MONTANA: Newly Filed Green Party Candidate In US Senate Race Was Recently On State GOP Payroll

The Associated Press reports:

A man who registered as a Green Party candidate for Montana’s U.S. Senate race was on the state Republican Party’s payroll and heads a newly formed anti-tax group, according to a review of election documents. Timothy Adams filed as a challenger Monday against Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, who faces a tough re-election campaign, in a race where a Green Party candidate could siphon votes from the Democrat.

Adams’ name and phone number is the same as the treasurer of Montanans Against Higher Taxes, a group formed to oppose a legislative referendum on the ballot this fall for a 10-year property tax extension for the state’s university system. Adams also is accusing the pro-ballot referendum committee of campaign finance violations in a complaint filed with the Commissioner of Higher Practices last month. In that complaint, he lists the same phone number and a home address in Bozeman.

In his Senate filing, Adams listed a post office box as his address. A local Green Party official appears to be unfamiliar with Adams but says they can’t stop candidates from filing to run under their name.

  • Mike Solo

    Maybe he had a change of heart…. and maybe there will be a new Ferrari in my garage when I go home.

    • Tulle Christensen

      I am hoping for a Maserati

      • Mike Solo

        I’ll take a Ford Fiesta at this point, my Spanish hatchback is getting on a little bit.

    • Acronym Jim

      Maybe there was a new Ferrari in Adams’ garage when he got home.

      • JCF


    • Todd20036

      What color would you like?

      • northern_neighbour

        Anything but Green … a horrid shade for a 200K car … although I think I’ll be living without multimillionaire toys of that ilk.

    • Well I’m guessing you actually have a garage. So technically, it’s more likely that there will be a new Ferrari when you go home.

  • Kruhn

    It’s starting again! Expect more shenanigans as we get closer to Election Day. I suggest The Democrats should do the same favor and run someone as a Libertarian.

    • northern_neighbour

      The Libertarian, then, in PA-18 may perhaps be seen as having done Connor Lamb a favour, since he attracted about 1379 votes (0.6%) whereas the gap separating Lamb from Rick Saccone was only 627. One thinks that a lot of those votes might have otherwise gone to the GOP asshole who by 0.3% is losing at this point.

      There are still mail in and overseas ballots still to count by sometime next week, but probably Lamb will survive, although if a Judge can be persuaded to order a recount as is wanted by grimy/sleazy SaccO-shit Prick that will put a big monkey spanner delay into getting Lamb seated.

      Every SINGLE VOTE will be CRUCIAL on November 6th 2018. (And not just in this corner of PA.)

    • njguy54

      They’ll try every dirty trick in the book, plus they’ll make up some new ones.

    • Nic Peterson

      Or a Nazi, or both. Why not split the GOP vote three ways. IF they could find an evangelical minister with a predilection for pederasty, it could be split four ways.

    • JCF

      Form a God, Guns & Guts Party, and run someone on that.

  • Tulle Christensen

    “Adams but says they can’t stop candidates from filing to run under their name” not much of a political party then is it.

    • cleos_mom

      Echoes of Tubby Tompkins and the NO GIRLS ALLOWED sign on his treehouse.

      • liondon#babydaddy

        More like Curly: I was victim of sworcumstaces.

    • Kenster999

      “Not much of a cheese shop, is it?”

  • Boreal

    In my CD, the local head of the green party has vilified dems for years: Both parties bullshit. The result is that no green could win here because the crossover votes from dems will not come since we have been told we suck for so many years and most dems after 2016 will not vote 3rd party. Yesterday a green jumped into the race. My only conclusion in our CD is that they want the repig to win since they cannot.

    • Ninja0980

      They want the Democratic Party to go far left and don’t give a damn if that allows horrible people like your Rep to remain in power.
      They are horrible selfish people just like Trump/Republican voters are.

      • Boreal

        Yup and I call them out regularly for it.

        • Ninja0980

          I do here as well.
          Fact is our Reps would likely be gone if not for them.

          • Boreal

            Here too. They are spoilers, siphoning off enough votes to keep electing repigs.

  • JustDucky

    I’m sure the Green Party will denounce him and run ads endorsing the Democratic candidate. After all, the Green Party has always been deeply responsible and motivated by the common good. Especially during presidential elections. /s

    • Todd20036

      Ever since Nader, I realized that the Green Party doesn’t really give a shit about much except being a monkey in the wrench

      • Friday

        Since Nader kind of lost his mind, there hasn’t *been* much of a Green party to speak of in the US. Back then they were at least *trying* not to spoil the damn election, though it unfortunately left Florida within cheating range.

        Certainly since the Democrats have been where to get more Green things *done,* with the exception of a few local races, perhaps, there’s been a lot of brain-drain in the Green Party, leaving it pretty much wide open for crackpots and now as we can see, total fakers.

        • JCF

          The Green Party organizing I did in Central PA in the mid-late 90s did so in an area where there quite literally was NO Democratic Party (I know I wouldn’t have worked w/ them if there had been!).

          • Friday

            Seriously, I *was* a Green and it made sense in Wisconsin on local elections sometimes. But for the Bush v Gore court case… I mean, election, no one was dumb enough to think actually playing spoiler was a good course of action. It was pretty official, anyway, ‘Do not spoiler in swing states. We’ll get the message out in Blue ones.”

    • Andymac3

      That burn is warming my tootsies.

  • marshlc

    You would think that “if you want to run under our name, you have to be endorsed by us” would be a basic rule of a political party. The entire point of political parties is that they are all people with the same basic aims and political philosophies.

    • cleos_mom

      But it’s in character. Despite the color in its name, this is the Turd In The Punchbowl Party if ever there was one.

    • MaryJOGrady

      In parliamentary systems, that is the rule. Candidates must be selected by their party in order to run on that ticket.
      Democrats have had problems in the past with La Rouche supporters running as Democrats.

      • TCinBerkeley

        Or Bernie Sanders, known Independent.

        • MaryJOGrady

          Sanders is running for re-election this November as an Independent. This, after his campaign staff claimed in 2016 that he was “a Democrat for life.”

  • justme

    republicans pretending to be Democrats.
    Haven’t we seen this tactic before??

  • justme

    Local Democratic groups need to vette their candidates closely

  • GeoffreyPS

    I have never understood why a candidate is allowed to say they are a running as a member of a party if the party doesn’t accept the candidate. It seems that if corporations have speech rights, shouldn’t the parties have freedom of association rights which includes the right to NOT associate with someone? We had a nutjob in my congressional district who ran for about 10 years under different party names including democrat, repulibcan, and libertarian. He was a general nuisance who never had a chance to get elected, but it doesn’t seem right that he should be able to say he’s a member of the club if the club doesn’t want him.

  • Moonbeam_Song

    I hope this information is circulated far, wide, and frequently during the race. There’s no reason voters shouldn’t be told over and over again that this person isn’t really a Green but just a GOP plant to sabotage the Democrat in the race.

  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    Somebody doesn’t like civilized society and thusly thinks they don’t have to pay for it.
    Somebody should show them the ocean…

    • northern_neighbour

      Yeah, if you don’t mind the mounting pollution out there, and just think of the vast freedom! Every little two-bit Pirate on a raft with his AK-15 and ready to fend off any abortions on his flotsam and kill anyone of colour who ventures within hailing distance.
      Local “democracy” writ large !!!

      Paradise for Deplorables!

      all /s. of course …

      • Barry William Teske

        Thank you for the reply.
        My bad as I should have said what I meant.
        I meant ‘door’.
        Show them the ‘door’.

  • DesertSun59

    There are precisely no examples of ‘Green Party’ candidates in the US who aren’t associated DIRECTLY with Russia.


  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    It’s almost like they have a secret underhanded plan.

  • Ninja0980

    “Adams but says they can’t stop candidates from filing to run under their name”
    Something tells me they wouldn’t even if they could given how they bash Democrats more then Republicans.

  • Hank

    The GOP did not stop Herr Drumpf from either running or giving him the nomination at the Convention! They knew what he was like and did NOT fight it. If they had ANY MORALS anymore, they would NOT fight to put the Dems in power to give a Check on the Madness of King Drumpf!!!

  • joe ho

    And Kremlin Jill was on Putin’s payroll.

  • joe ho

    And Bernie the parasite pretended to be a Democrat.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I believe the term is Mole.

  • JWC


  • andrew

    It’s not unusual for Green Party candidates to help “environmentally friendly” Republicans get elected.