One Million Moms Vs NBC’s Good Girls

Just in from hate group leader Monica Cole:

If possible, try to imagine the worst possible characteristics a mother could have and you have NBC’s newest program, “Good Girls.” The title could mislead parents, but with a TV-14 DLSV rating, you can be assured this will not be for family viewing.

The name of the show along with the age of the child cast members will attract young viewers. The content in this program and in its commercials is inappropriate and will send the wrong message to America’s youth. Offensive content in the program includes: thief, laundering drug money, murder, affairs, sexual dialogue, alcohol abuse, foul language, and attempted rape.

Almost every scene is filled with sexual innuendos, implications, or encounters. It is impossible to list them all, so here are a few scenes from the show: The show opens with a mom on all fours on a table getting a Brazilian wax talking about her love life. The dad was performing what appears to be oral sex on his employee at work.

Then three moms break the law by committing a premeditated robbery after they drop their kids off at school! One child actor is playing the part of a gender non-binary tween. That was in the first few minutes! This vile content should not be on television, let alone primetime.

Take Action: Please use the information we have provided to contact Outback and ask they pull their financial support from “Good Girls” immediately.

  • Pip

    Shouldn’t that be Theft, not Thief. Or maybe they meant Thieves? Or A Thief? But it is about three of them, so… I’m guessing they just couldn’t see through their self righteous rage enough to type out the correct thing.

  • One Million Moms: Granny panties on turbo-bunch.

  • BeaverTales

    Unlike Ms. Cole, I don’t devote my life to the whole “censorship for being chronically offended” business. What does “TV-14 DLSV” mean?

    • Lizard

      Not suitable for viewers under 14, I think.

      • Lori

        Yes. The letters indicate that it has suggestive dialogue, strong language, sex & violence.

      • BeaverTales

        That is late puberty. I guessed that 14 was an age restriction. I was wondering more what content is so dangerous for pubertal and pre-pubertal kids that prompted the FCC to get involved?

        I could easily ask Google, but hoped someone could just put it in simple terms that a 14 year old’s fragile brain could understand.

        • Lizard

          Pay no attention to ratings. They don’t mean much of anything anymore. It has to do almost entirely with language and sexual content and very little to do with actual theme.

  • MT YVR

    … I’d NEVER have looked at this but they sure as hell made me interested enough to look at the trailer. So… thanks?

  • ceeenbee

    • Good Girls
    • Target
    • Starbuck’s
    • Disney

    . . . but, not the nra.

    Tells you what the six women that comprise the million moms really think is important.

    • Lizard

      Six? I think you overestimate their resources.

      • pj

        yeah. only takes one to express this much outrage

  • iambu

    *wakes up in a daze after fainting*

    Monica! Shame! I need a trigger warning if you intend to eschew those godly asterisks and hyphens! ADULTS could be reading!

  • Tomcat

    They are going to just love Mary Kills People.

    • pj

      wait…mary poppins?

      • pj

        i knew there was a dark side

  • AtticusP

    These people should just stop watching the TeeVee.

    Problem solved!

  • another_steve

    Oh fuck that shit.

    So here is our rescued Eastern Box Turtle, “Friday.” Named after the day of the week that my husband rescued her, injured, from the bulldozers clearing the woods behind his childhood home in New Jersey.

    In 1955.

    Still with him (now with us).

    Enjoying looking at her reflection.

    • Lizard

      Wow. Even for a box turtle, she’s quite elderly.

      • another_steve

        Actually, they’ve been known to live for a hundred years or longer.

        She was fully grown when my husband rescued her.

        • Lizard

          I thought they lived around 50 years.

          Well, may she live a long while yet. I’ve heard they’re great pets.

    • KevInPDX

      A bud I fly fish with has a box turtle from his childhood family farm in CT . Little guy was in rough shape from being plowed up. 60 years ago. Grew up to be a proper sized Eastern Box. Currently shacked up with a rescue bog turtle in central MN.

    • gothambear

      i love that thank you

    • Here’s hoping for many more happy years for all three of you.
      Last summer I found a box turtle laying eggs in my backyard which was absolutely incredible to see. I put up makeshift fencing with holes large enough to allow the hatchlings (which, I’m sorry to say, I never did see) to escape but big enough to keep the area from being disturbed.

  • Tawreos

    If only TVs had multiple channels and off buttons so they wouldn’t be forced to watch shows they don’t approve of

    • iambu

      It can be confusing when you keep your vibrator next to the remote.

      • Ben in Oakland

        Even worse when your vibrator IS the remote.

        • anne marie in philly


        • Other Michael

          But changing the channels is great Kegel exercise!

    • David Walker

      “…with a TV-14 DLSV rating, you can be assured this will not be for family viewing.” That’s what rating systems are for, you stupid money grubber. It’s why god gave you ratings, since you were bitching about it forever.

      By the way, Oddly Malevolent Monica, the bible really should have a parental warning sticker on it. Have you ever read it?

  • Pollos Hermanos
  • HZ81

    “If possible, try to imagine the worst possible characteristics a mother could have…”

    She means “black.”

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I watched the show, and while I think Monica has more than a screw loose, I was actually disappointed in it. Sadly, that means it will probably be cancelled (unless the writing gets better) and if it does, they’ll claim victory. Shame, because given the economic reality of many Americans, the premise is rather provocative.

    BTW, I know I’m O/Ting a lot, but damn there’s a shitload of stupid going on today…to wit…

  • AtticusP
  • JCF

    It’s gotten good reviews. I’ve recorded it to watch later…

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      I found it m’eh, that said I’ll wait for the next couple episodes to see if it finds its feet. Then again, like all things entertainment, it’s subjective; I hope you enjoy it. I certainly find the premise very timely.

  • Offensive content in the program includes: thief, laundering drug money, murder, affairs, sexual dialogue, alcohol abuse, foul language, and attempted rape.

    Sure their not watching the White House?

    • Gretchen

      It’s not really those things that bother them. It’s the “gender non-binary” tween that gets their panties in a bunch.

  • clay

    “try to imagine the worst possible characteristics a mother could have…”

    Monica, I’ve lived a real life and read real newspapers– none of your waxing, being left out of an affair, theft and money laundering even crack the top five. How about beating your kid, starving your kid, abandoning your kid, ignoring a healthy education for your kid, pimping your kid, poisoning your kid, and killing your kid?

    And, please, enlighten me, how does your husband having an affair or someone trying to rape you reflect badly on your mothering?

    Oh, I get it, you’re in this for scaring money out of people afraid their kids will/have grow up and away, but, in the meanwhile, you’re sending some actually destructive messages.

  • JWC

    heres one for you if a “Miyawn Moms” lead such perfect lives lets do a documentary on them ..or was that Sordid lives

  • 🐾vorpal🐾

    Oh, good! Another show to check out.
    I was feeling a bit of a drought recently.

  • Joe

    Always fun to read what 50 Moms, a xerox machine and an internet connection are up to.

    • Renfield

      50? Maybe 3.

  • Cuberly Deux

    YAY! She’s back to her titilating descriptions! She must have had a fall off of subscribers when she decided she wasn’t going to describe the “vileness”any more. Wasn’t exactly fiddling the bean worthy material…..

    Now she’s back to talibanjelical dime store romance noveling it….oh how I missed her descriptions…..

    • Lori

      Shouldn’t that 2nd one be “Laird of the Hissy Fit”?

  • Ben in Oakland

    Well, if you really want to imagine the worst possible characteristics a mother could have, there is…

    Mommy Dearest.
    Hansel and Gretl.
    The lion in winter.
    One million moms.

  • Nelson Kerr

    How much are the “million” moms paid to promote this program

  • me myself and I

    thief, laundering drug money, murder, affairs, sexual dialogue, alcohol abuse, foul language, and attempted rape: this sounds like it’s right out of the Donald Trump playbook

  • Tempus Fuggit

    gender non-binary

    Made ya say it!

  • bkmn

    How would Monica Cole know what a man having oral sex would look like?

  • Del Sam

    YAY! Another great tv show suggestion courtesy the one dozen moms

  • Talisman
  • ETownCanuck

    I love when they do this, if it weren’t for them I would never have discovered how entertaining “Claws” and “The Guest Book” were. Now I’m gonna have to check this one out as well.

  • ‘Til Tuesday
  • Henry Auvil

    Wait. This cretin knows what a “a gender non-binary tween” is? What filth has she been reading? She should be banned!!!

  • anne marie in philly

    tell ya what, one miserable mom, on the night that this show airs, turn off the tv, find some online porn, and grab your vibrator. and pull the stick from outta yer ass while you’re going at it!

  • Renfield

    I gotta watch Good Girls! It sounds great!

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    Monica and the four other sad white ladies might find it helpful to ask themselves what St. Phyllis would do: She would fix her hair, put on a fresh, pretty apron and get her lady behind straight into her kitchen and fix a hot, delicious meal for her husband!

  • Southeast PDXer

    Here’s an idea. DON’T FUCKING WATCH IT. Morons.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    It’s because of the sexuality of the young girl otherwise the One Million Moms would be ok with it. If there is anything that has a LGBTQ person in it, they want to boycott it-99% of the time.

  • Jay Silversmith

    Now I can’ WAIT to watch it.

  • Boreal

    Take Action:
    Be a fucking parent.

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Offensive content in the program includes (…) sexual dialogue, Almost every scene is filled with sexual innuendos. The dad was performing what appears to be oral sex on his employee at work

    FAKE NEWS! If this were a real One Dozen Moms press release, it would have said “s*xual dialogue, almost every scene is filled with s*xual innuendos. The dad was performing what appears to be oral s*x on his employee at work”.

    And another thing: where are the rageful demands in re violence? Anything even hinting at the notion that there’s a thing called sex sends these overheated godbots to fetch their clutchin’ pearls, but not a peep out of them in re any amount of bloody gore—to put it in their language, no violation of Thou Shalt Not Kill gets them spun up for jeeziz.

    • coram nobis

      “Filled with sexual innuendos.” As opposed to the White House, where they’re right up front about it, no innuendo. Grab the pussy, shitholes, moved like a bitch. Not the same as “fourscore and seven years ago” but c’est la mode.

  • DanimalChgo

    “try to imagine the worst possible characteristics a mother could have and you have…” Oh wait, I know! You have “One Million Moms”!!

  • ladycat713

    Fuck them. I watched ,liked and will watch again.

  • Ann Kah

    “…should not be on television…”

    Oh c’mon, it’s a lot more family-friendly than the stuff on the news.

  • SDG

    Thanks One Million Moms. I use them for TV show recommendations!

    • SinfulJosh

      Agreed, there have been some great shows I never would have known about had it not been for OMM

  • The Candle Man

    I think OMM watches wayyyyyyyyyy to much television. Shouldn’t they all be at Bible study learning how to stone people???