Extremist Pam Geller Busted Sharing Fake Video

Media Matters reports:

Notorious anti-Muslim commentator Pamela Geller uploaded and shared an obviously staged video framing migrants in Italy as anti-police vandalizers in the context of Italy’s highly contested general election.

On February 11, Pamela Geller’s “Morning News Report” newsletter featured a YouTube video titled “Migrants in Italy” which was uploaded on February 7 to Geller’s YouTube channel, and shared on her personal website. The video shows people (who are actors) vandalizing an Italian police car with bats and sticks. Geller presented the video as real without verifying its authenticity in a shameless attempt to smear migrant men.

The video, in reality, is an amateur recording of an Italian film shooting. The drama Mediterranea chronicles two friends from Burkina Faso who experience hostility after immigrating to Italy. The allegation that the video depicts Italian migrants engaged in a criminal act has been debunked since as early as 2014, by Italian, French, and German language websites. (A directional microphone and light-diffusion panel are also visible in the frame, though Geller seemed not to have noticed them.)

  • another_steve

    A life immersed in hate.

    How do such people sleep at night?

    • safari


      • another_steve

        “See the souls over whom anger prevailed. In the warm bath of the sun they were hateful, down here in the black sludge of the river Styx do they wish they had never been born.”

        ~ Virgil

        • ChrisMorley

          I see you’ve taken time off from fixing up the basement for Jared to practice your Latin translation skills.
          Not too bad.

          Is this a motto you are now going to use as inspiration for tormenting him?

          • another_steve

            Jared has disappointed me, Chris.

            I mean… I don’t require 100 percent devotion to the good and the noble, but at a minimum you must renounce the Ivanka horror and cast out all mob-related gentiles from your life.

          • ChrisMorley

            That did seem to be the weakness in your otherwise noble plan.
            He’s just too thick to catch on to how “comfortably” you’ve furnished the dungeon lower ground floor to jettison his floozy and mafia associates.

    • Mark McGovern

      A nice Hansel and Gretel on rye toast and a big glass of kitten blood?

    • bkmn

      Worse yet, they crave hate.

    • 2patricius2

      I don’t think they sleep at night. I think they sleep during the day in coffins, and arise at night to suck blood and brains from clueless followers.

    • BobSF_94117

      In a coffin, with a bit of soil from the Old Country on the bottom.

    • DreadPikathulhu

      On sacks of cash, stained red from the blood of their victims.

    • Oxycontins washed down with vodka drinks? Let’s spread this rumor at CPAC and on teabagger web sites!

      • another_steve

        ^^ LMAO


        That is so evil. 😉

    • zhera

      Like baby kittens. Because they (the haters) don’t have empathy, or a conscience.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      Under blankets made from human skin?

    • M Jackson

      Hanging upside down.

    • prixator

      Some people just have no conscience. Or empathy. If it doesn’t affect them or anyone in their circle, they don’t care at all. Psychopaths.

      • another_steve

        That. In a nutshell.

        In the fullness of time, they with “conscience” prevail.


        Not because some imaginary deity declares it, but because they who possess it and who co-exist, prevail.

  • JWC

    Land sakes accusing this poor God fearing Christian woman of Fake news Whats this world coming too

    • pch1013

      She’s Jewish, but yeah.

  • JaniceInToronto

    I’m sure it must be a simple mistake.


  • HZ81

    Such a hateful kunt, I am pretty sure she shits swastikas.

    • another_steve

      I’ve bookmarked “shits swastikas.”

      • Hank

        aka: Stephen Miller

      • Tread

        “Shit weasel” is one of my go-tos.

  • Henry Auvil

    The National Geographic Society should explore the bottom of Pam Geller’s pockmarks. There are probably ancient racist biblical texts hidden in there.

    • Harveyrabbit

      Nah. Just injectible silicone.

    • kelven

      As they say “God don’t like ugly.” All that bile takes a toll on ones appearance.

  • Harveyrabbit

    It doesn’t matter that it’s fake. It’s just there to rile up her fellow haters. There are no consequences for doing this. There never is.

  • Bambino
    • AmeriCanadian

      I have seen that look before. Usually there is something on the table that he or she wants but knows better than to just grab it.

      My cat, in her old age, has taken to feeling out the edge of the table with her paw, as she can no longer jump up or even stretch to see over the edge. We’ll be eating dinner and out of the corner of my eye I see movement and, sure enough, I see a paw moving around the edge of the table. She’s so bad but she’s cute!

      • Joe in PA
      • RoFaWh

        Old, disabled cats appreciate being given help. Give your kitty a lift up to the table top so she can see what you are eating.

        • AmeriCanadian

          Oh don’t I know it. She regularly gets tours of the house and yard (when it’s warm) while being cradled in our arms. She likes us to stop and let her sniff things. Sometimes it becomes play time with the plants as she bats at them and tries to chew them.


          • ChrisMorley

            Flashing the fashionable Brit Superdry T I see.

          • yes b’y

            what a beauty

          • AmeriCanadian

            Thanks. She’s definitely my baby!

          • Canadian Observer

            Pleases, don’t give the rest of the kitties ideas just because yours has you well trained.

          • TuuxKabin

            Shocking gorgeous. Love the white paw.

          • AmeriCanadian

            All four are white. That’s why she’s named Boots. 😉

          • TuuxKabin

            From us and Barbarella, our adopted cat the Sunday before Thanksgiving, short hair, domestic with a bullseye marking on both sides, give Boots a gentle snuggle. She’s a beauty.

    • TuuxKabin
  • KCMC
  • DN

    I never tire of that photo

    • Hank

      That and the one of “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann!!!

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    It’s out there now and accepted as gospel by approx 30% of Americans.

  • JoeMyGod
    • pch1013

      aaaaand now he’ll be retweeting her any moment.

    • pj

      from the whack job expert.

      • Marides48

        Whack Job University?

  • RyanInIllinois

    One would think that if Muslim immigrants were such a problem, one would have ample video evidence of it without having to scrounge around and use a staged, debunked video. If one thinks at all, that is.

  • JoeMyGod

    Pam Geller’s website was approvingly cited 27 times in the manifesto of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who in 2011 shot to death 77 people, most of them teenagers.

    • zhera

      Yeah. She’s forever tied to that murderer. And he is now doing all the usual nazi stuff, like the nazi salute, whenever he’s in court. Where he whines about how he’s treated.

      Pam Geller can go suck a cactus.

      • JCF

        She can *uck a cactus.

      • prixator

        I’d prefer that she sit on it first.

  • orion dumptee

    wow, love the pic..this (Jane) has def been possessed by the DEMONIC spirit of cindy jacobs..(who will NOT go back in her CAGE…even with xtra birdseed (sigh)

  • Todd20036

    Funny how the most righteous among us have to stoop to lying and cheating to win.
    Heller couldn’t find any real evidence of migrants acting illegally, so she had to use fake crap

    • ChrisMorley

      There’s a lot of very nasty racist hate and anti-migrant violence in the Italian general election campaign. The vote is on 4 March.

      ‘Italy’s most powerful anti-migrant movement now stands close to a potential share of national power. That scares many Italians.’


  • Paula

    That picture! Pam needs to lay off the kittens and baby parts. That human suit is starting to come apart at the seams.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I get the baby parts ( yum ), but kittens ? Sickening !!

      • Joe in PA

        What about baby kitten parts?

        • Ragnar Lothbrok


  • LeeCMH

    Pam, in the photo, just found Jeeeeeeeeesus.

    I found Jeeeeeeeeeesus too; he was behind the sofa the whole time.

    • Treant

      Actually, she finally dug out that tampon from five years ago.

      (It’s been toxic shock all along and she’ll sane up now…)

    • another_steve

      “behind the sofa”

      My man and I were once caregivers for a wonderful Siamese cat. The smartest cat we ever lived with. He had a thing for cooked lamb bones, so we’d cook them for him, just as he liked them. The bones always seemed to disappear overnight.

      When he passed, we found a pile of half-eaten lamb bones stacked neatly under the living room sofa.

      • BobSF_94117

        We used to go to Chinatown to buy chickens’ feet for the malamutes. They loved them. The practice ended when I found one “buried” in the sofa cushions.

        s h u d d e r

        • another_steve

          San Francisco has a wonderful Chinatown. It was one of the highlights of my last visit to your fabulous city.

          D.C. has a good Chinatown too, but one has to be selective.

          The wrong restaurant, and you die of food poisoning.

          • ChrisMorley

            Shop the filthy bastards to the city ! ! !

            If you would like to file a complaint against a food establishment in the District of Columbia, the best way is to send an email to [email protected], or you can call (202) 535-2180 during service hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

          • another_steve

            Oh stop it, you British drama queen. We queers here know where to dine.

            If non-discerning straights don’t, survival of the fittest.

          • ChrisMorley

            We have a cunning system where food establishments have to display in their windows their latest city council official food safety ranking. Even non-discerning straights can hardly fail to notice.

          • another_steve

            Chris, you know I’m a total anglophile. I love everything British. I love your people, their mindset, their eccentricities. My DNA probably is heavily British-infused.

            But your food…


          • Canadian Observer

            Oh give them a chance steve… the whole upside of that whole Empire thing was the opportunity to appropriate the cuisine of the various colonies. I am sure you can get a better curry in Manchester or London than you can in Delhi now. But if your are talking that whole “boil it till it turns grey… then pour out the water and serve the grey” thing then I hear ya.

          • another_steve

            Well as a Canadian you’re probably biased. You still (in theory) pledge allegiance to Elizabeth girlfriend.

            (You Australians reading here: You’re not fooling us either.)

      • Nychta

        My cat friend Molly is a mighty hunter of lizards. Once she catches them she brings them into her lair – which happens to be the bedroom. Sometimes they escape.

        Last year I detected an odd, disturbing smell in the bedroom. Couldn’t find the source anywhere. Then I changed the bed and a dead lizard dropped out of one of the pillow cases. Evidently he’d gone into hiding there, died, and became stench potpourri. Lovely.

        • another_steve

          Lol. Cat-lovers can identify. 😉

          Neither good nor bad, this propensity of family Felidae. Conducted according to their natures.

          Neither pretentious nor rehearsed, it comes to them naturally.


          • Nychta

            Yep. That’s why I love ’em. Just wish they lived longer.

    • orion dumptee

      A ha,!! Im relieved…I vacuumed behind my sofa also….and a ‘faint’ voice was coming from the dust bag..(HELP ME!) it said..and when i opened the bag (you were correct) out popped a very dusty Jesus…honest!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d4a6288300434c017addaf6f8256e6545f88101af693f09fa937371c5bf4f6d1.jpg est!!

      • ChrisMorley

        That looks like a very ancient heavy metal hoover from the 1950s.
        I don’t remember the light in my mum’s ever working.
        She was a good catholic girl so no dusty jesus was ever sucked into the bag.

        • orion dumptee

          yes,model 52…(from 1954),I rebuilt it few years back..great machine..it is powerfull,it also sucked up cindy jacobs, but im NOT letting her out lol

    • Dean
      • LeeCMH

        Oh, that Jeeeeeesus. That Jeeeeeesus is ON the sofa, in the bed, on the floor.

  • Rex

    Sad when the real life crazy isn’t crazy enough.

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    Infowars v Supercuck Bannon. Hilarity ensues


    • Lars Littlefield

      Now that’s funny.

    • Lizard

      Infowars versus Breitbart? Mmmmmm…that feels good. More please…

      • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

        Not quite –Bannon’s out at brietbart

  • Lazycrockett

    Her mask is coming loose.

  • Hank

    On my 2 trips to Italy, last year, I was surprised to see and hear Arficans speaking fluent Italian. Then I though about the countries, that Italy had as a “Colonial Power”: Libya, Ethiopia and the current Eritrea. So, it made senses.

    • BobSF_94117

      Very few people of African origin in Italy come from Italy’s former colonies. Most are from West Africa. This is especially true of recent immigrants from Africa.


      • Hank

        Honestly, I did not know, from where, they came. Most of them spoke fluent Italian and I presumed, they were born there. When I did my Grad work in Bruxelles, Belgium allowed their former colonies, Zaire/Congo to send students for education at their Universities. The largest minorities, were from Morocco, who came in the 60s as “Guest Workers” similar to the Turks in Germany.

    • Reality.Bites

      A bark is really the same in any language, although obviously Arficans in Italy understand Italian.


    • ChrisMorley

      Most African migrants in Italy you see now are desperate asylum seekers from sub-Saharan African countries who’ve been people smuggled at high prices and risk to their lives crossing the Mediterranean.
      They need to pick up Italian to survive.

    • Menergy

      Don’t leave out Somalia…

  • fuzzybits

    Has she really been busted.as her ass behind bars?

  • Bride of Trump

    Wow whatta face. Looks like she’s getting raw dogged.

    • LOL your photo!

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      She is the poster child for the abuse of caulking compound.
      That stuff should never be injected under the skin, but some people want big butts and others are just crazy.

  • safari
  • Another nut job that targets the naive portion of the US population that will believe anything to justify their tribalistic hatred towards the world and themselves.

  • Boreal

    Why are these batshit crazy righties always so physically ugly?


  • Henry Auvil

    Pam Gellar lied?! I’m shocked.

  • The song comes to mind– enjoy the interlude!
    Where did you get those eyes?

    • Robincho

      This was before poor Ethel lost it to the jeeby cray-cray…

  • Halou

    As is so often the case, anti-foreigner radicals can’t put together any convincing data sets to justify their bias so they invent their own or creatively reinterpret something that bears no relation to the point they are trying to make.

    I still remember the Breitbart report that claimed a 1,000 strong mob of Islamists burned down Germany’s oldest cathedral… only to days later be forced to issue a correction because Germany’s much more vigorous and truthful media pointed out that not a single word of it was correct. It was a church not a cathedral, it was not deliberately burned down but instead scaffolding outside was hit with stray fireworks, there were no Islamists but a gathering of people some of which were Muslim, and there weren’t actually 1,000+ of them.

  • ‘Til Tuesday

    For right-wing groups, it doesn’t matter any more whether something is factual or true. What matters is, does it advance their agenda? And, do people respond to it? If those two things happen, then for the right-wing groups, it’s “mission accomplished”.

    And for people inclined to the right, they really don’t care whether something is true any more, but rather how does it make them feel, and does it confirm their worst fears and stereotypes of other? If it does, then it’s all good. They’ll dismiss the fact that a story is false with a wave of the hand and declare it as unimportant.

    I know that’s sick and twisted to rational people who still believe in things like facts, truth, and reality. Unfortunately huge numbers of our fellow Americans have taken leave of that.

  • The_Wretched

    Not that I’d agree with them but if the racist / phobic groups had actual bad events and harms to point to, I could at least see why they are endlessly fear mongering. But they don’t. The harms they are concerned about are so rare and irrelevant that they have to turn to manufacturing problems.

  • Puck

    The damage has already been done! She, Republican, christians don’t care if it is true. They put this out and their followers see it. The news debunking this story will not appear on their TVs. Those who do here it will say dems doctored it up to disprove the video.

    So like I said, the damage has been done.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Pam “The Spam” Geller doing what she always does, lie.

  • Canadian Observer

    The more pictures I see of Pam Geller, the more sense burhas make to me… of course the more I hear from Pam Geller, the more sense gags make to me.

  • Friday’s_cat

    That photo, the moment the gerbil tube was jammed up?

  • wds

    I know a number of you don’t believe, which is A-OK … But regarding this wacko and Ann Coultergiest … a pastor once said [and I’ve never forgotten it] that there are some people that are so filled with hate and evil, they will walk into Hell with their heads held high – proud of what they’ve done …

  • Joe

    She should be jailed.
    It’s like shouting fire in a crowded theater.

  • rednekokie

    Oh — I am shocked — -shocked, do you hear!!! Pam dear could never do anything which might be regarded as (dare I say it?) FAKE!!!!