Trump Met With Dubai Partner In Davos

Mother Jones reports:

Donald Trump has pledged to keep his distance from his businesses and vowed that his company would not enter into any new foreign deals during his presidency. But during the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Trump hobnobbed with at least one of his foreign business partners, Dubai billionaire Hussain Sajwani, once again highlighting the blurry lines between his corporate empire and his presidency.

Before taking office last year, Trump and his lawyer held a press conference to explain the steps he was taking to insulate himself from conflicts. During the event, Trump brought up Sajwani, who heads the real estate company DAMAC, to illustrate why the American people need not worry that he would put his own interests ahead of the country’s.

Hussain Sajwani turned up again at Trump’s side in Davos over the weekend. Sajwani Instagrammed his encounter with Trump, saying he had run into “his dear friend” at a reception at the close of the multiday event. Neither the White House nor DAMAC Properties would say what the business partners discussed.

According to Sajwani’s Instagram account, he also hung out with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at the event.

  • Gustav2

    Hey Wilbur, where can I launder/hide a few billion now?

  • Bambino

    At this rate the rest of the world is treating all Americans as idiots just like their own country citizens. As long as they got the money and power, they can do anything as they please. The once upon a time Big Brother no longer exercise the same moral to hold these corrupted countries accountable. They have bought their way into the White House and Capital Hill.

  • Also from that article:

    “[Sajwani] was among a handful of Trump business partners who received VIP treatment at Trump’s inauguration. During the festivities, Sajwani’s son posted a picture of himself with the new president on Instagram. His post was accompanied by an enthusiastic caption stating that he was looking forward to a “lucrative eight years.”

    Yeah, sounds about what you’d expect at this point.

    • Ranger One

      He has this engorged sense. Like metal gravitating to an MRI machine, he admires people who answer to no one. But I believe he has met his match in a country he is alien to. Those guys formed a government to give a crushing blow to douchebags. We will see if the wall holds.

  • Michael R

    I heard a couple people bring up reversing ” Citizens United ” last week , it should be one of our top concerns , it’s how we go into this mess .

    Keith Olbermann perfectly described what would
    be the outcome of the decision in 2010

    • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

      Stolen suprene court nominee to ensure that didn’t happen

    • olandp

      Perhaps Keith should change his name to Cassandra.

      • Macbill

        What a tragedy! (a Greek one)

  • PickyPecker
  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    It’s a greedy psychopath’s world. We just live in it

  • joe ho

    How tragically naive, foolish, and self-defeating the Bernie or Busters and Green Partiers look now!

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      they dont care. Their view of the world is more important than the reality of things.
      In that regard, they are just as head-fucked as the trumpistas

    • Halou

      But her emails!!

    • William

      Better to stick with Bernie than admit they were trolled by Russian bots.

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    Is dump having work done on his face? He’s looking botoxed and siliconed in that picture; kind of Liberace-ish.

    • TuuxKabin

      and kinda lopsided.

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    SHOCKER: those most virulently opposed to immigration are the least impacted by immigration. CNN scratches its proverbial head and wonders why.

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      areas least impacted by immigration but most saturated with sinclair broadcasting and fox news

    • thatotherjean

      Because once you get to know people, you find it harder to lump them all together and hate them.

  • CanuckDon

    Trump fraternizing with the Arabs while at home, demonizes them to get the fawning from his loyal sheep. Amazing how money and marketing is all that’s needed to dupe a population.

  • DaveMiller135

    Maybe Trump is like that Hitchhiker’s Guide critter that you could escape by covering your head. If you couldn’t see him, he stupidly figured, he couldn’t see you. Or a dumb boyfriend who cheats on you, leaving clues everywhere.

    Maybe Trump, imagining himself the pinnacle of stable genius, thinks we’ll see all this corruption and just never catch on. I hope they can nail him to the wall on collusion with Russia on the election, and then I hope they investigate how his real estate business got turned into an international money laundering hub. And then I hope he ends his days in prison.

    • William

      More important, this regime has to be taken down so Russian hacking into elections can be investigated and prevented in future elections.

  • Halou

    With his business ties merging with his political duties how long before we hear that he cannot be voted out of office any more than he can be voted out of his own family business?

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    If only we had rules of protocol ( clause of emoluments ) in place to ensure underhanded profit wouldn’t occur in the high office.

  • Rick Hammond

    Wilbur Ross would be there to help finalize the new resort Trump will build in Dubai with his new golf course – just like he oversees the day to day operations at Mar A Lago. But hey, nobody “discussed” anything of that nature at all.

  • Captain Jack

    They look like they are going to start singing “We’re in the Money”

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Ah, so he lied…again.


  • -M-

    But Hillary gave paid speeches to people and let Saudis give money to a charity that fights AIDS and malaria!

    Not suggesting that the Clintons are inerrant and incorruptible or that Bernie and the leftists don’t have a major point about getting big money out of politics. Just hi-lighting the absurd double standards and what-aboutism.

    People pay the Clintons a lot of money for speeches mostly for the privilege of being in the same room as someone famous, hearing their thoughts on politics and policy, or to support Democratic politicians. Probably in that order. Yes, they also hope to purchase some good will as well as get their point of view some extra access to powerbrokers and influencers and certainly succeed to some extent, but it was ridiculous to say they’re for sale the same as the Republicans even before the GOP’s complete public abandonment of all principles.

  • JWC

    And this is surprising why?

  • Gianni

    “….Sajwani Instagrammed his encounter with Trump, saying he had run into “his dear friend” at a reception….” Imagine having Donnie as a ‘dear friend’. A ‘dear friend’ who’ll throw you under the bus at the first opportunity when he decides you’re no longer useful to him.

  • JCF

    Swamp the Drain!