US Figure Skating Team Wins Bronze Medal [VIDEO]

NPR reports:

U.S. figure skaters won the bronze medal in the team event on Monday, in an action-packed tournament that saw Mirai Nagasu land a historic jump – and in which Adam Rippon and other Americans showed they’re in fine form at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The final results on Monday mirrored the tally from the qualifying rounds one day before: Canada took gold, followed by the Russians and the U.S. team.

Nagasu became the first U.S. woman to land a triple axel in Olympic competition, in a powerful performance that brought a score of 137.53 points — a new personal best, according to the U.S. Figure Skating Association. Rippon dazzled the crowd at the Gangneung Ice Arena; after his skate was over, he clapped his hands to his face as if to take in a special moment. It was the only hint that he had felt the intense pressure to deliver for his team and his country on an Olympic stage.

  • Bluto

    Full Rippon program here. I’ve never been a huge skating fan but this man is a joy to watch. (scroll down)

    • David Walker

      Thank you for the link.

  • Leo

    As discussed last night Adam was #1 WW Twitter trend mostly b/c of the new scoring system. Points too for the request for Xanax in the interview.

    Anyways, the skating associations want to return to late 90s glory by incentivizing risk but if you can’t do a clean skate because you’re attempting quads the whole time and failing I don’t see the fucking point.

    Presentation doesn’t matter anymore and it’s huge turn-off. I miss the days of Boitano and Kwan.

  • Halou


  • TampaZeke

    And in the process the judges completely fucked Rippon, who skated a flawless performance, by placing him second behind the Russian (WHO SHOULDN’T HAVE EVEN BEEN THERE!). The Russian (WHO SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THERE!) fell three times and skated like he was bored and didn’t want to be there (WHICH HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN!).

    You might notice that I’m pissed about how the Olympics allegedly “banned” Russia from competing in Pyeonyang, as punishment for doping in Sochi. How are they banned when the only thing that has happened is they aren’t allowed to display their flag?

    • Leo

      Tons of articles on IOC corruption/pay-outs from Russians specifically, they’re not hard to find. Don’t think for a second they were going to give more than a slap on the wrist for the athletes, who yes, I agree, should’ve shared the blame – if they didn’t want that they can move.

    • Halou

      The entire team should have been put in the sin bin, like South Africa’s were during apartheid, and the Saudis were until they allowed women to participate.
      Even if an athlete wasn’t doping they sure as hell know who was but didn’t say and should, thus, be considered just as guilty.

    • kareemachan

      I read their placement on TV and could only think, “Well, if it wasn’t for pharmeceuticals….” because honestly, anybody is going to think of them as cheaters now – if they didn’t already.

    • Dr. T

      Adam’s performance blew everyone else away. No one, certainly not the Russian or even Canadian Patrick Chan, came close. The stench of homophobia is strong with these judges.

      • Butch

        Not usually a fan of figure skating but I agree; the Russian’s performance was lackluster to say the least, and completely paled compared with Rippon’s. I couldn’t help think that homophobia was a factor.

      • TampaZeke

        At least the Canadian’s performance was an artistic masterpiece and he skated it with passion. The Russian’s (WHO SHOULDN’T HAVE EVEN BEEN THERE!) was lackluster from the get go and then he didn’t even skate his lackluster routine with any passion.

        Because of the Canadian’s difficulty, I have less anger at his being scored above Rippon, though I do believe that Rippon was the best performance of the night and he should have gotten the best score.

      • jayjonson

        Yes, Rippon delivered a magnificent performance, far better than the Russian’s. Patrick Chan is a wonderful skater, whose ambitious routine did not always work, but was worthy of the Olympic champion he is. But there is no doubt that Rippon deserved to be at least second, and arguably, first.

      • Keith D Plane

        it actually is the nutty scoring system that is to blame. If a skater ATTEMPTS a quad but doesn’t land it he gets HIGHER points than someone who lands any triple type jump. Because Adam did not attempt to do a quad but still landed his triple jumps he is in the hole. from the get go. It is all about the jumps now artistry just plays a smaller role now. I too personally like Adam’s performance better than everyone else’s but no quad or at least an attempt at a quad di not help him

        • CharlestonDave

          I am announcing to everyone my plan to win gold in the next Winter Olympics. I’m going to attempt 17 quintuple jumps. I will fail at all 17. Therefore I will be awarded first place.

    • Todd20036

      THIS is why I don’t like watching figure skating. No scoring, no goals, no obvious points.
      You have judges, who are SUPPOSED to be impartial.
      And even now, many of them think gays belong in camps, not in competition.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Johnny Wier sounded a bit incredulous too.

      ” Adam’s performance was Stellar “

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Yeah, I thought that was total bullshit too.

    • SFBruce

      Rippon skated beautifully, probably better than he ever has, something I suppose every Olympian dreams about. And he’s shown himself to be gracious about his placement (which still got him an Olympic bronze medal) and a great ambassador for our tribe.

      Sure, the Russian did a more difficult technical program, but the two skaters composite (that’s the artistic side of this thing) scores were much too close. The Russian pretty much phoned his performance in, while Rippon showed what an artist he is. Even under this labyrinthine scoring system they use, Rippon should’ve been 2nd.

  • DaddyRay

    Great – can we add Gold and Bronze to the rainbow

    • no, because remember the outrage when people wanted to add black and brown. if we add gold and bronze, it’ll be clear that there’s SOME kind of racism afoot.

  • carrot festival

    I’ve been watching the Olympics and I’ve got to say, it reminds me of broadcast during the cold war. So much political posturing going on. To top it off, seeing Pence sitting in the stands looking all Reichstagian made me sick to my stomach.

  • misterjack

    Adam was the clear winner.

  • fastlanestranger

    Rippon was incredible.

  • BostonBud

    Was this an individual event or a “team” event? I had hoped to watch his performance but don’t know much about the competition.

    • Raisinhead

      Team. Individual to come.

  • Todd20036

    And he STILL isn’t going to see Pence.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    He’s such a cocky little fuck, but seems to be the rare person who can pull it off without appearing to be a total dick.
    Really enjoyed his performance last night.

    • Ranger One

      Truly strong men are not dicks. Like Rippon, hey just have strength. If you want to put your goggles a dick, look at that lazy fuck in the White House golfing and TV Fox-watching bath-robing his way through the year. Not an athlete, not anything really. Just a hair-tonic sales douche.

  • abqdan

    I wish I could find these performances in full online, since I didn’t watch them live. But it seems NBC is only releasing edited versions, surrounded by endless commercials 🙁

  • ColdCountry

    I hope that shoulder is OK, and won’t bother him in coming events.

  • SilasMarner

    He should have gotten the Gold, his performance was perfection and well as beautiful!