TRINIDAD: Three Gay Men Evicted From Homes After Appearing At Rally Celebrating Repeal Of Buggery Law

Trinidad’s Newsday reports:

Members of the gay community are calling for calm and tolerance as three young men who were at the forefront of a human rights rally celebrating the historic court ruling on the unconstitutionality of the buggery and serious indecency laws, last Thursday, have been kicked out of their homes.

The three men, social worker Luke Sinette confirmed yesterday, were evicted for being gay. Among them, one young man who was asked to leave his family home because he embarrassed them because he was seen at the rally. Another man was accosted and taunted as he arrived at his rented apartment and a third was told by his landlord that after his display at the rally he had to leave.

Sinette’s organisation, Friends for Life, has put out an appeal for people to open their homes for temporary accommodation for the displaced men who no longer have a home. Friends for Life is also asking for resources including couches and mattresses for them. He said the response has been good.

As you can see in the photo at the above link, Christian protesters appeared at the rally with signs calling for the executions of homosexuals. The government plans to appeal the ruling.

NOTE: The evicted men have not been publicly identified. The photo above is just a screenshot from the rally.