Adam Rippon To Boycott White House Reception

The Daily Mail reports:

Skating sensation Adam Rippon put himself on a collision course with the White House on Monday after declaring he will snub President Trump’s White House party for Team USA.

The 28-year-old, who won a team bronze medal at his first Olympics on Sunday night, told Daily that he would give the traditional gathering a miss in protest against what he sees as homophobia among the country’s leadership.

Speaking exclusively to the gay athlete, who was trending worldwide as number one on Twitter after his routine, said his decision not to go would be ‘to support my community.’ He added: ‘No. I have no desire to go to the White House. But I would like to do something to help my community.’

Rippon refused to meet Vice-President Mike Pence when he visited the Olympics claiming he supported ‘homosexual conversion therapy.’ The controversy is not likely to go away and is certain to embroil President Trump when he throws his traditional bash for US Olympians.

  • Butch

    Good on you, Adam, and I hope you’re not the only one. A stunning performance, and I’m not even into figure skating.

    • another_steve

      Will be a shame and a disgrace if any of his teammates attend the White House party. Straight or gay.

      No person of good conscience will dignify through her/his presence the illegitimate bigot monster posing as President of the United States.

      • Butch

        Occurs to me….weren’t some of the Philadelphia Eagles contemplating a boycott of the usual White House Super Bowl ceremony? Anything up with that?

        • Chuck in NYC

          At least 2 have said they’re not going.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            Found out (thanks to Seth Myers) that the Iggles real QB (Wentz, the one who got injured before the Big Game) spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast.

            So.. coach, QB, understudy QB…. Christers all, at the top of the food chain. Pretty sure this was Jeebus’ Super Bowl.

      • MonochromeMouse

        Michael Phelps lost everything, for a few years at least, because he was photographed smoking weed on his own time. Celebrating with trump should carry a harsher social punishment.

        • another_steve

          I plan to make a list of celebrities – music, theater, film, sports, whatever – who choose to dignify Trump through their presence or association with him. I’m serious.

          I will never ever in any way pay one cent to see or hear those collaborators.

          • ScubaBearLA

            Please share that with us as you compile it and I’ll join you in that boycott. I’ll also post any celebs I notice that belong on that list.

        • Strepsi


  • Bad Tom

    GOOD FOR YOU Adam!
    Show the world what we are made of: Tough Stuff.

    • AmeriCanadian

      And in doing so, show the world what this current administration is made of.

      • Nowhereman

        …and it’s mainly tough shit.

  • bkmn
    • Todd20036

      He’s old and unhealthy, so maybe he’ll die soon

      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        There is always a silver lining!

        • JT

          The only silver lining in Drumpf is in his teeth.

      • Chucktech

        They never seem to.

        • Canucky Yank

          Witness Pat Robertson having a stroke, and the miracles of modern medicine keeping that nasty fuck alive.

          • Chucktech

            Way-el, Lowerd Thank yew….


            Sometimes technology fails us, and when it does, it’s usually tragic……

        • Nowhereman

          Who knew that Big Macs and Diet Coke were health food!

      • safari

        He’s got the best healthcare our tax money can provide.

        • Nowhereman

          Hell yes. I still wonder how Cheney got a heart transplant at his age.

      • Nowhereman

        Thanks, Pollyanna! And you’re right. That is the only good thing about him. His diet alone should have done him in by now. I wonder what his PH level is. Diet cokes are super acidic and he drinks about 10 per day. Their PH is 3.9.

    • William

      Ill be happy when his funeral arrangements are announced.

    • safari

      There was a quote: “Donald Trump isn’t so much a person as a collection of bad traits.”

      • Ranger One

        He is a walking museum. Like the old freak shows. Come one come all! See the wife cheating, grabbing, stealing monster! He will contract with you, then run you aground! INVESTORS, WIVES, VOTERS! NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM HIS IMPURITY!

    • Cuberly Deux

      That’s an accurate distillation of what I feel every single damn day.

    • prixator

      Nevermind “admirable” – there’s nothing likeable or tolerable about him. He’s like pure evil personified.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Mike ” HIV pandemic” Pence is calling his mother crying about how unfair it all is.

  • JDS

    No doubt Drumphie will call him a “loser, fake athlete, fairy, fruit” ad nauseam.

    • Bubba in TX

      Yes. Disparaging tweet in 3…2…1….

  • Slippy_World
  • Stogiebear

    Dump will probably shit out a tweet saying he only wants winners* coming to his party and hopefully pisses off the entire USA team.

    * Gold medalists, none of those loser silver or bronze medalists.

    • David Walker

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no one…no athletes, no coaches, no aides…not only didn’t show up but kept that weren’t showing up a secret? How to be really, truly stood up.

  • pj


  • Todd20036

    There’s no way Trump would honor you even if you went.
    Trump would make it all about himself anyway, and that’s ignoring the fact that Pence wants to see us dead.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Dotard Trump: I probably could have won more gold medals than anyone in Olympic history, if it weren’t for my terrible affliction with bone spurs.

      • 🐾vorpal🐾

        The BIGGEST, most BONY, SPURIOUS bone spurs of all time!

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    I hope that almost no athletes show up. He would probably serve them leather steak with plastic utensils.

    • Gustav2
      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        And that still counts as a full serving of vegetables in many red states.

        • Chuck in NYC

          Thanks, Reagan!

          • TuuxKabin

            He got that all wrong. Ketchup is a condiment. He was the vegetable. – Bette Midler

      • Strepsi

        Ketchup coming out of her wherever

    • Bj Lincoln

      The man eats like the child he is. Well done with ketchup . Gross.
      Med rare with a sprinkle of salt and pepper with a side of grilled chopped garlic and mushrooms.

      • killreligion

        And broccoli!!! Lots of broccoli. Steamed with a little butter, lime, sage and pepper

      • Palmer

        Crumbled bleu cheese on top is nice.

  • Matt

    I hope he starts a movement that would result in few if not none of the Olympic athletes going to the White House. THAT would piss off trump to no end. And I would LOVE it.

  • Boreal
    • Cuberly Deux

      Cranky gay cat?

    • Jefe5084

      Realistic, critical thinker cat.

  • JoeMyGod
    • Leo

      I’m not even turned on, I’m pissed off.

      Glutes of steel. So. much. training. UGH. God I wish I could try.

    • OdieDenCO

      cheeky fellow

      • Nic Peterson

        He could hold a champagne flute and not spill a drop. I happen to have a nice bottle chilled if he’d like to celebrate.

      • FancyThat

        This is not your Uncle Lance’s Winter Olympics anymore…..

      • KevInPDX

        Themz bunz!

    • Ranger One

      I guess you don’t be an athlete of that quality without a little verve.

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson


    • ChrisMorley

      A Tip-Off from a Brit
      When the UK’s Daily Fail says

      “Speaking exclusively to” the gay athlete …

      it means they lied and conned him into responding. They use that line when they out people too.

      Its journalistic trademark is rightwing hate including homophobia.

    • Ninja0980


    • Palmer

      Back when I figure skated my butt looked like that. Best I could ever do was a couple of double jumps.

    • anne marie in philly

      oh suh-NAP! you are too gorgeous for words!

    • Strepsi

      He’s not burly or hairy but I think I have a crush on this guy big time!
      #morals #advocate #talent #discipline #atitude #datass

  • Texndoc
    • If he had decided to go and make a statement that way, I’d respect that decision too. But frankly I couldn’t stomach it.

      • edrex

        i think not attending is a bolder and more powerful statement.

        • Pictures carry more weight in media than words. So if he’d gone the pic of him shaking hands with Trump would have been used to convince Republicans who aren’t social conservatives that Trump really is okay with gay people…look he actually touched one! (Laugh if you want, but that’s the kind of crap I hear from Republicans all the goddamn time.)

          I think you are right. I am just saying that I’d support him no matter what, even if it’s not what I think I would do.

        • Strepsi

          I do too – no chance of acidentally normalizing the President, no chance of him lashing out in person – just a good, cold SNUB.

  • TJay229

    Todd Starns is gonna be mad. 🤣😂🤣

    • Cuberly Deux

      …nother day ends in Y.

    • David Walker


  • William

    The athletes can throw their own party and skip the Cheetolini event. Mother will be relieved.

  • SilasMarner

    Oh I’m sure the orange one will stamp his feet and throw a hissy fit on Twitter, but who cares..fuck drumph with a cactus.

  • edrex

    someone should host a competing (and more fabulous) party at the same time.

  • Mike

    No athlete should go and be used as a photo prop for that rat bastard nazi.

    • Chucktech

      Some athletes like Tom Brady are pleased as punch to do so.

      • DJ John Bear

        ‘cept that Tom Brady lost this year’s Super Bowl…ha ha ha

        • Joe in PA


  • Chucktech

    Good on you, Adam. And pay no mind to the howls of “unamericun fag and dont luv jeezis” that will resound throughout Flyoverville. And there’s absolutely no “respect the office” issues with a grotesquerie like Donald Trump who is already defiling the office.

    • Were they outraged when right wing athletes turned down invites to the Obama White House? Of course not. So sick of right wing motherfucking hypocrites.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Adam strikes me as someone who will never take any shit from the MAGAts.

      The Deplorable snowflakes are all sad :

      • Chucktech

        I’m Mr. Rippon can compartmentalize and multitask, unlike stoopids and deplorables in East Jesus, Christendom.

      • OdieDenCO

        the truth takes any stage it needs to be heard!

      • PickyPecker

        I’m certain the Olympics will suffer greatly since this snowflake will no longer watch.

        • IamSmartypants

          They won’t be missed. There are plenty of snowflakes on the ground in Pyeongchang.

      • killreligion

        Dumb bitch it’s the VP attacking us/him. They are so stupid.

      • Lumpy Gaga


  • Gayer Than Thou

    I am currently obsessed with Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy. It helps that they’re easy on the eye, but I’m actually a little surprised by how meaningful it has turned out to be to have them out and proud at the Olympics.

  • Leo

    Daily Mail is Murdoch’s disgusting rag I believe. I wish someone else had gotten this exclusive.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Note to Johnny Weir, this is how it’s done.

  • bkmn
    • Strepsi

      As articulate as he is talented and cute. The gay men are KILLING it on every level at this Olympics.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Chucktech

      What a tremendous thrill this must be for all of them.

      • killreligion

        And they are such normal, nice, happy people. Remember the tramps with boyfriends braking knees or whatever happened-they were pretty skanky.

        This is a notch up-that snowboarder from upstate ny- so happy, thankful, no god crap. I saw him interviewed yesterday. Great sportspeople and us reps all around (including the guy who won gold on that ice chute track thing-makes us proud!)

    • prixator

      I read this morning that that was first time a female skater has successfully landed a triple Axel in the Olympics. So, in the skating world, it’s a very big deal!

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    In retaliation, Mike Pence has said he will boycott the Thursday night kickoff of Southern Decadence this year. (He’ll still attend the rest of the events, though.)

    • Tread

      You can find him behind the last gloryhole to the left at The Phoenix.

    • Strepsi


  • SoCalGal20

    Good for Adam. I expect we’ll hear the same for Gus.

    Getting back to the Super Bowl for a moment, here’s another player not going to the WH.

  • Hunter M
  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Adam should be Eric Radford’s guest when the Canadian Olympic team goes to visit Justin Trudeau.

    • prixator

      I’d bet that Eric’s fiancé (who is also a skater, but not in the Olympics) would disagree with that suggestion.

  • alc2018 yeah he’s a knockout but in six months my trainer promised me my buns of steel are a coming back…you hear me??!!

  • IamSmartypants

    There’s nothing “claimed” about Pence supporting conversion therapy. Snopes verifies he “once supported the use of federal funding to treat people ‘seeking to change their sexual behavior’.”

    Bravo to Rippon for taking a public stand!

  • Cuberly Deux

    Joe is busy trolling the homophobes at Mediaite re; Rippon.

    Heh heh….

    • Boreal

      That is another nasty site like the The Hill and lacking moderators .

      • you know what is the best form of moderation? we do it here. it’s called “being smart.”

        the trollies really can’t handle such, which is why they hang out at places populated by teens and mentally challenged folk.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Has the Hill gotten bad? I haven’t been in their comment section for a while, but it used to be relatively not-as-bad as some other sites.

        Honestly, I don’t know what can be done against the trumpskyist commenters other than shut down comment sections. Anything that is in any way open to the internet has been more or less taken over by Putin’s trollhackerbots and Facebook, Google, etc. are complicit in it.

        • Boreal

          Yes. There are still a lot of progressives there but the cons overrun the place at times and there seems to be no moderators at all for the obvious trolling.

          • i sorta hate Disqus but the one thing it’s good for is banning trolls. you can knock them out of your personal viewing, or vote them off. i miss Haloscan and don’t miss JS-Kit, but in this way Disqus is superior, for all it farts constantly.

        • IamSmartypants

          My go-to site for political news is Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire at It’s one of three sites, along with The Guardian and WaPo that I pay for (well, there’s Scruff, but that’s more for enterainment…)

          The Political Wire community reminds me a lot of JMG – informed, thoughtful, and best of all, self-policiing.

      • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

        I wonder why Mediaite is such a magnet for nastiness. It really is toxic. And I think less of Dan Abrams for allowing/encouraging it.

      • Cuberly Deux

        I tend to find the trolls over on The Hill sorely lacking. From what I’ve seen most commenters call them out. Mediaite on the other hand is NUTZ! There’s this dedicated cabal that runs through multiple disqus accounts over and over posting some of the most messed up crap.

    • Ninja0980

      I use to go Mediate then realized my block list was starting to overflow.
      Quit going and am happier for it.

  • Nowhereman

    Another brave citizen. I hope that more athletes do the same, especially the NFL players. They are just pawns in Trump’s game of 3D checkers.

  • Sam_Handwich
  • AdamTh

    Expect to see a GOP bill introduced that would require attending the WH celebration as part of the requirements for being on the US Olympic team. It will be in the future contracts…..

  • sarafina

    From the one story I read, the skaters who got 1st and 2nd place FELL on the ice, and Adam did not. I’m no expert and not much of a fan, but I would think FALLING would be an automatic non-1st place condition. (Unless every skater fell.)

    • Ham

      It was a team event so the scores were added up across the teams. That said’ Adam played it safer than he wiill when he is in the individual event.

    • TrollopeReader

      the fallee did quad jumps successfully — Adam didn’t attempt quads.

  • Ginger Snap

    Good man.

  • Gigi
  • Silver Badger

    Well, of course. We expected nothing less.

  • Jimmy R

    I am so proud of you, Adam Rippon. Thank you.

  • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

    Trump consistently makes fun of Pence’s religiosity on a regular basis from what I’ve been reading. When it comes to Rippon Trump would be best to STFU.

  • pj

    thanks to adam for hanging conversion therapy around the neck of pence. one tweet from chump on the subject will hang it around his neck too.

  • JaniceInToronto

    How long will it take Trump to start calling him names?

  • SilasMarner

    I might go and when the orange one and/or Pence offered a handshake I would refuse and give him/them a big FUCK YOU and then walk out on my own before they threw me out. LOL!!!

    • John Davis

      No, the best line is what you should say to Pence…San Francisco businessman and City Councillor member.. Harvey Milk said it best when confronted with some right wing politician to quote…”I’m surprised you shook my hand…when you don’t know where this hand has been “

  • John Davis

    To disrespect the occupier of the office of the President of the United States in such a way… well, I have to say that this guy is a fine young man and if I evermeet him , this dirty old man,( ME ) will give him a big hug and and kiss on behalf of all 71 year old gay men still living. He is a fine young man, and kind of cute, too!

  • John Davis

    Adam just got himself 12-15 more talk show interviews, probably a calendar with him half nude doing whatever he does… and the love of several million gay men, and love from about 20-50 million others who hate the man in OUR White House.

  • JWC

    It is once again unfortunate that politics and sports collide but in a Trump world you find that most anything collides

    • John Davis

      Sport is a noble profession and a noble hobby for many people worldwide, and has been so since the times of the ancient Greeks, perhaps before that by the Turks and the Mesopotamians and later Egyptians or about the same time as some people in China and Japan were practicing martial arts both as sport and as literal skill in defense. Don’t think for a moment, in the long history of civilization, that sport has NOT been both a purely entertaining event when it also has been a “thing of the people”… defined as “political. When New England fans go against most of the other American fans in a batlle on the gridiron. (American football), just a week or so ago, do you really think that this was just pure sport for entertainment? Ask the police and public works department of Philadelphia now booking folks for tossing over cars and whatever destruction that city experienced on that night of the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots. Sport is NEVER just a friendly competition, it’s ALWAYS in some way political, and totally irrelevant most of the time. too!

  • Refugay

    Perhaps, we ought to commission a cake or two. “Sorry, not sorry.” Or, just, “Eat it!” You know, artistic freedom of expression and all.

    • John Davis

      I cake shaped like a cock and balls, maybe?

  • boobert

    I visit with the president sure ain’t what it used to be !

    • Natty Enquirer

      Because there’s no there there.

  • #DJTK5F

    “Sorry, I can’t go to the White House that day. First I have to facilitate a group session for survivors of sexual assault (aka pussy grabees); and then I have to volunteer at an immigrants’ rights Legal Aid workshop; then I’m scheduled to serve meals at a shelter for U.S. citizens under age 18 whose parents were deported. The I’m doing a benefit performance for It Gets Better. Full day! “

    • John Davis

      Well stated, and what about a million of us would rather do than go to that White House to meet THAT man there.

      • IDavid

        If rather go to the dentist.

    • JAKvirginia

      “Fuck him. I’m not going.”

      Sorry. I lack your tact and charm.

  • justmeeeee

    …IF he throws his traditional back for US Olympians…

  • Ninja0980

    There are folks claiming Pence doesn’t hate gay people and Adam is being unreasonable.
    To those folks I say go fuck yourselves.
    Pence has fought against LGBT rights his entire political career and Adam and Gus and others have every right to tell him to fuck off.

    • Gianni

      I feel certain that Pence doesn’t actually hate gay people. But with the love of Jesus in his heart, he would like to help us get corrected, healed, be what God wants us to be – converted to hetero and save our souls.

      • -M-

        …even if it kills us.

  • Dana Chilton

    Trumps traditional bash for Olympians? He only “claims” pence supported conversion therapy (giving the impression its just an opinion and since they did no actual fact finding they left it as a mere “claim”) he put himself on a “collision course with the White House”. Mr. Rippon could have done much much better than the stupid daily mail.

  • Lars Littlefield

    If I had influenza and could be assured I’d be able to sneeze while shaking sticky hands with both Trump and Pence I might consider attending.

    • John Davis

      That would be a fine reward for those snowflakes: imagine them both dying from flu

  • anne marie in philly

    good on you, adam; you are standing up for what you believe.

  • ‘Til Tuesday

    No one should be giving the Insane Clown Pu$$y Grabber the time of day. One, it only legitimizes him, when should have already been impeached. And two, it feeds his demented ego. If you come within 1,000 yards of him he declares you as a “supporter”. If Adam Rippon showed up, Trump would exclaim “See, even the gays support me!”.

  • Halou

    After the 1936 Olympics, the US President refused to met with minority athletes.
    This year minority athletes are refusing to meet with the US President. Oh, what a turnaround there has been in the last 80 years.

  • vegastearoom

    Congratulations and thank you for representing Adam Rippon!

  • Holy shit this man is hot.

  • VicGA

    Hands up to Adam. More should do the same.