bow tie Tucker Carlson on his own show a few weeks ago. He apparently direct messaged her a few days ago to ask her to be his plus one to the inauguration, despite the fact that she’s ...

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BANNED FOR LIFE: Delta Airlines Permanently Boots Trump Fan Who Screamed About “Hillary Bitches”


Raw Story reports: Last week, video emerged of a Trump supporter standing up in the middle of a Delta Airlines flight and yelling at women whom he believed voted for Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election. The video, which quickly went viral, showed the man standing up in the aisle and chastising “Hillary b*tches” for not supporting his preferred ...

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North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Brandishes Hillary’s “Inauguration Jewelry” [VIDEO]


Via Mediaite: Republican strategist Dallas Woodhouse illustrated his argument that Hillary Clinton‘s had engaged in criminal conduct Thursday by taking out a pair of handcuffs and holding them up during an MSNBC interview. Woodhouse, the executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party, defended the state party from the allegation that they were trying to suppress the vote. “We don’t ...

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REPORT: Homocon Milo Works To Buy Troll Site 4Chan


Via the Hollywood Reporter: Milo Yiannopoulos, an alt-right hero known for his banishment from Twitter, is preparing a bid to acquire his own social media firm: 4chan. Launched in 2003, 4chan is an imageboard Internet site that allows users to post anonymously. Its roots were in anime and manga, though it has evolved into much more and has facilitated some ...

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Homocon Matt Drudge: The Evil Feds Are Probably Exaggerating The Hurricane To Promote Climate Change


Homocon blogger Matt Drudge is trying to rile up his dumpster of deplorables by claiming that those dastardly federal agents at the National Hurricane Center are deliberately exaggerating the danger of Hurricane Matthew in order promote the pinko commie hoax known as climate change. Drudge’s claim isn’t sitting well with many of his followers on Twitter, some of whom are ...

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Pharma Douche: Punch Me In The Face For Charity


ABC News reports: A Florida woman paid for the right to punch infamous pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli in the face. Shkreli announced Wednesday on Twitter that a woman named Katie from Florida won the bid and has agreed to donate $50,000. Shkreli will match her bid. Shkreli was once called the “most hated man in America” after imposing a massive ...

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Giuliani: Hillary’s Too Stupid To Be President [VIDEO]


Politico reports: Hillary Clinton’s decision to stand by her husband and attack former White House intern Monica Lewinsky when news of a sexual relationship between the two broke in 1998 prove that the former secretary of state is “too stupid to be president,” Rudy Giuliani said Monday night. The former New York City mayor made the remark, captured on video ...

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Trump Doubles-Down On Miss Universe Insults: She Gained Massive Weight, Was The Absolute Worst


Watch below. NPR reports: At the end of Monday night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of taunting one of his former Miss Universe contestants about her weight. Clinton said the Republican nominee’s criticisms of Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan who won the Miss Universe contest in 1996, was “one of the worst things he said” about women. “He called ...

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A Double Dose Of Assholery From Rep. Steve King


Teabagger US House Rep. Steve King, whose relentless loonery (see below) is just a half-step behind Louis Gohmert, began the day by mocking the health of Hillary Clinton, just as White Jesus would want. Also getting attention today is King wishing luck to Frauke Petry, the chairwoman for Germany’s far-right and virulently anti-LGBT Alternative für Deutschland party, which currently holds ...

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Skittles Trump Belongs To 25+ Hunting Forums


The Concourse reports: You’re the eldest son of one of the most reviled men in popular culture. You’re violently well-off, love guns, and have far too much free time on your hands. You, my friend, are Donald J. Trump Jr. And on the internet’s many hunting message boards, you have apparently found your home. Our boy isn’t just a casual ...

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OHIO: Trump Campaign Chair Resigns After Saying There Was No Racism In America Before Obama


The Guardian reports: Donald Trump’s campaign chair in a prominent Ohio county has claimed there was “no racism” during the 1960s and said black people who have not succeeded over the past half-century only have themselves to blame. Kathy Miller, who is white and chair of the Republican nominee’s campaign in Mahoning County, made the remarks during a taped interview ...

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Twitter Suspends Right Winger “Instapundit” After He Calls On Drivers To Run Over Charlotte Protesters


Talking Points Memo reports: Glenn Reynolds, a conservative USA Today columnist and University of Tennessee law professor known by the moniker Instapundit, was suspended from Twitter on Wednesday for urging drivers to hit protesters blocking a highway in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reynolds tweeted a link to a live video stream of demonstrators stopping traffic on I-277 during the chaotic second ...

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SEATTLE: City Files $1.6M Suit Against Homeowners Who Cut Down Public Trees To Improve Their View


Filed under: Eat the rich. The Seattle Times reports: West Seattle homeowners accused of improving their views by illegally laying waste to more than 150 trees in a public greenbelt are now staring down more than $1.6 million in damages and fines. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes on Tuesday sued numerous people who officials believe were involved in cutting the ...

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Today’s Headline By Homocon Matt Drudge


Right wing sites are snickering at homocon Matt Drudge’s main headline today, which of course is an infantile reference to the report that former president George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary. Drudge, as you surely know, has been leading the “sick Hillary” conspiracy campaign by linking to every screaming nutjob alt-right website he can find.

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