Maryland School: 3 Critically Injured Including Shooter

NBC News reports:

A student pulled a gun out and shot two other students at a high school in southeast Maryland Tuesday morning before the shooter was wounded, the St. Mary’s County sheriff said.

The gunman entered Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland, at the beginning of the school day and shot a female student in a hallway, Sheriff Tim Cameron said live on News4. A male student also was hit by a bullet.

Information was not available immediately on the relationship between the students, Cameron said. The shooter exchanged fire with a school resource officer, trained, armed deputy sheriff, Cameron said. The shooter was wounded; the officer was not. All three students are in critical condition.

UPDATE: Local authorities report the shooter has died.

Parkland students are responding.

  • Unbordered American

    I’m sad that I’m no longer surprised when I wake up and read about a school shooting in the U.S. I guess this is the new normal. 🙁

  • clay

    The difference between a long gun and hand guns– only when shooters use hand guns do the “resource officers” (i.e. arresting security guards) have a chance.

    • Rambie

      You know the NRA is going to harpy that it was the “good guy with a gun” who stopped this so quickly. I can hear the “More guns” chants now.

      • Lizard

        My first thought as well.

        • Freda Hamblin

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      • Tulle Christensen

        So using NRA logic since a good guy with a pistol stopped a bad guy with a pistol, we should arm the resource officers with AR-15s so they can stop bad guys with AR-15s


        • Rambie

          Please, don’t give them ideas.

          • Hank

            They do not need any ideas. THAT is INDEED their GOAL!!!!

        • Kruhn

          They’re actually going to point out that this happened in Maryland, which has somewhat sensible gun laws, instead of Virginia where there are barely any gun laws, while overlooking that the school is barely an hour away by car from the King George, in rural Virginia. Look for it, ladies and gentlemen.

        • lymis

          Gun emplacements in the corridors. The only way to be sure.

        • Frostbite

          Can we do this, put all these fools together in an arena, and let them just obliterate each other?

      • safari

        They were also happen when only two dozen people were mowed down at a church before a good guy with a gun shot back.

        • JustDucky

          I mean, the “bad guy with a gun” had actually already finished shooting up the church and was leaving the building before the “good guy with a gun” even got there, though.

          “Willeford heard the commotion and ran outside with his gun as Kelley was leaving the church.

          ‘He saw me and I saw him. I was standing behind the pickup truck for cover.'”

          And that’s the example the NRA points to because it’s the best they’ve got.

      • Bad Tom

        Good guy with a gun against someone NOT armed with an AR-15.

      • Ninja0980

        They already are.

      • Octoberfurst

        I am sure the ammosexuals are all masturbating right now over the fact that a “good guy with a gun” stopped the shooter. They’ll be ranting about how they were right all along. >sigh<

    • Do Something Nice

      I’ve been told that unless one is at close range, it is pretty difficult to kill someone with a pistol.

      • Rambie

        Accuracy at range is why long guns (rifles) were invented and the reason no short-barrel sniper rifle.

        • Lizard

          It’s not just accuracy. Pistols have a much lower exit velocity than long guns, which means they apply less force and do less damage. The further away, the less damage. It takes a much further distance to be nonlethal with a long gun.

          • Paula

            They use great mass and larger caliber bullets to do their damage.

      • Joe in Wyo

        That’s very true. I do have a couple of pistols and can’t hit the broad side of a barn with them unless I’m really close and then it’s touch and go.

      • Paula

        That’s true. Most people couldnt engage a target at 25 feet or further.

      • lymis

        In the military, I was formally trained in small arms use. Speaking from personal experience, it’s pretty tough to hit a stationary target with much accuracy when you’re new at it.

        Hitting one that’s both moving AND shooting back would be one hell of a lot harder. Opening up into a crowd where you don’t care who you hit, is, of course, much easier to manage – since the effective target is so much bigger.

  • Do Something Nice

    More guns will solve this problem. Same with our opioid crisis. We need more. Lots more.

    • Unbordered American

      We have a president that feels the death penalty is warranted for drug pushers but says willy-nilly about the shooters. I guess the drug cartel needs to up their contributions.

      • Bad Tom

        I had the very same thought. Drug Pushers Lobby:

        DPL, Inc., 735 K Street, Washington, DC.
        Registered Lobbyists

        That would get results!

  • Todd20036

    This will be the norm until we get machine guns away from civilians. Shootings will still occur, but if we can get automatics out of circulation, if we can get guns registered and traced, if we can get guns away from mentally ill people, maybe we can get the number of shootings and victims to drop substantially

    • Bad Tom

      This was apparently a handgun, which is why it wasn’t a mass shooting.

      But a student shouldn’t have access to a handgun, either.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    What kind of gun was it?

    • Tatonka

      Since the shooter “pulled out a gun,” I’m assuming it was a handgun of some kind.

      • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

        And a student was hit by “a bullet” instead of twelve.

        • Unbordered American

          BIG distinction, isn’t it? But will the mainstream media cover the significance? My bet is NO.

          • Rambie

            No, they’ll let the NRA on TV to harpy (intended) about how it was the resource officer aka “Good Guy with a Gun” who stopped the shooter and that more guns is the answer.

        • Max_1

          Yeah I suppose that is a relief. To think that 12 bullets flying down a hallway is scarier than one bullet flying down the hallway…

          • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

            Twelve bullets per student. I would assume more firepower is actually scarier. I’ve never been in the situation.

          • The_Wretched

            Um, it does matter if it’s 1 or 12. the number of likely fatalities isn’t the same.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      Does it matter. It was a gun that throws lead at people with the sole intent of doing harm kind of gun, ya know, the only kind of gun.

      • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

        Yes, it does matter, when you’re talking about banning AR-15s, which maybe we, er, have a shot at. Banning all guns isn’t going to happen.

        • Max_1

          Let the normalization of guns in schools begin of one bullet is preferable to 12. I hope you are capable of differentiating the difference between a ban and control. We may want to ban AR style weapons… But in America we do need to control who has access to guns.

      • sdnative1958

        Every single tiny little detail matters to the pro-gun crowd. If it’s not an AK or similar, they’ll state those type of weapons don’t need to be banned Because Great Mills. Focus needs to be on where/how the perp obtained the gun.

  • bkmn

    The kids are not going to back down.

    • David Walker

      Nor should we. Saturday, probably at a location near you, there will be a demonstration. March for our Lives. Their site lists all of the demonstration locations. You don’t have to be a high school student to participate.

      • kareemachan

        There will be where I live – which is a small community far away from the latest shootings. And we held a Walkout as well, which the principals and superintendent of our school district attended.

        • David Walker

          Yes! Good for all of you. Thank you for telling us.

    • Bad Tom

      Every new shooting will urge them on. It’s their lives at stake.

  • vtdave

    Queue the thoughts and prayers! Thanks NRA…quick get to the school and sell some guns!

    • Max_1

      To think thoughts and prayers stopped anything…

      • Unbordered American

        They stop action and that’s about it.

        • David Walker

          But, see…that’s vital. Why if people took action…
          (March for our Lives…this Saturday)

      • charemor

        But they make our politicians feel good.

  • Max_1
  • Lars Littlefield

    From the overhead shot of the school it appears it’s in the center of trailer park country.

    • Unbordered American

      The NRA and their guns don’t discriminate.

  • joe ho

    “Democrats’ 2018 midterm hopes strengthened by decline of liberal ‘purity tests’
    Why liberals’ newfound love of pragmatism over purity is bad news for Trump and the GOP.”

    The usual pattern. After 8 years of Dem rule, the far-left gets greedy, forgets how horrible GOP rule is, sabotages Dem candidates with purity tests. When GOP regains power, far-left sobers up and becomes more pragmatic. Meanwhile, massive damage has been done to progressive causes. Why we can’t have nice things.

    • CanuckDon

      Unfortunately, the only ones who seem to understand this very predictable pattern are the GOP. They rely on it.

      • Bad Tom

        The GOP engages in it too. That is why power shifts back and forth like a pendulum.

        • Joe in PA

          True…but they were more clever about it…making it more difficult to swing back by gerrymandering.

          • Bad Tom

            Oh, yes. They are more than pleased to cheat.

            But they don’t understand the danger of purity tests anymore than we do. Just look at the Tea Party.

          • sdnative1958

            Excellent points being made above – thank you!

          • Joe in PA

            Yup. After I typed my first comment, I thought I should have added “Citizens United” in to the mix. Constitutional amendment?

    • Jonty Coppersmith

      There are at least one or two here who clearly have not sobered up. One was posted earlier today that we should vote all Dems out of office.

    • lymis

      I am NOT one of those “They’re all alike” idiots. A Clinton Presidency would have been infinitely better than a Trump Presidency.

      But, it wouldn’t have been a Clinton Presidency in a country aware of how bad things would be under Trump. If we hadn’t gotten both houses of Congress as well, she’d have been able to do less than Obama – we might even STILL have an open SCOTUS seat, for example, and we’d be on Benghazi hearing Round 23. And all the bots and Mercers and Breitbart and Russian influence would likely still be going on trying to undercut it – and the midterms would have been a bloodbath, and she’d likely have been a one-term president.

      The damage under Trump will take a generation or more to fix, but it’s possible that the Democrats in this country might stay more mobilized to watch out in the future.

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    March this Saturday. Join the kids. Look up the one in your area. They need us.

  • Max_1
  • Bad Tom

    The fact the shooter did not have an assault style rifle is why Great Mills, bad as it is, isn’t another mass murder tragedy.

    • Joe in PA

      Of course…but do you think that’s how this will play out? We MUST hammer that home!

    • Bambino

      NRA: See! Assault rifles are not the problem!

      • Bad Tom

        Flip that script:

        The kid DID NOT have an assault rifle; that’s why he couldn’t commit mass murder.

        Ban assault rifles.

        • Hugh Jassman

          THIS! ^

  • Kevin Andrews

    The insanity in America increases by the moment.

  • You know, in a civilized country, the parents would be marching on Annapolis as we speak shouting for the Governor’s head.

  • hdtex

    Thoughts and prayers to Dana Loesch who is CLEARLY the real victim here…..

    • kareemachan

      At least in her own teeny-tiny almost-nonexistant mind.

    • Hugh Jassman

      I’ll get my father’s love and approval when I pry it from his cold, dead fingers…oh wait…wrong issue.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    The NRA is a death cult.
    Hey, hey NRA
    How many guns did you sell today!?

  • David Walker

    The March for our Lives website had a list of sibling marches, but now that there are AT LEAST 830 marches WORLDWIDE, you need to put in your zip code to find the one closest to you. When you look at the page, notice how many marches are taking place in Canada and Europe. Thank you all so much. Here’s where to storm the Bastille in your area.

    • Danieruw

      There’s even one in Mauritius!

  • bkmn

    O/T – but relevant to earlier FB convos. If they could monetize it they did.

    • Unbordered American

      I don’t understand why anyone is surprised. Accurate personal information is gold to marketers. GOLD!

      • lymis

        On a free website, if you’re not the paying customer, you’re the product that’s being sold – to someone.

    • Mike C

      Honestly how did people think free access to service that thrives on you voluntarily sharing personal information on a daily basis (MULTIPLE times a day) was able to stay in business?

    • Bambino

      These apply to almost all apps we download to our computers and handheld devices. Its easy for users to click agree for all the free apps developers offer. Of course they are not free. You are selling personal info in exchange for games and functional apps. Users have no clue how invasive these app developers were once you said yes. How easily a young Mark Zuckerberg became a billiinaire overnight banking on the naivety of his users. A technology that was not bound by the archaic laws and still playing catch up.

    • MaryJOGrady

      I’ve been jacking with Facebook data algorithms for years. Judging by the ads they send me, they think I am a middle-aged gay black man.

  • JWC

    the common equation through all this is the free access to guns and by unbalanced gunmen

    • Natty Enquirer

      The Second Amendment has become a sham. There is no way “the people” can amass enough firepower to repel the Federal government (until WalMart starts selling nukes.) It is an excuse to perpetuate the gun trade and crime, which keep law enforcement and their private contractors in the green.

      • JWC

        The second amendment has been so twisted and convoluted over time and a lot to the efforts of the NRA . It has been over analysed by not what it says so much but by what it doesn’t say In that the twist and different interpretation I would cautiously suggest that as the constitution is some 242 years old parts of it are no longer relevant and other subject not addressed Contrary to what the average American believes it was NOT written by Jesus and should be subject to revision as other countries do

  • David Walker

    My apologies, but the Parkland students have given me a hope I haven’t felt in a long, long time. I guess it’s what used to be the activist in me.
    Anyway, I suggested that you look up the event near you, but I hadn’t played with the world map they provide. Embiggen it, zoom out, be impressed. Saying “830 marches” is one thing…seeing where they are pretty much exhausts me. Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Viet Nam, Japan…Iceland, for chrissake! Be part of the change.
    A couple of days ago, the discussion briefly turned to Cass Elliott. I posted this with the comment that I really thought it might happen…I’d really hoped it would happen.
    Well, maybe.

  • Kevin Perez

    .. sending in the thinking and praying package. Someone else needs to handle the Grief Councillors part.

  • Friday’s_cat

    Whoever let the shooter get a firearm should be arrested and charged with attempted murder.

    • Karl Dubhe

      Negligent homicide.

    • lymis

      Along with whoever manufactured it.

  • JustDucky
  • Ninja0980

    I’m glad the death toll wasn’t higher but the good guy with a gun story will be harped here even though it was a trained professional and the shooter didn’t have a gun that could fire hundreds of rounds in two minutes.

  • charemor

    Related to this, I am disgusted that when students walked out in protest last week, many were disciplined by their schools for doing so. I guess a lot of school officials are as concerned about gun violence as our Congressmen.

    • Friday’s_cat

      Given how most Americans are enamoured of Ambulance chasers school administrators didn’t want to be on the hook for liability if something were to happen to demonstrating students.

      • MaryJOGrady

        Many students simply walked out into school hallways or stayed on their campuses for 17 minutes, all over the country

    • Brendan Denehy

      I was pleased to see that many colleges made it clear that disciplinary action related to last week’s walk out would not impact college acceptance.

    • MaryJOGrady

      The ACLU announced in advance that they would help with that.

    • Richard Schneider

      No disciplinary measures here. But a guy in my town is kinda bent about that: “Regardless how much time was left before the bell rang, the teacher forced all kids to leave her class! My daughter was in class and was forced to leave before the bell rang! […] They should have been in class until the bell rang!” Fact is the walkout was at 10:00, and the bell rang on sched at 10:02.

  • Paula

    They are reporting that the shooter has died.

    • Friday’s_cat

      Betting his parents are regretting not buying that gun safe.

      • E.J.

        You’re assuming they are still alive

  • Ninja0980
  • Mihangel apYrs

    Meh, barely worth mentioning, no dead, only three wounded . . . .

    headbang . . .

    • fedupmd

      Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

      • Mihangel apYrs

        It’s called irony – that’s nothing to do with shirts by the way.

        It’s generated by despair at the continual slaughter of innocents by other young, disturbed people in US schools, and the general bloodbath happing in the USA

  • Steverino

    No mention of Trump waddling into the school to take down the shooter?

  • MaryJOGrady

    I’m marching against gun violence here in Albuquerque on Saturday.
    I’m sure many of the beloved commentariat will be doing the same, wherever you are.

  • Rich


    • Pucks yer Mackd

      Can we at least now discuss gun control because of Florida? It has been a few weeks. We won’t discuss Maryland.

  • A week ago many of these kids were protesting for gun control. This has to stop. #Enough

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Fuck you very much. It didn’t them long, did it?

  • MoonlightUnkindledOne

    Good response for those who say “You’ll take my guns from my cold dead hands”: Really? You’ll volunteer to sacrifice yourself so people won’t die? I mean, better you than everyone else. No? Then I guess you’re just spineless wannabe heroes who are okay with people dying cause your fantasy and hobby is more important to you than the lives of people. So, please, spare everyone your thoughts and prayers and go fuck yourselves.
    -Harsh, yes. Sarcastic? No.