Liberty Counsel: If You Buy Girl Scout Cookies You Are Paying To Promote Sexual Promiscuity To Innocent Girls

Via press release from the Liberty Counsel:

Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) has become a politically divisive, pro-abortion organization that has abandoned its mission years ago. GSUSA is the largest member organization of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), which aggressively promotes abortion and promiscuous sex on behalf of its 10 million members. WAGGGS states that “anyone who is a Girl Guide or Girl Scout is automatically a member.” GSUSA pays about 1.5 million dollars annually to WAGGGS.

The WAGGGS delegation for the Commission on the Status of Women advocates the following for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world: “We demand access to comprehensive sexuality information, services and supplies for all young people. We need it today – and today needed to be yesterday.” WAGGGS participated in the 2016 Women Deliver Conference, which focused on “health — in particular maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights.”

A 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign ad featuring Clinton and uniformed Girl Scouts, filmed at a Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road council shop, was widely shared on her media accounts. Immediately following the presidential election, Girl Scouts of Greater New York partnered in protesting President-elect Donald Trump.

“The once great Girl Scouts USA took a tragic fall when it became a political advocacy group that promotes abortion and sexual promiscuity to innocent girls,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver.

“It’s important that people understand that the profits from cookie sales go toward harming young girls rather that helping them. I encourage people to say, ‘no, thank you’ to Girls Scouts and support alternatives that encourage Christian values such as American Heritage Girls. This organization has partnered with Trail Life USA, a rapidly expanding alternative to the Boy Scouts,” said Staver.

  • PickyPecker
    • Todd20036

      Cool scene, but Adams Family Values was the better movie

      • Joe in PA

        Based on the presence of Joan Cusak alone!

      • Publius

        Debbie: “But did any of you love me? Really love me?”
        Gomez, in an electric chair: “Hands!”

      • “He’s got my father’s eyes.”
        “Gomez, take those out of his mouth.”

      • Tatonka

        Gomez: [shouting] Has the planet gone mad? My brother, passion’s hostage. I seek justice – denied! I shall not submit! I shall conquer! I shall rise! My name is Gomez Addams, and I have seen evil!

        [Grandma waves Pubert in the air]

        Gomez: I have seen horror!

        [Lurch waves]

        Gomez: I have seen the unholy maggots which feast in the dark recesses of the human soul!

        Morticia: They’re at camp.

        Gomez: I have seen all this, officer. But until today, I had never seen… *you*!

      • e’ville_globeguy

        “…but Debbie…PASTELS?”

    • safari

      I really wish the people that owned the rights to the Addams family had allowed the Adult Wednesday Addams series to flourish.

    • Devon Rodriguez
    • Using the sweet potato pie method they could be.

  • Ross

    I can’t think of a better O/T:

    Great synopsis of RuPaul’s Drag Race on, of all places, VOX.

    11 moments that took RuPaul’s Drag Race from scrappy underdog to pop culture behemoth


    • Barry William Teske

      A long long time ago, just as gaydotcom was in its infancy.
      I created my very first online profile.
      I couldn’t seem to find any other profiles that did what I did, though I knew they were most probably there.
      I put HIV+ right there for everyone to see.
      I was viscously attacked a couple of times verbally.
      All I could do was to reply that I wished those that attacked me to find their higher good and to forgive them then and there.
      I almost didn’t survive that night…
      I tend to hide pain well.
      It was and is still a survival skill.
      So were and are the friends who came looking for me that night.

  • Paula

    Even the female children can see what a pussygrabber Donnie is. They know to stay away from those kind.

  • Max_1

    why is a woman’s uterus more regulated than a gun.

  • Rex

    Ha! I knew that cute little girl that showed up on my doorstep with her slick sales pitch was a slut!

  • fastlanestranger

    *places order for 100 boxes on thin mints*

    • Treant

      Those things are killer. They’re so incredibly good going down and then my gastritis-roiled stomach gets ahold of them and I’m in eight hours of discomfort.

      But they’re so incredibly good going down…

      • Rambie

        Don’t have to have gastritis to have the thinmint gastric revenge but yeah tots worth it

        • Treant

          I do find that a bit of Pepto calms things down.

          Or you can mix 1/2 tsp baking soda in 4 oz water and quaff it down fast.

          • Rambie

            Thanks for the tip Treant.

      • Karl Dubhe

        I suppose vomiting would be out of order.

        You could taste them twice that way, once down and again on their way up and out.

  • Jalapeño Business
    • Treant

      I saw that and, well, “Florida man,” you be you. Don’t ever change.

      Except maybe that arson thing. That I’d change.

      • Another contender.

        Arkansas man accidentally pays water bill with meth

        Arkansas man has been arrested after he allegedly paid his water bill with cash and 7.1 grams of methamphetamine.

        James Hoey, 66, allegedly stuffed the drugs into an after-hours drop box with his own bill.

        Police subsequently searched Hoey’s Paragould home where they found another 45 grams of meth and 3 ounces of weed along with pipes and scales, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

        • Treant

          Oh, dear. Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

    • Todd20036

      Just from looking at both of their mugs: they ain’t right in the heads.

      • Treant

        I hate to be catty, but I thought the one on the right might be Chaz Bono for a second.

        • Todd20036

          No, I see it too. The one on the right looks… altered.

    • Rex

      What a shame, they make a lovely couple.

    • Karl Dubhe

      Which one was in the bull onesie? What was the other one wearing? 🙂

      What drugs were they on?

      • Jalapeño Business

        Irving, on the left, was wearing the bull onesie.

    • Tulle Christensen

      DeLand, OK not too surprising. but I really did expect it to be in Tallahassee

    • Tulle Christensen

      The best quote

      “I’m from Kentucky. (I’ve) never seen anger like that,” the victim said.

    • stevenj

      What a charming couple.

    • Mike__in_Houston

      Cute couple…

  • JoeMyGod

    NOTE: I had to delete the first version of this post because it borked the template for reasons unknown. Bah.

  • 🐾vorpal🐾

    “which aggressively promotes abortion and promiscuous sex on behalf of its 10 million members.”

    So now Girl Guides have minimum quotas over the year for cookie sales, sexual partners, and abortions.

    • I was a Girl Scout. Some of those badges really require a lot of work! And now they have the ones you mentioned too! XD

  • Todd20036

    Liberty is just peeved that GS has the gall to teach young girls that they are human and have the same rights and opportunities as men do. Also, religious fucks at Liberty only care about keeping women as second class citizens, nothing more.

  • Treant

    Sounds hawt. I’ll take 20 boxes, and send over the Eagle Scouts.

  • Barry William Teske

    Rumour has it that is not the line used at the mall.

  • SkokieGuy-[Insert Helen joke]

    I would donate to a go fund me to assist the Girl Scouts in suing Liberty Council for defamation.

  • Steven B

    I just bought some Girl Scout Cookies at my local dispensary but I’m only promoting my own health, well-being and happiness. 😜

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    One of my best friends has been involved with the GS’s for decades. She’s a wonderful, bright woman that I love dearly. I support the GS’s 100 percent because of her. I buy cookies and tell her to give them away. (As I certainly don’t need or want the calories.) Mat Staver can kiss my ass for disparaging this wonderful organization. He’s one sick fuck.

  • Devon Rodriguez
  • kelven

    Bit late to the party eh Mat? To the best of m knowledge they just finished sales for this year. You might as well take on Disney.

    o/t: Disqsucks is particularly wonky this morning.

  • Talisman

    More accurate headline:

    If You Buy Girl Scout Cookies You Are Not Paying Liberty Counsel.

  • Harveyrabbit

    “organization that has abandoned its mission years ago”

    Which was devouring the brains of useless GOP politicians. Perhaps we can talk them into starting that up again before their next White House visit.

  • Sam_Handwich

    well in that case, i’m buying a dozen boxes of Placenta Pralines

    • Rex

      put me down for a dozen Skinny Bitch Mints.

    • Jalapeño Business

      I like the Shawty Bread cookies.

    • Rambie

      I’m happy I bought more boxes just last night

    • AJ Drew

      At least they don’t have to rebrand S’mores!

    • Publius

      Somewhat unrelated…

      If you haven’t seen “The Katering Show” on YouTube, you have to. It’s two Ozzy girls doing a satire cooking show. One on of them, they literally make “Plasagne” – placenta lasagne, making fun of yuppie mothers.

      • ETownCanuck

        the Katering Show is hilarious.

      • Lizard

        I’m only sixteen seconds in and I already love it.

    • Nic Peterson

      I give the cookies away but I do enjoy the discount coupons on abortions and sex toys.

    • Tatonka

      Mint Chocolate Clits are popular this year, as are the Tug-a-Longs.

      (I would like to apologize for that joke. If I wasn’t already going to hell, I am now.)

    • No Shagalongs?

  • Rex

    He’s just jealous that the Girl Scouts bring in more money than Liberty Councel.

  • narutomania

    So, when I write the check to purchase the 10 boxes that i usually get, should I make it out to the name of the Brothel for which these little harlots work, or just make it out to “The Skank who is bearing this check” ?

    • SkokieGuy-[Insert Helen joke]

      Skanlette = young skank.

  • Devon Rodriguez
  • shellback

    If you subscribe to primitive superstitious beliefs, you are promoting primitive superstitious mental illness.

  • Jalapeño Business

    I buy cookies whenever I see them. It’s a great cause to support. I just wish the Boy Scouts popcorn wasn’t so expensive. I’ll just toss them a $5 as a donation when I see the popcorn table.

    • SkokieGuy-[Insert Helen joke]

      Bought cookies on Tuesday. Two boxes. Shockingly, 1-1/2 boxes are still left. I’m so proud!

      • Prost Seattle

        No joke, a serving of girlscout cookies is 3 cookies.

        • SkokieGuy-[Insert Helen joke]

          Not one sleeve, 2 servings per box?

  • Gregory B

    What happens when a Girl Scout goes to Staver’s home and he says “No”…

  • Karl Dubhe

    He wants to keep his daughters pure; for when he rapes them.

    It’s all about the ownership of others, by him and his buds.

  • Devon Rodriguez
  • another_steve

    I remember, with considerable fondness, sexual promiscuity.

    I was good at it, actually.

    Much in demand.

  • Prost Seattle

    Wow. Just…wow. Yes, when I bought my thin mints, that little girl and her mother asked for me pay for an abortion. I had to ask her: ‘Uhh…do you mind if I see the ingredient list?’

  • Judas Peckerwood

    “So how many cases can I put you down for, Judge Moore?”

  • JackFknTwist

    I’m not their target audience. Promiscuous sex and cookies ( with tea) are two of my favourite things.

    • another_steve

      Sex is better than cookies.

      You don’t gain weight doing sex.

      • JackFknTwist

        the weight issue is always a problem; but there are some things in my life I cannot give up, cock and cookies.

        • another_steve

          “Cock and Cookies”

          Is that Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor?


            No, unfortunately its the title of my latest one man show.


      I’ll put the pot on….

    • Prost Seattle

      Next year the Girl Scouts are going to try and reduce the abortions, so each sleeve of cookies will now be an appropriately flavored condom.

  • Joe in PA

    Don’t buy those GSCs…send that money to us!

    That about sum it up ass wipe?

  • BlindBill

    Do not listen to the news item on the disclosure of 42 pedophile priests in Buffalo ….. the girls are bad, the girls are promiscuous, the girls, the girls, the emails, the girls

    • Wait they found 42 ‘straight’ pedophile priests in one city? Sounds like a miracle.

  • Tatonka

    What kind of perved-out whack job even thinks up this crap?

    • worstcultever

      Srsly – is there *anything* they won’t seize upon for their endless hate-and-division bullshit? What’s next – godless animal shelters?

    • The_Wretched

      It’s one of the christian nut-job arguments against sex-ed. If you actually know about your body parts at the times they are a changing, you’ll be a slut. It’s part of their master plan to keep women and girls pregnant and dependent.

      • If you don’t teach kids about sex,they’ll never do it!

        And if you don’t tell people that food exists, I guess they’ll never eat it? *shrug*

    • perversatile
  • AJ Drew
  • Ninja0980

    My mom just told Mat he can go eff himself (she’s too nice to swear.)

  • gaycuckhubby
  • MikeBx2

    Yes, take Liberty Counsel’s advice on what’s best for young girls. After all, they represented Roy Moore and he knows a lot about young girls.

  • Jalapeño Business

    let’s see if I get blocked…or subpoenaed.

    • Halou

      For some reason I am blocked by Anita Staver.

  • Lazycrockett
    • Ninja0980

      And as I’ve said before, if folks on the right don’t like it, too damn bad.
      You had your chances to do stuff before and failed, time to let the kids take over.

    • Karl Dubhe

      We’re online! There’s no such thing as unprintable here.

      What are they calling Rub(anotherone)out?

  • Cuberly Deux

    Ya do realize these idjits are saying if a young girl knows about her body and her health rights she’s become soiled, she’s been sullied.

  • Vinnie NYC

    We’re raising a nation of whores ? Is that what he’s saying ?

    • Cuberly Deux

      Pretty much.

    • BobSF_94117

      Whores with merit badges.

  • Brian Curtis

    …further adding, “And girls are icky. We want to promote promiscuous sex with innocent BOYS, dammit.”

  • Kruhn

    So they promote promiscuity? Sign me in! Get me some of those thin mints for the cause! I’ll definitely support the Cookie Industrial Complex for that cause.

    • AJ Drew

      I’ll have the little cookies, the big cookies, the chocolate cookies, the vanilla cookies… um, not sure about the lumpy ones shedding flakes. Hmm.

      • coram nobis

        The Samoas have coconut, they can be tasty. And the Do-Si-Do cookies are new.

  • D. J.

    Was Kim Davis a Girl Scout? I imagine her ghostwritten memoir isn’t flying off the shelves. (Available only from LC) So they are ginning up their supporters before they have to pay taxes in April. We’ll hear from them again during refund time.

  • Hot damn! Thanks, Liberty Council!! You gave me the excuse I needed to order 50 boxes!

  • geoffalnutt
  • Lizard

    Wait…does Staver know the first thing about the history of the Girl Scouts? Does he think they’re just female Boy Scouts with a history of shitty conservative politics and religion? Because they’re…not that.

  • Ninja0980
  • Clive Johnson

    We just shot through two boxes of those evil peanut butter patties.

    Looks like it’s time to order a ton more.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Oh go fuck off you whack job!

  • orion dumptee

    oh so now…nutjob is going after g/s/ cookies ?? whats next? the entire line of ‘frito-lays’? He jus ‘ BETTER leave those cookies alone..or kim davis wont ever speak to him again (you DONT get btwn her and her food supply)

  • Lazycrockett
  • MikeBx2

    We’ve seen the kind of “Christian values” that Liberty Counsel defends. Staver shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of young girls.

  • misterjack

    That rips it! I did not buy any GS cookies this year for health reasons, but because of this dick, I’m going to SPLURGE.

    • Ben in Oakland

      They’re made with palm oil. Be sure to donate them to your local fundamentalist church.

  • bkmn
  • 2patricius2

    No, Mat. If you support Drumpf and his minions, you are promoting sexual promiscuity and assault on women and girls.

  • pgarayt

    Ever notice that sex and young people are constantly on evangelicals minds.

    • bkmn

      Only when they aren’t busy having sex with young people.

    • Bambino

      They always have their cookies in their filthy mind.

  • Pip

    Yet again someone doesn’t agree with them and they vilify them. Add to that it’s girls and women daring to open their mouths and express opinions, that makes them the devil. Slutty, slutty devils.

  • Bambino

    Roy Moore is not going to be happy.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Only in fundelibangelist land does sex education equal promiscuity and abortion.

    • Tulle Christensen

      Good Sex Ed reduces abortion

      • Halou

        So do a lot of the ‘family planning’ initiatives managed by Planned Parenthood. But offering one contraceptive to one person and apparently all their federal and state funding has to be cut to zero, and any donations have to be taxed as any non-charitable payment would be.

      • Ben in Oakland

        You know that. I know that. They only know that its about sex, and they are agin’ it.

  • orion dumptee

    trail life is RAPIDLY expanding?? ha ha ha ,,, oh pah-lease gurl, the ONLY thing thats ‘expanding’ is stembergers waistline

  • Halou

    So, what exactly is wrong with promiscuity? It is not by itself a form of abuse, and some people have long and happy and open promiscuous relationships. None of this secret affairs and paying for silence business.