Parkland Students Launch #WhatIf Campaign [VIDEO]

The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reports:

After 17 people were killed in a mass shooting at their school, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are launching a social media campaign to raise awareness and pressure Congress to act on gun control. They are encouraging students across the country to create and share their own videos using #WhatIf and #NeverAgain.

Students will then participate in the March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, March 24.

The movement’s website says “the kids and families of March For Our Lives will take to the streets of Washington, D.C. to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today.” Other March For Our Lives events are planned in cities across the country for that same day.

  • Those are actually pretty good.
    These kids are NOT FUCKING AROUND!

    • j.martindale

      The last time I saw unburnished idealism in America was when Obama was sworn in the first time. The rethugs have managed to tarnish every effort in that regard since then.

      • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

        I think Obama’s swearing in was more tempered optimism, than it was unburninshed idealism. These kids are my peeps! Ya have to be a kid (inside or outside) to have this kind of idealism. It’s up to us not to let it be crushed.

    • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

      Do you know what else these kids have succeeded at this time, where all of the rest have failed? The media isn’t focusing on the shooter, it’s focused on them!

  • CanuckDon

    This is awesome. Young adults pulling back the curtains of the Rightwing.

  • How do you post or link these vids in Facebook?

    • Harveyrabbit

      Usually copy the URL/address of the video or originating website page and paste it into a Facebook entry. If it’s a commonly used website like Twitter or Youtube etc then it will show the original article/post/URL with details and a screenshot. If it’s from a much lesser known source then that might not happen.

    • KnownDonorDad

      Also, you can click the date in the tweet and it will take you to the originating page in Twitter.

      • Amanda B. Rekendwith

        Or send it to Manafort and have him translate it from a PDF to Word!

  • Kruhn

    I guess the shooter shot the wrong school and the NRA and their enablers messed with the wrong people. These kids are freaking awesome!!!! Let’s get behind them and push, people!

    FOR SANITY!!!!!!!

  • justme

    sure hopethey get sometrhing like this..

  • sisterfalconer

    I LOVVVVVE when they tell the rat bastards, “We will out live you.”


  • Mike C

    If this is what this generation is accomplishing at 15, 16 then I have so much hope for the future.

    • Chucktech

      I’d love to think that they are also riding a coattail of righteous anger among Americans who utterly disgusted after (yet another) theft of the 2016 election and the bitter fruit it has born.

      • ColdCountry

        Yup. This the culmination of a lot of events, and they are rising to the challenge.

      • Amanda B. Rekendwith

        It’s a Perfect Storm situation, I agree.

  • Lazycrockett

    Love the music

  • John Davis

    These kids don’t need the mainstream media; they are creating their own. (These spots will get wide coverage on the mainstream media anyway, but these kids don’t need it nor are they inclined to use it anymore.YouTube and Instagram and Twitter will be all they want and need for now, )

  • JoeMyGod

    Somebody on Twitter yesterday noted that gun-clingers will rue the day they challenged a generation born on the internet and highly-trained in the art of the sick burn.

    • KnownDonorDad
    • j.martindale

      They didn’t have a focus until now. It is terrific that they have found such a good cause and difficult issue. This has been a festering sore in America since the bell tower shooting in Texas. It is damned high time there was movement. Obama tried but failed in ’13, after Newtown.

      A generation with a good cause. Who would have thought?

      • Bluto

        No diss to Prez O but these kids are doing what he & no one else have been able to do. Remarkable!

        • Gerry Fisher

          As much as I love the guy, one of my biggest disappointments about Obama was his unwillingness to try to use the presidency in more of a community organizing role. He certainly had the background and skills to attempt to do more of this, but he constantly stopped short at asking others to pick up the “community organizing” ball and run with it. Every movement needs one—or a handful of—Evan Wolfsons. Folks who are laser focused on effective strategy and pursue it doggedly.

      • ColdCountry

        This was the time, and the event, that sparked. The time was right, and these amazing kids have taken up the torch.

        • EAP

          As a Millennial, I am super excited to see the momentum in this movement. Our generation tried to deal with this, but there were so many boomers and silent generation holdover clinging to money and power, and generation X sat around moping saying “that’s just how things are, it will never change.” Nothing gives me greater hope than seeing generation Z, kicking as an taking names.

          • JCF

            I’m pretty sure every generation says “our generation tried to deal w/ this”: I’m a (late) Boomer, and I know that’s true for me.

            The trick is to build on what previous generations have done, synergistically, and then add your own special zazz. For Generation Z, it’s obviously social media as automatic as breathing, and the cross-cultural/cross-natural unity that comes w/ it. In 2018 at 56, online I know people on every continent; that sure wasn’t true when I was 16!

            Go get ’em kids, we got your back (you know, as much as our aching bodies will allow. ;-/)

    • Gigi

      Emma González now has more than 1 million followers!

      • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

        I give you, the unleashed!

    • J Ascher

      Stephen King’s Carrie couldn’t unleash as much fury as these kids will!

    • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly


      Maybe we could give these kids a little boost each day?

      March For Our Lives
      -Cameron Kasky

    • Wisterley

      As one of them said last Sunday, they’ve grown up with the threat of gun violence looming over them. They’ve seen shootings at other schools all their lives and they’re not putting up with it any more.

  • Lazycrockett

    Rubio is gonna wish he drowned at that foam party.

    • JCF

      OK, I *finally* Googled just WTF this “Rubio Foam Party” thang was/is about. As fun as it is to speculate, the “photographic evidence” of same is INCREDIBLY weak (indeed, the only pic that could possibly be Rubio, is the one where the face is completely obscured!). The “Chippendales”-type dancer one? There’s no WAY Rubio was ever that buff!

  • Kevin Andrews

    These kids are (rightfully) on fire.

  • Chucktech

    Just awesome! These kids are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

    I do think that part of the reason for the phenomenal attention these kids are getting (not to mention, the actual threat they’re posing to gun-rimming lawmakers) is a benefit from the progressively “woke” reality based community in this country that is so angry and horrified by the grotesquerie that is the Donald Trump administration. I really think this is part of growing pressure cooker of a greater demand for a return of sanity and governing rectitude that, maybe, may bring nothing short of a radical sea change in November.

    At least, I’d certainly like to hope (and dream) so.

    • Reality.Bites

      When Brian Mulroney left office, his party was reduced from the largest majority in Canadian history to two seats out of 280 or so (the House of Commons increases with population).

      And really all he did to make us hate him was sing a duet with Ronald Reagan.

      What I’m basically saying is that any open seat that remains Republican is one seat too many.

      • Canadian Observer

        Well there were one or two (Airbus, tainted tuna etc.) scandals along the way, but him acting like a cabin boy hoping for a tip from the rich American tourist didn’t do anything to endear him to his subjects.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    They’ve effectively pissed off Gen Z and they are not even out of high school yet.

    Backing this kid movement 110%. Reap the whirlwind, bitches. They’re inspirational, and I’ll be dust in the graveyard before they’re done but it thrills the shit out of me to see their advocacy.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Starting to figure out who the Best People really are !

  • Meanwhile, the NRA continues to confirm it has completed its transformation into a terrorist organization.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    #WHATIF the image of Trump shown in the article pic really was the last thing you saw before dying on Fifth Avenue?

    • j.martindale

      I have a feeling that the young ones will not take no for an answer.

  • Mark

    As with any wild animal that is cornered and feels threatened, they come out fighting with no holds barred. This is the right wing and NRA right now. This is a fight though I feel they are destined to lose. But it will be ugly and it will be brutal.

  • Hank
    • ColdCountry

      I think it also speaks to the fact that, try as they might, this administration has not managed to totally destroy public schools.

  • misterjack

    OK, I take back every snarky comment I made in the past about the Youth of Today. These Florida kids are truly inspiring.

  • TrollopeReader

    I just heard the National Park Service says that the Washington spot is “already booked” and they won’t give them a permit … I would think that the Mall (if that is where they want) could hold several events / marches at one time?

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Dollars to donuts, a big fat republican was behind that decision.

    • Canadian Observer

      March without a permit… the optics of the police bashing young students marching for their own safety would be a major success in itself.

  • another_steve

    Out of the ashes – out of the horror – may yet come some good.

    • Reality.Bites

      The interesting thing is that this time the gunman lived. He’s going to have years till death to contemplate how he helped kill everything he stood for.

      • Tor

        I’m glad he’s alive, because I want psychologists to analyze him until they know how his brain works. The other murders who were killed are useless.

  • Bluto

    This group of feisty, articulate & determined teenagers are channeling the best of Joan.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Hey NRA, Republicans and Trumpanzees, this time it’s not going away or being forgotten. It’s clear that time is no longer on your side…

  • Gigi

    Emma González now has more than 1 million followers on Twitter!

    • Tor

      I see why we are all following her. Smart, to the point, and still a bit innocent. (after all she’s gone through)

      • Gigi

        I’m so impressed with Emma and the other survivors. The NRA has certainly met its match, which is why they’re running scared. They know change is coming. They’re not good with change, and they don’t want to lose their stranglehold on the WH and republican politicians.

  • Pip
  • Danieruw
  • JWC

    The GOP/NRA coalition had better worry these are not a force to be ignored

  • Michael

    I would say these kids are the final nail in the GOP coffin but November is a long, long ways away and It seems highly unlikely some other event isn’t going to happen to show just how out of touch the GOP is with the majority of Americans.

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    The NRA types are starting to sound like the Prop 8 people in their last days, grasping at straws and hurling insults in response to logical arguments.

  • Ninja0980

    These young people need to be sure everyone they know gets out and votes Democratic.
    Hearing from friends down there that while they’re active, so is the other side.

  • James

    #WHATIF we stopped treating the NRA like they are a branch of the government that sets policy.
    #WHATIF we brought back The Federal Assault Weapons Ban!

  • iambu

    We canNOT let these kids down again.

  • Wisterley

    These kids are fucking brilliant! Even their ads are better than the standard political crap. Whoever is doing the graphics and shooting is top-flight talent. Kudos.

  • narutomania

    What if … we lived in a country where AR-15 automatic assault rifles weren’t even manufactured, let alone legal.

  • JCF

    La-la-la-LOVE the use of Drumpf “I could shoot someone on Fifth Ave”, right after the “mental health screening” line!

    These kids. ZOMG, these kids… <3

  • JCF
  • Gerry Fisher

    Ya know, this is the first time since the marriage equality efforts that I felt a movement could actually move the political needle. Maybe the second time after #metoo, but this feels way more organized and sustainable than #metoo. In terms of affecting political change, BLM and the Occupy movements were/are weak, superficial and flash in the pan.

  • DrKoob

    Go get ’em! Sad that it takes our kids to knock some sense into this country.

  • UrsusArctos 🐻

    People who want to act like kids won’t get much done should check out this list of the age of some folks in 1776. There are plenty of under 30 year olds that we consider “Founding Fathers & Mothers”

    Deborah Sampson, 15
    James Armistead, 15
    Sybil Ludington, 15
    Joseph Plumb Martin, 15
    Peggy Shippen, 16
    Marquis de Lafayette, 18
    James Monroe, 18
    Charles Pinckney, 18
    Henry Lee III, 20
    Gilbert Stuart, 20
    John Trumbull, 20
    Aaron Burr, 20
    John Marshall, 20
    Nathan Hale, 21
    Alexander Hamilton, 21*
    John Laurens, 21
    Benjamin Tallmadge, 22
    Robert Townsend, 22
    George Rogers Clark, 23
    Gouveneur Morris, 24
    Betsy Ross, 24
    James Madison, 25
    Henry Knox, 25
    Thomas Lynch, Jr., 26^
    Edward Rutledge, 26^
    Isaiah Thomas, 27
    George Walton, 27*^
    John Paul Jones, 28
    Bernardo de Galvez, 29
    Thomas Heyward, Jr., 29^
    John Jay, 30
    Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 30
    Benjamin Rush, 30^