Schiff Demands Inquiry Into Trump Data Firm [VIDEO]

The Guardian reports:

US congressional investigators want the head of data firm Cambridge Analytica to testify again before their committee, under subpoena if necessary, after a whistleblower claimed the company exploited Facebook and received millions of people’s profiles that were taken without authorisation.

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, called for the company to be “thoroughly investigated” and said Facebook must answer questions about how it came to provide private user information to an academic with links to Russia.

Schiff said: “Reports that an American professor with links to Russia was at the centre of this illicit transfer of information raises further questions, which the committee must investigate. Despite our request, and as set out in our status report, the committee has not had the opportunity to talk with numerous Cambridge Analytica personnel who may have knowledge of this and other issues – they must now be brought in for interviews.”

The Hill reports:

Schiff told ABC’s “This Week” that the ties the firm has to Russian groups and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange need to be investigated, and complained that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are preventing his panel from doing so.

Schiff said an investigation should focus on “that misappropriate information used by this digital arm of the Trump campaign to manipulate American voters, and of course the links between Cambridge Analytica and Julian Assange.”

Schiff charged that the CEO of the firm has reached out to Assange in the past and that there are links between the firm and a Russian oil company that wanted information about reaching American voters.

  • bkmn

    Good, more attention for the attention-adverse Robert Mercer.

    • Randy503

      The NY Times made it their lead story in the Sunday paper — can’t get any more attention that that!

      He and his daughter should be pooping their pants. When the Democrats take over the House in the fall, there will be investigations and subpoenas. I, for one, would like to know what sort of cultural war they think they are engaged in.

  • Gustav2

    Cambridge (Mercer) Analytica

    • Prost Seattle

      If you’re going to reach Republicans, reach around, don’t over reach. Just sayin’.

  • Hank

    These “people” are like Charles Lindbergh, who with his fame, was enamored and supported Hitler!!! Now it is the Russians and anything for Money and/or Power!!!

    • The dirty little secret of American history (well one of them anyway) is that most people in power or influence in the 1930s at least briefly were involved with either communist or fascist groups. After WW2 the communists were all persecuted, even those whose connections had been brief and insignificant. There was no such reckoning for the fascists, and there were a LOT of them.

  • Acronym Jim

    We should have known this was a problem as soon as they started going after FusionGPS. They ALWAYS accuse the other side of that of which they are guilty.

    • Barry William Teske


    • prixator

      They ALWAYS accuse the other side of that of which they are guilty.

      I think that’s now part of their party platform.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Good. Wonderful. Excellent. Keep pushing forward, sooner or late the Oligarch wall will crack and the their misdeeds will come flooding in.

  • Kevin Andrews

    The Guardian UK has a couple of great pieces on this Facebook hack and why it is so very important to the US Citizens and election security.

    • Prost Seattle

      I’m not on Facebook, I never have been. With all that has occurred in the very recent past, why are progressives still on there?

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    The rich people need serious (not wrist slappy) jail time because we need to deter those assholes from doing this.

    • Niblet58

      ASSET SEIZURES!!!! That’s what is needed.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        Or at least bleed them dry by forcing them to get a team of attorneys to keep them out of jail. In any case, it has to hurt them on some level.

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Y’want an inquiry into Cambridge Analytica? Here y’go, ready to read.

    (“Eeeeeeee, but noooooo, but eeeeeee, I hafta be on Fecebook, all my fwiends are on Fecebook; I play Farmtown on Fecebook, how will my extended family stay in touch with me if I’m not on Fecebook, eeeeeeeee!”)

    • Prost Seattle


  • Barry William Teske

    I’m so angry about this.
    But I will not respond with violence.
    That being said, unless people of the world have not heard the whole story yet…
    Damn it, drag the Facebook greed meisters in there once more.

    Something does not compute.

    • Barry William Teske

      Oh and then Facebook…
      Go away.
      Just go away.

  • If either the House or the Senate gets a Democratic majority this November, they have to investigate all of this and let the chips fall where they may even if that means inconveniences their donors or even Democratic officeholders. They didn’t do that after the 2006 takeover and look where we are now. this has to all be dragged out into the daylight or 4-6 years later we’ll be facing even worse. (I know, I can’t imagine worse, but I also couldn’t imagine this. That’s bout the limits of my imagination, not because it can’t be worse.)