First Trans Recruit Enlists Since Court Rulings

The Hill reports:

The Pentagon confirmed Monday that a transgender person has signed a contract to the join the U.S. military for the first time since the ban on transgender recruits was lifted due to a court order. Maj. Dave Eastburn, a Pentagon spokesman, said that the contract was signed Friday and that the individual met all standards, including medical, to serve in the military.

Eastburn declined to comment on which branch of the military the recruit is joining. Several courts have prevented the ban from being enforced while lawsuits are pending. Because of those rulings, the Pentagon was required to begin accepting transgender recruits Jan. 1, as it had planned to before Trump’s ban.

  • Karl Dubhe

    Good luck. o7

  • Gigi

    O/T: Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Reportedly Thrown Off Flight For Being Drunk After CPAC Speech

    “O’Neill, who has become a fixture on Fox News…”

    • Nic Peterson

      Sitting in coach? Amateur!

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      Miss Noxie!

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    And nothing bad happened. Shocking.

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      Well it is getting cloudy at my house right now after a sunny morning

    • Nic Peterson

      Looks like it might snow. It’s about time….

  • Rebecca Gardner

    This is not a complex issue. A human being wishes to serve their country. Human being meets all military standards. Military welcomes human being. It’s just that fucking easy!

    Also, will batshit crazy Elaine Donnelly being speaking out about this? She’s been really quiet lately.

    • Nic Peterson

      Elaine would attend the opening of an envelope. Maybe that’s keeping her busy.

    • peacfulseas inWA

      Every citizen should be required to serve the country in some capacity bone spur or not. Sit at a fucking desk licking envelopes. A extremely few of the big mouths have ventured out of their cities. They have no concept of the world around them other than listening to who hates the same people they do.

    • JCF

      Dayum, Becca, that is NOT a name I needed to hear of ever again!

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