Trump Sues County Over Golf Course Tax Appraisal

The Palm Beach Post reports:

In another indication that the world’s most powerful politician has few qualms about battling local public officials, President Donald Trump again has sued the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser over the valuation of his Trump National Golf Club.

The suit marks the fifth year in a row that Trump has disputed the property tax bill for the 131-acre course along Donald Ross Road. Even as he fights the county’s $19.7 million estimate, Trump’s financial disclosures in 2016 and 2017 list the value of Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter as “over $50 million.”

Based on the property appraiser’s valuation, the Palm Beach County Tax Collector sent Trump a bill for $398,315. Trump responded with a lawsuit — and a wire transfer for $296,595.01, which his Tampa-based attorney described as “a good faith estimate” of the sum Trump really owes.

While Trump’s three-page suit doesn’t say how much he thinks the course should be worth, Jupiter Golf Club pays property taxes at a rate of 2 percent. So by claiming he was overcharged by $101,720, Trump asserts that the property appraiser overvalued the course by more than $5 million.

To recap, Trump’s suit claims the golf course is worth about $14 million even though he listed it as worth more than $50 million on his financial disclosures in order to make himself appear more wealthy.

  • safari

    Somewhere down the line he’ll claim this difference as a loss and carry it as a tax credit.

    • clay

      . . . AND sue the DNC for libel illustrated by this loss.

  • Michael R
  • Todd20036

    And if any democrat did anything like this…

    Yeah. The Nazis really would make excuses for trump if he murdered someone on 5th Avenue

    We don’t have 2 thinking political parties anymore

    Democrats versus Nazis

  • Reality.Bites

    You know how some cities removed their confederate statues at night without notice?

    When he leaves the WH, expect Palm Beach to tear down Mar-a-Lago.

  • bkmn

    And WPB should sue him right back because of his boys using the helipad the county gave them the variance for, on the condition it only be used for official use.

  • Max_1

    If he says its worth $50M… Let him pay the taxes.
    Should he refuse to pay… charge him with tax evasion.

    Seems simple enough on the surface.

    It appears the person in the Office of President of this Nation doesn’t like paying taxes to his Country…

    • CanuckDon

      Maybe Trump can’t afford it! Get the message out there that Trump, the wealthy, successful businessman that he is, can’t afford to pay his taxes. Goes for all of those wealthy Rightwing elites.

  • netxtown

    he disputes the tax bill, sends a good faith estimate – and then ties it up for years and years in court until the county caves due to the mounting legal fees. It’s not a game. It’s a method.

    fuck donnie.

    • Stogiebear

      All the while sitting in the Oval Office navel gazing and drinking diet Coke while he ought to be doing something useful — like resigning.

    • pj

      send the sheriff to shut it down until he pays the full amount. he has to have a license to be in business, put it on hold pending payment.

  • Ranger One

    Beautiful Golf Course. But I wonder how much the Trump brand has hurt his businesses? It’s got to hurt, right?

    • ChrisMorley

      Losses at his 2 Scottish courses have doubled (and his Irish one also is a money sink).

      • Ranger One

        And the hotels. What person is going to pick a Trump hotel over another brand? The yahoos who voted for him are not going to increase traffic. And when he hits the bottom of the north Atlantic, who is going to want to stay at Hotel Titanic?

      • thatotherjean


  • Boreal

    That course and all of his stuff should be in a blind trust, in which case an administrator would be handling all of this. Can you even fucking imagine the teabilly/trumpanzee wailing if President Obama had sued over his tax assessments?

  • leastyebejudged

    The rich will never pay their fair share, they figure they’re entitled to all of it, and they insist everything exists because of them.

  • shellback

    Only the little people pay taxes – he’s a big, fat whale.

  • Blake J Butler

    More detail into why Frelinghuysen is retiring. And Inside elections rates the district now at a toss-up.

    While the congressman had some of his own baggage—an employee at a local bank landed in hot water with her employer when the congressman alerted the CEO that she was a Democratic activist—and it was unclear whether he was ready for a difficult re-election fight, his family has been a staple of New Jersey politics for generations and Frelinghuysen outperformed Donald Trump in 2016.

    • Treant

      Thanks. It sounds like he’s as dishonest as the rest of them and good riddance.

  • justme

    For him..
    Every dispute cause the rate to go up 5% for the year…
    Every court case 10%

    Donnie..SHUT UP and pay your taxes like every one else

  • Henry Auvil

    He ended up paying pennies on the dollar for delinquent NJ State sales taxes he owed after bankrupting his casinos in Atlantic City. Taking newly-elected governor Chris Christie and wife out to dinner at Per Se made that possible. Guy is a lifelong deadbeat and chiseler. Lock him up!

    • Reality.Bites

      If he took Christie out for dinner it likely cost him more than the taxes

  • What, President Bad Faith is trying to cheat his taxes and/or is committing, what, either fraud or perjury? Quelle surprise!?

    And I am also preemptively shocked that he hasn’t released this year’s tax returns.

  • Ninja0980

    Tax laws for thee, not for me.

  • Treant

    Isn’t exerting undue pressure with one’s political office a little bit illegal somewhere, sometime, some way? Because that’s what this amounts to.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      That’s all changed now.

      • Tread

        It’s all changed until a Democrat takes office. Just wait.

    • Silver Badger


    • Tulle Christensen

      Only if you are a Democrat

  • SkokieGuy

    Hey Trump, real billionaires don’t bother over a hundred thousand. The people you think are your buddies are and always have laughed at you. Wynn may have raised money, but that’s only for his own self interest. There is zero doubt in my mind that he, Adelson, the Mercers, the Koch’s, etc. all think you’re a clown, but they are using you to insure they can hoard even more wealth and screw the poor even harder.

  • ultragreen

    Apparently, Trump has done this with all of his golf courses (about 12) around the country for years and years. At one golf course, he keeps a few goats so that the property receives a big ‘farmland’ tax break.

    • Bohunk

      That would not work in NYS. In order to do so, you must have made a minimum of $10,000 in agriculture through sales. A few goats will not do that. I am chairperson of our local Board of Assessment Review.

      • clay

        The “garden state” has a very broad definition of “garden”.

  • Tom Ato

    “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” – Leona Helmsley

    tRump is certainly small, probably little, too.

  • coram nobis

    An undervaluation of his tax assessment would be, in itself, a violation of the “domestic emoluments” clause (Art. II). And probably the 10th Amendment as well.

  • Friday’s_cat

    In the words of Hotel Hag, “Taxes are for little people”.

    • That’s why I don’t pay my taxes. /s

    • Tread

      I’m so glad that bitch is dead.

  • Bambino

    O/T LOL! If all of them do that maybe, they wont be hated so much?

    • Treant

      He’s cleaner than most far lefties I’ve met.

      • Friday’s_cat

        Probably gets more dates than the Far Righties out there.

      • It Takes a Village, People

        But lefties have clean souls.

        • Treant


          • It Takes a Village, People

            Purity is our passion

          • Treant

            So it’s improbable we’ll get along. Alas.

          • It Takes a Village, People

            You trolls never back down. Why would you? You’re a troll. I hope you feel welcome even where you are not wanted.

          • Treant

            (scratches head) Whatever. Go away, now.

      • Bambino

        Say someone who make soaps 😛

    • Boreal

      Free at your Trump Hotel room.

      • Christopher

        Well, regular rats are free. The clean ones stay elsewhere.

        • Boreal

          There’s a fee to have cleaner rats.

          • Christopher

            Hey, I’d be cool living with a rat that cleans up after itself.

            My cat, on the other hand, might have a different view on this. Especially if it dares to go near her food.

            She. Will. Cut. A. Bitch.

    • Publius

      Clearly not a Parisian rat — this one is using soap, so…

    • CharlestonDave

      Charge ’em for the lice, extra for the mice
      Two percent for looking in the mirror twice
      Here a little slice, there a little cut
      Three percent for sleeping with the window shut
      When it comes to fixing prices
      There are a lot of tricks he knows
      How it all increases, all them bits and pieces
      Jesus! It’s amazing how it grows!

      Master of the house? Isn’t worth me spit!
      `Comforter, philosopher’ and lifelong shit!
      Cunning little brain, regular Voltaire
      Thinks he’s quite a lover but there’s not much there
      What a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse
      God knows how I’ve lasted living with this bastard in the house!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Poor use of the land, environmental disasters… End golf now.
    It’s seriously stupid.

    • unsavedheathen

      To paraphrase, a good walk (and 40 acres of wetlands) ruined.

  • It Takes a Village, People

    Disgusting beyond any belief.

  • safari
    • It Takes a Village, People

      I’ll take that as a warning not to enforce sanctions.

    • safari

      It should be noted that today is the deadline for Donald to impose new Russian sanctions.

      • It Takes a Village, People

        First thing I thought of. Only a weak President would be treated like this. Isn’t the STFU tomorrow?

        • safari


    • It Takes a Village, People

      One more thing: this incident only happened because we have a very weak President.

      • Lazycrockett

        Actually this game of “chicken” has been going on between Russia and the USA planes for more than a couple of years now.

        • It Takes a Village, People

          I don’t care. I need a reason to blame Trump.

    • Friday’s_cat

      Any Naval or Marine aviator would be grounded pending a hearing. AF pilots have no depth perception would be excused.

    • Tread

      Don’t worry, if something happens, I’m sure it’ll be swept under the rug, like the death of Sgt. La David T. Johnson.

      • Halou

        Trump will call the Kremlin and apologise for any damage done to the Russian warplane. The US pilot and crew… “knew what they signed up for”.

    • Halou

      In late 2014 a Russian warplane decided to turn off it’s transponder (which make it visible to civilian radar) and fly around in civilian airspace between Denmark and Sweden. Almost collided with a Swedish passenger airliner and would have if not for quick reactions on the part of the pilot, while the Russian aircraft continued to harass the area.

      They do it on the sea as well. A Swedish ship was attempting to lay an underwater power cable connecting to Lithuania and repeatedly had to turn back because of impromptu “training exercises” that just happened to cut ahead of the ship’s route. Even once it entered Lithuania’s ‘exclusive economic one’ meaning that anyone else who wanted to do anything there needed permission from Vilnius before going ahead… Russia sent it’s warships regardless.
      And when their aircraft carrier, with escorts, were heading from St Petersburg to Syria to help the ground troops there commit war crimes, they parked up in the Straits of Gibraltar and did a dummy firing exercise… with their guns pointed in the direction of the British territory of Gibraltar.

      This is just what Russia is. And the moment someone takes the bait by returning fire they flip the fuck out, as was the case when one of their planes was shot down in Turkish airspace having just finished a mission in which bombs were dropped on ethnic Turks living along the Turkish-Syrian border.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • ChrisMorley


      Losses at Trump’s Scottish Golf Resorts Have Doubled
      The Scotsman
      Runaway losses at his Irish Course too.

      • Halou

        No doubt money with unknown origins continues to pour into them though. As it was after the 2008 crash when golf courses nationwide, even those all around the world were closing down for lack of revenue or public interest as people cut back on excess spending… Trump was dumping tens of millions of dollars into his golf courses for no discernible legitimate reason. And, as if it were all planned in advance, Russian oligarchs were either investing in or outright buying them up for even more money!
        A complete disregard for the economic reality at the time.

  • Paula

    I don’t see any cameras in those pictures. What is to prevent someone from going in at night with 5 gallons of Roundup and drawing larges penises on the greens and fairways?

    • Lars Littlefield

      You’d want to use 100% nitrogen fertilizer. Not only does it kill the lawn.When the lawn comes back everywhere you poisoned comed back greener and lush.

      • Paula

        Hehehehe, that’s evil. I mean large penises, visible from space.

        • Lars Littlefield

          You’d still want to use straight nitrogen fertilizer. Unless you want to kill the soil with a major herbicide such as atrazine, a triazine class herbicide which prevents anything from growing for ten+ years.

        • edrex

          “shithole” visible from satellites.

        • Reality.Bites

          So… not using Trump as the model?

    • Treant

      For more fun, make a mix of ferrous sulfate (iron sulfate) and either urea or ammonium sulfate. Spray or pour out in the word pattern you want.

      If sprayed the grass turns this incredible dark green for weeks. If poured, potentially months (overapplication will kill).

      (I dislike killing innocent grass).

    • Christopher

      Imagine the intricate patterns one could create with polystyrene and gasoline.

      (Because Roundup gives you cancer.) 😉

      • Paula

        We are an artistic people. The guys, anyway…..

        • Christopher

          Hey, I’ve met more than my fair share of amazing Lesbian artists. From potters to jewelry makers, their works are fantastic.

      • Treant

        (Gasoline is carcinogenic, too). You’re actually OK with Roundup for occasional exposure. It’s the folks that work with the stuff constantly that can have a problem, and fortunately, even that’s uncommon. In the environment, Roundup is strongly soil binding, but shouldn’t be used on an overly wet soil or one that may flood or erode within the next half year or so.

        • Christopher

          If Roundup is flammable then it’ll work just fine. 😉

          • Treant

            It’s not, I’m afraid. At least not when diluted to its usable form.

          • Christopher

            Sometimes knowledge is depressing.

  • Lars Littlefield

    “Only poor people pay taxes.”

  • OdieDenCO

    I’m confused. how can donny be a party to a suit on a property he has put into a blind trust and has no controlling voice in?


    • clay

      Surely they meant Donald Trump jr., surely.

  • Christopher

    Every single day Trump proves how petty and small he is.

    ACTUAL rich people wouldn’t worry themselves over such a trifle. They’d just pay it and move on.

    • Lazycrockett

      Because hes NOT rich.

      • Tread


    • Reality.Bites

      I don’t know any truly rich people, but I know my share of modestly rich ones. And many of them HATE spending money unnecessarily. And if it’s money going to taxes, that’s especially galling.

      Every December my father asks me if he has any stocks he can sell to generate a capital loss. And my answer is always no. If a stock isn’t performing, it’s gone. I don’t wait till it’s lost all its value.

  • JWC

    Trump fucking America

  • TexasBoy

    Leona Helmsley, “Only the little people pay taxes.”

  • Bluto

    “This just proves how smart & classy he is.”
    Tax the fucker for 50 mil as he claims.

  • Hank

    Palm Beach County should just put a LIEN on the property and claim the Fees that people use to join until it is paid off. Do it year after year!!!

    Palm Beach County may only be the 5th wealthiest county in the state, but it has one of the largest populations!!

    List of Florida locations by per capita income

    • CraigNJ

      They should also place a special assessment on the property for the added expense the county incurs every time he’s there.

      • Hank

        They should do the same for the Jersey Golf Course! 👍

  • HZ81

    Somehow, this isn’t interfering with official government business you know, like an email server did.

    Fuck. you.

  • ETownCanuck

    Seeing that photo of his helicopter there reminds me of the day that he visited Lake Louise. I worked at the Chateau Lake Louise in my early 20’s and one day while myself and some of my co-workers were enjoying a sunny day off tossing around a football in a relatively empty overflow parking lot…we were almost landed on by a helicopter dumping out the Donald and his bimbo du jour, Marla Maples (pre-marriage). As far as I know, there was no communication with the hotel or anything and no one warned us at all…we just saw it coming right for us and had to scramble out of the way. They weren’t even staying at our hotel, it was just the only available open space to land the bloody thing.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      And of course they never gave the property owners the courtesy of a heads up, etc.

      • ETownCanuck

        If they did, no one bothered to run over and tell us that we were in danger of being landed on….and we were in full view of our co-workers (Doormen and Bellmen).

  • Chuck in NYC

    I don’t doubt that his lawyers charged at least $100k for all the legal shenanigans going on with this golf course.

    • The_Wretched

      Probably true but Trump only cares that he stiffs someone.

    • Halou

      Lawyers are great value for money, for just a few tens of thousands of dollars a year you get to shave hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars off of your tax bill.
      It’s almost magical how that works.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        For Trump, it’s even better, because then he doesn’t pay the lawyer.

        There is a reason why it’s a Tampa-based attorney representing him in Palm Beach County, several hours away. No local attorney would take the case.

  • BobSF_94117

    I assume his argument is that the place is a shit-hole.

    • LesbianTippingHabits


  • The_Wretched

    Donny the Unfit has stiffed everyone everywhere everywhen on every bill and thing he owes. This is cumulative evidence that he’s a deadbeat.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      The Tampa-based attorney is the latest one to get stiffed.

      No local attorney would take the case – no surprise here.

      It’s his own fault. Sad !

  • Len Ricci

    Oh pay the fricken bill you idiot… You just bilked the American taxpayers out of millions of dollars on your so called tax relief bill. I’m sure this 101K is just chump change to you. Or maybe you are just a widdle ol poor white faced racist and bigot who doesn’t really claim to be rich… then borrow it from your son-in-law… we know he’s got money.

  • Mikey

    so…. isn’t lying on the financial disclosure documents a crime of some sort?
    I mean, if lying about a blowjob is, SURELY (and don’t call me Shirley) a lie of this magnitude merits action?

    • Reality.Bites

      It’s only a lie when a Democrat does it. It’s only a sin when a Democrat does it. It’s only homosexuality when an out gay does it.

      • Mikey


  • Gianni

    I guess he gets all the presidential work out of the way fast so he can deal with the really important stuff. What a piker! The founders of our country never ever could imagine that we would ever have such a low-level life form as President. Plus, Donnie gets to make up his won tax bill.

  • Halou

    Donald Trump and the Schrodinger’s property valuation. Where it is both higher than the expert’s assessment for the sake of pride and vanity, and at the same time lower than the expert’s assessment for the sake of tax relief.

    Also, since when did an individual have the right to judge their own tax rate?
    The fact he paid what he thought he should pay despite a legal order with a different amount, the arrogance alone should have had him locked up the first time he tried it, and his property forfeit any time since then. That he has gotten away with it year after year after year after year, it reeks of privilege and the impotence of law enforcement. Is it any wonder he acts in such an overtly corrupt and treasonous way before and after the 2016 election?
    Nothing has ever happened to him in 71 years that would indicate otherwise, or teach him to respect the law. It is the biggest consequence-free crime spree in American history!

  • Halou

    Two hundred and ninety six thousand, five hundred and ninety five dollars. And one cent! Almost as if deliberately insulting the taxman and the entire Palm Beach county.
    Like; “Here you go, plebs, play with this weird little thing you call money.”

  • Ginger Snap

    I was going to make a snide comment about wealth, taxes and a giant piece of shit but can’t be bothered. Please assemble your own.

  • 1980Gardener

    While I see nothing wrong with “battling” local officials over an assessment, 5 years is quite persistent!

  • Robert Adams

    You mean it isn’t the most valuable golf course on earth?

    • Friday

      It’s the mostest, except when it comes to paying the bills, then it’s not worth nothing! 🙂

  • Talisman

    Next on the dumpster’s list: Property Tax Reform!

  • Jay Silversmith

    Don’t cash his check. Take him to court.

  • -M-

    This is what the Republicans* became. They not only tell ridiculous lies they’ll tell mutually contradictory lies.

    *Yes, I know this is Trump. My point is he was like that before them, over the years they sank to his level of complete shamelessness.

  • $100,000 is chump change. He should double his tax obligation just to help defray the cost of his presence to the city of Palm Beach.

    • boatboy_srq

      Assumes $100k in liquidity is something Lord Dampnut has access to. Chances are he’s too leveraged to have access to that much.

  • boatboy_srq

    Lord Dampnut. Stiffing everyone.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Including the Tampa-based attorney who didn’t get cash up front. Sad !

  • ” the world’s most powerful politician”

    That would be Vladimir Putin, yes?

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Well, I certainly hope that Donald Trump’s Tampa-based attorney got his retainer in cash up front.

    Sad !