Scott Baio Accused Of Molestation By 80s Co-Star

E! News reports:

Scott Baio has taken to Facebook Live to address and deny accusations of molestation made by his former Charles in Charge co-star Nicole Eggert on Saturday. In a series of tweets, the 46-year-old actress claimed on Saturday that the 57-year-old actor “molested” her repeatedly from the time she was 14 until she was 17.

The tweets began, “Ask @scottbaio what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep.” The former Baywatch star also refered to herself as a “molested child” and that the alleged abuse had happened at the ages of 14, 15, 16 and 17.

Baio was 26 when the alleged abuse began. Eggert’s tweets at the bottom below have been deleted.

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    First Jared, now Chachi. What is it with Subway employees and sexual shenanigans?

    • safari


    • Natty Enquirer

      They were celebrity contractors. Don’t paint the many hard-working Subway employees with this brush.

      • Westcoast88

        No, Scott’s been working behind the counter for a while now.

        • Silver Badger

          Behind or under?

          • JT

            Under, on top, against and maybe inside?

        • Nowhereman


    • Randy503

      Next up should be Antonio Sabato. I used to like him and thought he was sexy. Now he’s just a washed up actor, dim witted, and Trump supporter. And running for office!

      • Andymac3

        Don’t worry, a large closet will fall on him and all his secrets will tumble out.

      • Harley

        Antonio Sabàto is a prime example of the “beauty fades but stupid lasts forever” motto.

        • JackFknTwist

          I remember that saying of Judge Judy . She put it this way :
          “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

          I always loved that !

      • ceeenbee

        You must have missed all the recent stories of his gay softporn antics.

      • That Janet Jackson video he did was epic. But he didn’t speak.

  • Silver Badger

    So, another washed up Republican has-been is hung out to dry. Sad that this isn’t news anymore.

    • Todd20036

      Yeah, but it would have been almost funny if Baio had molested the Fonz.

    • coch01

      It just means they’ll try to elect him.

  • Treant

    (Checks to make sure) Republican! Fucking hang the bastard with no proof and without a trial! Burn the Constitution! KILL! KILL!

    • Clive Johnson

      The only people I see raising a stink over these accusations are those who themselves might have a questionable history.

      Life isn’t a legal procedure. Truths about life exist whether or not some fucking attorney is involved in a courtroom setting.

      Be cautious, don’t trust everything you hear, but for hell’s sake, if our entire history of sweeping this kind of abuse under rug isn’t enough to wake some people the hell up and have a little bit of sympathy for what’s happened to many people, I just don’t know what to say.

      • Treant

        “The only people I see raising a stink over these accusations are those who themselves might have a questionable history.”

        And fuck you very much too, Clive.

        • Clive Johnson

          Hey, I don’t know you so I have no suspicion either way.

          But let’s face some elemental truths about the human experience right now.

          • Treant

            Fuck you very much too, there, Clive. You have zero proof (because the acc…)

            Oh, just go fuck yourself with a vinegar soaked wire fence. Take a temporary block for being an accusatory asswipe.

          • Clive Johnson

            The research that’s been done on accusations of sexual misconduct indicate that it’s a small minority of people who falsify their sexual abuse. Thus, the reasonable tentative assumption is that someone making an allegation is telling the truth.

            Then there’s the fact that to make an allegation suddenly involves you in a world of trouble–from people like you apparently, but mostly from attorneys who are all too eager to make your life hell. Who wants to put up with the b.s. unless their accusation is true?

          • Kelly Lape

            You’re turning the presumption of innocence into a presumption of guilt. I stoped liking Baio when he outed himself as a conservative. However my dislike of him doesn’t make him guilty, nor does my believing her make him guilty. You yourself state it is a small percentage of victims that lie, our laws (and simple morality) demand we treat every case as a individual case not a movement. This case has a contemporary supporting witness. For that reason I believe her. Because I believe her and I find Baio repulsive as a human being I’d never go see him in any production. Now let’s talk about statute of limitations. Can he be treated fairly without a trial? Would a trial matter? After all OJ was found innocent.


          • Clive Johnson

            I agree with everything you say, but I would add that a legal proceeding is not required to establish truth. In any number of cases the laws falsifies reality. There’s a well known case of a skeptic organization in which a woman was assaulted on at least one occasion. She spoke out about it, the accused hired attorneys, and because she couldn’t afford legal counsel and faced a highly damaging lawsuit, she agreed to sign a false statement saying it was all nothing.

            It goes without saying that I don’t possess certain knowledge as to whether Eggert’s accusation is true. No reasonable person assumes omniscience in these matters. But I share your reasoning process about it.

          • Kelly Lape

            I also sympathize with Treat. When Sen Gillibrand led a witch hunt forcing Al Franken out of the Senate based on a GOP attack I lost forever my pride in the Democratic Party. Not only did she forever remove my vote from any and every Democratic candidate for the rest of my life, she also forever tainted my ability to believe any woman in the future. Show me proof first.

          • Clive Johnson

            That whole affair left a bad taste in my mouth as well.

          • Kelly Lape

            Beyond bad taste for me. The “evidence” presented at the time of the witch hunt was completely ludicrous. I’ll never vote for any Democrat again. It was bad enough that “she” (quotes to emphasize my disgust with the bitch) worked to destroy him without presenting evidence – the Party cowards went along with her. If the party rolls over every time a strong voice is attacked by the GOP it no longer is an opposition party it is a lapdog party made up of worthless bitches.

          • Clive Johnson

            “If the party rolls over every time a strong voice is attacked by the GOP it no longer is an opposition party it is a lapdog party made up of worthless bitches.”

            This tends to be my general view of the Dems anyway, yet I always vote for them.

            I hope you can come back.

          • Kelly Lape

            I don’t see that happening. In addition to the politicians being worthless I’ve found that just posting something anti Democratic Party brings out very horrible people. I don’t want to caucus with true believers of either party. They’re destroying America.

          • Clive Johnson

            If there were a viable third party that wasn’t yet another shift to the right, I might very well vote for it. I have no loyalty to the Dems and tell them so every time they call me (fruitlessly) for donations.

          • BobSF_94117

            You’re going to stop voting to punish Sen. Gillibrand?

          • Kelly Lape

            No I’m not going to vote Democratic ever again because the Senate Democrats followed her over a red line. They destroyed their own colleague for political gain without waiting for the ethics hearing.

          • I feel like there are bunch of Koch Foundations commentators who pushed this view, that don’t vote, because the Democrats are corrupt etc. etc. etc.

            This is some of the most pathetic excuses for not voting, or not even voting for the Democratic Party..

          • The problem with Senator Franken was that there wasn’t just one incident but several, and most likely he quit because there would had been more to surface.

            If you have problems with one women’s actions taint your whole paradigm of women, you got other big problems.. I don’t remember Stalin or Mao poisoning all my views of men, like Norm Borlaug..

          • JCF

            “she also forever tainted my ability to believe any woman in the future”

            You are one fucked-up misogynist POS. Kindly fuck off. Oh wait: forget the “kindly” part. Bye now!

          • Cuberly Deux

            I gotta say though, his initial reaction, to throw out the gem, that she seduced him. This from a guy that pretty much over-reacts and attacks with very little provocation. Well, that doesn’t help him.

          • netxtown

            All it takes is a couple hours sitting in a divorce court and you will see the ugly shit people throw at each other in revenge.

          • Silver Badger

            Feeling a bit snappish today, are we, Trent? I understand about hot spots. I was accused of sexual misconduct and racism this last Christmas eve. Fortunately, our security tapes vindicated me. Without them I would have been toast. Can’t wait for my next employee evaluation.

          • Treant

            I have this weird thing about being told I must, therefore, be inappropriately assaulting somebody, therefore shut up or we’ll continue making the accusation.

            I think that block is permanent. I really hate people who can’t fucking think their way out of a paper bag.

          • netxtown

            So imagine your hell without that tape. How do you fight back – especially in the current trend?

          • Silver Badger

            I wouldn’t be able to fight back. At my age, I would be pretty much unemployable.

      • netxtown

        i beg to differ. Did you know that you can’t be toasted or buried until someone officially declares you dead? My dad waited almost a week before we could get the death certificate. And even then, we had to provide legal tender before they would turn up the legally specified heat for a legally specified length of time.

        Don’t pay your bills? There’s a legal route for that.
        Don’t mow your yard? There’s laws about that.
        it goes on and on and on….

        So what we have is learning to live within the law. And that’s where #metoo is fucking up.

    • Silver Badger

      Yeah. Innocent until proven guilty used to be an American ideal. This seems to be changing. At least for alleged sexual misconduct.

      • Treant

        ^^ This. And I gotta say, with all the pile-on, every accusation is now suspect.

        Thirty years ago? Honey, that was 1988. It wasn’t the fucking dark ages. Say something then. I’m awarding no points for finally “finding your voice” when it no longer fucking matters. Hell, even the statue of limitations is long gone and I’m one hundred percent sure she has no proof, but might have a few sketchy “witnesses.”

        I’m way over #MeToo and we should really rename it #Witchhunt (or #IWantMoney or #IWantYourJob).

        • Ninja0980

          #MeToo still serves a purpose but the guilty until proven innocent and not being allowed to point out red flags (like one of James Franco’s accusers admitting she lie’ll about a man if she gets mad) are NOT helping it.

          • Treant

            I tend to disagree. The well is now poisoned.

            It might have been a great idea to start, but frankly, some of these accusations smack of “pay me” or “I simply don’t like you.”

            I want to look even deeper and scrutinize more. Particularly since they don’t want me to look at all, or scrutinize anything. That means they’re hiding something.

          • JCF

            “one of James Franco’s accusers admitting she lie’ll about a man if she gets mad”

            OK, that requires a citation.

        • Clive Johnson

          This says it all right there. You have no concept of why people don’t speak out about their abuse. None.

          [Edit: Let’s recall the US gymnastics team abuse revelations. This awfulness didn’t come out for many years. These long waits until victims divulge their abuse is all too common.]

        • Moebym of the Returners

          I thought you were someone reasonable, Treant; boy, was I mistaken.

          Your viciousness against the metoo movement is completely uncalled for, and goes far beyond merely criticizing its flaws into the MRA territory of accusing women of trying to take the jobs of the accused. It certainly does make one wonder about you.

          • Treant

            Pardon me for holding people to some actual standards.

            This ain’t vicious. This is highly annoyed at being able to destroy somebody’s life just because you want to sue them and don’t want to be questioned.

            The fact that nobody wants these claims scrutinized is a really bad sign.

            But if you want to call me unreasonable and vicious, I’ll be glad to punch your misogyny ticket so you can complain at the next feminist meeting…or simply make a false accusation against me if you feel you can get away with it.

          • Clive Johnson

            “This is highly annoyed at being able to destroy somebody’s life just because you want to sue them”

            And you know this how in Eggert’s case? Did you ask her if this was her motivation? She just wants to sue someone, so it might as well be Baio?

          • netxtown

            I tend to agree with Treant. The door has opened and the movement started to rightfully stop this kind of crap. The horrors some of these women have had to endure is beyond ugly – and at the same time aggravating that they were afraid to step forward. They have been heard.

            But where does it end – and to what end? It is imperative that some semblance of ‘rule of law’ be maintained else we descend into execution via accusation – no proof required.

          • Treant

            Enjoy the entire load of blocks you get for actually thinking proof is required.

          • Nelson Kerr

            It ends when the man-boys, I will not use the term men< who do this stuff are afraid to do so and run away and hide.

          • netxtown

            Somebody please share all the great stories about teens and twenties with such knowledge and legal perception that they heroically navigated all those fucking youthful hormones.

            there have been endless numbers right here that have admitted they were not fully ‘legal’ when they had their first sexual encounters. And now we’re gonna claim others just ain’t that way???

          • Treant

            (waves hand) I didn’t even bother to lie to the guy, no way did I look eighteen.

            Although I was actually legal under Pennsylvania law at the time, I should point out. For most of my sexually active teenage life, I still would be–that age is 16.

            All of which is immaterial, actually. It’s a matter of not convicting without proof, and not instantly believing an accusation just because it comes from a woman. I wouldn’t automatically believe one if it came from a man, so…

            If people were honest, there’d be no such thing as filing a false police report, or a not-guilty verdict. Obviously they lie (not including white lies) quite a bit.

          • Neely OHara

            I blocked Treant a couple of years ago — the silence has been lovely…

          • Treant

            Oh, must have missed you. Your vagina smells of elderberries. Your mother won the donkey punch. Block right back at you.

          • SoCalGal20

            I finally blocked him for good yesterday. I made the mistake of unblocking him after a similar screed back in December but yesterday was the last straw. The utter contempt for assault victims, women, and lesbians was it. I’m done.

          • Treant

            Actually, let’s tell the truth here. You got pissy because I said that, not being believed as a victim, I have no reason to believe female victims.

            You flew off the handle and keyed up the histrionics. As you did in December.

            Also? I said not a single word about lesbians. So you just lied…but victims of verbal abuse are never lying…but you just lied.

            You lied through your teeth because it made you feel good and justifies your sense of “justice,” which obviously has nothing to do with “truth” or “honesty.”

            But I see it got you some tips, so that must be nice for you.

            It means I get to write off the ones who tipped you as well.

          • I found out about Mr. Manpon in this comments section. I feel like I am dealing with a real life Michael Milton from “World According to Garp” after Helen bit off his knarled root.. he is a most likely a Manpon Rights Activist, whining about big bad feminists hurting his little feelings..

        • Ron Robertson

          Too many women I care about had this happen to them for me to go to the other extreme and assume the accusations are suspect. While there are corrupt people that will make the accusations with the assumption they’ll somehow gain, they are likely the exception rather than the rule. In far too many cases, making the accusations back then would have meant a ruined life for themselves, thus victimizing them all over again. That doesn’t mean the situation went away for them.

          • Treant

            “likely” the exception.

            Citation required. So far, no #MeToo lives are ruined–you’re practically ascending them to a pedestal as great unsung heroes who have saved millions from painful ass touching. So now let’s also include the “two minutes of fame” for making an accusation and all the nice kudos you get from those unable or unwilling to analyze the claim.

          • Clive Johnson

            A little ass grabbing in the workplace, some unwanted comments like ‘I could really see us having hot sex’, etc. What’s the problem? Treant seems to be asking.

          • ceeenbee

            The woman who accused that asshole in Alabama had her house burned down. That’s not a peck on the cheek.

          • Treant

            (rolls eyes). That is not proof.

          • Ron Robertson

            Her accusations were quite credible, and his denials were not. He also had a long history of acting outside the law.

          • Ron Robertson

            Actually, there are plenty of cases where MeToo people’s lives were ruined, or at least their careers were. Still, I’m against just automatically assuming their accusations are valid. No group has the right to that assumption. We can sometimes make an educated guess based on what we know of each party, though that shouldn’t be enough in and of itself to ruin a life or career. Republicans have done that enough to people for decades, I hate it when the people on our (assuming it’s our) side do that. This past election has made it clear how stupid so many people are on our side. Maybe not as many or as often as stupid as the other side, but more than enough.

          • Treant

            Exactly. However, it may be worth some damage to get the corresponding adulation.

            Again, people simply aren’t that smart, insightful, and they sure don’t seem to be able to analyze potential motive as we clearly see around here.

        • FloBear

          You’ve clearly learned nothing from the testimony of so many women. 1988 WAS the dark ages for reporting sexual abuse. There’s no money to be made from this. I believe this woman. Tell us why you don’t.

          • Treant

            There’s no reason to. She has no proof. She could very well dislike Baio, as so many of us do, and simply be throwing this to damage his remaining career.

            “You’ve clearly learned nothing”…also, fuck you too. What I’ve learned from the “testimony of women” is that they fucking lie about as much as men do. Which is a lot, actually.

            You’ve clearly learned nothing about humanity in all your years. So there’s the insult right back at you.

          • Clive Johnson

            Proof is an irrelevant standard in probably 99% of cases unless there is a video or audio recording.

            What matters is the preponderance of evidence.

        • Dale Snyder

          There are many reasons victims of sexual abuse take years to open up about the abuse. Sometimes it takes one brave soul to start the avalanche, and that’s what we’re seeing now.

          • Treant

            That’s not proof. These are still accusations that I’m apparently supposed to accept without critique or analysis, often thrown anonymously on the Internet.

            That is not going to happen.

          • Todd20036

            What actually is proof in your mind?

          • Treant

            Bloody anything, really. Got a picture? A scribbled love note? Security camera footage? A couple of witnesses (one probably won’t do unless they’re a provably uninterested third party).

            Hell, I’ve even said I’ll accept multiple testimonies from unrelated people who are also not involved with each other. Figure 3 under most circumstances.

            After thirty years? I’m only going to accept verifiable hard copy, though. It’s too far in the past. Figure 5 to 7 different accusations from aforementioned sorts.

            But even after thirty years, I’m calling the accusations weak without proof.

            And of course, he’s allowed to offer counterproof. That counts, too.

      • Do Something Nice

        This certainly seems like ‘mob justice,’ but that is what happens when there was no justice for decades.

        I’m willing to bet that the number of women whose lives/careers were ruined by coming forward are 1000 to 1 greater in number than the number of “innocent” men who are falsely accused of sexual abuse/rape.

        Get back to me about ‘ideals’ when every industry, every company, every level of government and all political parties have transparent standards and procedures regarding this.

        Until then, I don’t give a fuck about your ideals.

        • Silver Badger

          My ideals? American ideals. Innocent until proven guilty is one of our founding principals.

          • Do Something Nice

            I agree it is a great ideal. But it doesn’t exist.

          • ceeenbee

            I understand your point but, one can not be found innocent or guilty until someone makes an accusation of guilt. If chachi is innocent, he can sue sue hell out of Eggert for defamation and let all the dirty laundry fly.

        • zhera

          It doesn’t have to either/or. We can take accusations of sexual abuse seriously without losing one of the most important aspects of a just society.

          It’s important to distinguish between a courtroom and the world outside of it. Innocent until proven guilty is a matter for the court. People getting fired unjustly have the opportunity to sue the employer.

          The important thing here, IMO, is that companies, schools, etc. learn from their mistakes and implement proper channels and procedures for harassment/abuse. Too many victims have been ignored by the authorities and that’s one of the major reasons why there’s a flood of accusations now.

          It will be interesting to see how this affects society in the long run.

          • Do Something Nice

            But it has been ‘either or’ for decades.

            I see this as I see ‘affirmative action.’ It goes against the ideal but it is necessary until things change.

    • Cuberly Deux

      But you’re missing out on the latest craze! Trial by social media! It’s a gas!

      No messy trials, no tawdry discovery phase, it’s all trial by likes…ya dig? No messy torches to deal with, no pitchforks to carry.

      Be part of a lynch mob from the comfort of your own home!

      To be fair, America has had a pretty dicey acquaintance with innocent till proven guilty.

      • Treant

        ^^This. I weep for my nation.

        Actually, I don’t. I gave up on the goodness and intelligence of people quite a while ago, and pluck the occasional one that shows both out of the pack to call a friend.

        Unfortunately, they’re few and far between, but at least they don’t go around tarring and feathering people on accusation.

        • Cuberly Deux

          I’m not quite to that point yet.

          I think we’re still trying to figure out how to address the accusations. The only way that’s going to happen is by taking them seriously and entering into a process to apply actual punishments to proven instances.

          I forget which feminist author stated it, but she said (paraphrasing) if any innocent men get caught up in the accusations and face the loss of career etc..she was fine with that because this was “their” time.

          In my mind that is incredibly dangerous thinking. It should be about two things, taking these crimes seriously & justice. Revenge could irreparably harm both of those.

          • Treant

            It’s fortunate that the jury system is “innocent until proven guilty.”

            Unfortunately? I’d hate to be accused with some people around here on the jury. They’re clearly hot to convict anything with a dick and could give a shit about laws, legal process, or actual guilt.

            On the up side, companies acting on accusations like this are going to get their asses sued if they don’t have rock solid proof. Most will settle out of court for pretty decent amounts, so it makes it unlikely that “destroy career upon accusation” will catch on–particularly when the accuser is in line for that person’s job.

          • JCF

            “if any innocent [persons] get caught up in the accusations…”

            I’ve actually heard some death penalty proponents use this defense (against the—highly rational!—argument, the ONE way to know you’ll never execute an innocent person, is to not execute anyone).

            This what leads to Reigns of Terror: when PUNISHMENT itself becomes be-all&end-all.

            That said: an accusation is not a trial, much less conviction, much less punishment. I support investigating accusations, w/o bias against 1) the TIME between the alleged abuse, and the public accusation, 2) the power differential between the accuser and accused (to say that the accuser is “just in it for the money/publicity”), 3) an accuser returning to the accused, to aid their careers. Would that we all NEVER had such assholes in our career paths at all, but there they are! Especially for power-less victims, their abusers aid may be essential towards advancement [And anyone who asserts, “Oh, *I* would never return to my abuser!” please kindly STFU. You’re not in someone else’s shoes, you don’t know what you would do.]

            I believe that those who allege abuse deserve a preferential option to be HEARD. Though that does not mean a requirement for the subject of their allegation to be punished.

      • Ron Robertson

        In the case of Scott Baio, I wouldn’t presume him to be more credible than his accuser. He is not especially credible overall, which should be taken into account. That said, we do have to remember it’s possible he’s innocent of this.

        • Treant

          Nobody’s assigning credibility to either. What I, anyway, am saying is that there’s a lack of proof. Plus this is thirty years later, so it can’t be litigated anyway.

          Given Baio, is it likelier than not? Yes. Am I going to rally to destroy his career over it? No, because “likelier than not” doesn’t even mean an extremely high probability.

          Just because an accusation gets made does not mean it’s accurate. And frankly, memories drift in thirty years.

          (Besides, I already hate him for the conservative thing anyway).

          • ceeenbee

            On the positive side Treant is, at least he doesn’t have a career to destroy anymore

          • Treant

            He still makes appearances, which I don’t think this will change. Acting…nothing major since Diagnosis: Murder, I think, but I’d have to check.

          • Clive Johnson

            So, if it can’t be litigated anyway according to you, and at the same time you demand that you are innocent until proven guilty, apparently you’re saying that all accusers should just shut up? Got it.

          • Sporkfighter

            “Am I going to rally to destroy his career over it?”

            Uh, how would you rally to destroy his career? That’d be like driving a stake through Francisco Franco’s heart to kill him.

          • Treant

            You do have a point there. Discredit him further, perhaps…although he still does have a following amongst the righties.

          • Sporkfighter

            A “following” isn’t a career. I doubt he gats income off of being Scott Baio today, it’s all residuals from decades past.

          • JCF
        • Cuberly Deux

          The dangers of social media. If you make accusations like that chances are you’re automatically entered into a legal process one way or the other.

          Baio is a hair-trigger right-wing douche-bag. He had that pitiful rant last year where he said he was done with being black-listed in hollywood, it was all a leftist conspiracy so he was done with it. Autocratic tendencies and quick to anger…I see your point.

          It’s like Patricia Heaton ranting how she wasn’t given the opportunities others were because of her far-right views. Mind you she said this as she was the star of her own CBS sitcom. That was a head scratcher….

          • Paul Duca

            Heaton is the star and executive producer of THE MIDDLE, and is respected by people of all political stripes in Hollywood.

    • Nelson Kerr

      nobody has called for any harm tho the scumbag, and the Scumbag is justified by his words on sandy hook alone, he has proven that he is a vile POS, this just arguing about how vile.

      • Treant

        And that’s what pisses me off and is the source of my anger. I keep asking for these women to be held to some standard of proof.

        Meanwhile, what I’m reading is that no standard of proof from the men will do; they’re guilty upon accusation. So really, I should be much more nasty than some of the commentators to me have been.

        Additionally, men cannot accuse women (I’ve blocked most of the ultra-feminists who claim that shit) because somehow that’s not important. So there, no standard of proof will do while the woman is always right again.

        And then they wonder why I get pissed and block them for being the unethical and incredibly stupid curs they are.

        • You are not going to get empirical truth. The allegations are in many suppressed for years, mainly out of fear. However, most of the time, the abusers don’t have one victim, but many..

          If someone is accused of abuse and or sexual assault, let’s say Jeremy Piven, it starts many others coming forward to explain the same exact type of pattern..

          Men can accuse women of assault, and many boyfriends have accused their girlfriends of physical assault, but there has to be some evidence or corroborating witness testimony..

          This isn’t about women being right, it is about sexual harassment and sexual assault. There are reasons it keeps silent for years to decades, and why many women are afraid to come forward..

          • Treant

            So I’m simply supposed to accept this as…proof…because…it’s a pattern but…it’s not about them being right…due to years of suppression…which can change memories….

            No. Just no. That’s an argument against believing one word out of their mouths and simply strengthens my conclusion. People lie. Memories change over the years, drifting from the truth.

            We can’t trust any allegation this old, and that’s one of the reasons for the Statute of Limitations.

            I won’t trust an allegation without proof. It’s too easy to tear apart, and we’ve now seen that no amount of counterargument will do.

            No. Just no. Call me when somebody can read the Fourteenth Amendment.

          • Todd20036

            No one’s memory of sexual assault gets “changed”.

          • Treant

            Bets? Memories get rewritten and changed and reinterpreted. Which is why two victims of the same thing will remember it differently and the memories can diverge.

            Your brain is not a camcorder.

          • Treant

            Upon a moment’s more thought, “You’re not going to get empirical truth.”

            Which equals that you know they’re not telling the truth.


            End of argument.

          • What is your problem?

            There are many ways to get to truth, empiricism is one way..

            I didn’t state they are not telling the truth. I stated that it is difficult to use empiricism is their testimony.

            Calm the fuck down, I apologize in responding to a bozo.

          • Treant

            What is my problem? I’m saying that lacking empiricism means they can’t prove one fucking word. That’s my problem.

            My problem is convicting people without proof. My problem is with people like you who are comfortable with that. My major problem is the fact that you threw out the Constitution because it feels right and surely, surely they’re telling some sort of truth because a woman you think was abused is speaking.

            I have an enormous fucking problem with that kind of bullshit “feminism” which is nothing more than fucking fascism in another fucking guise.

            That is my fucking problem, and if you don’t like it? Fuck right fucking off. Because you are part of the problem and a fuck more like Trump than you would ever admit.

          • Treant

            On second thought, you called me a bozo for calling you on your “empirical” bullshit. You won’t reply–you don’t have a valid answer–but now you can simply shove the insults up your ass. Permablock for being a troll and a Trump-like asshole.

            I have no patience for fascist “feminists” who are anything but. Enjoy your life. It’s all your fault.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Given Baio’s political and religious beliefs, I believe this story. I’ve always thought he was smarmy.

    • Todd20036

      Religious people tend to be smarmy, rather than happy.

      THey’re “happy” only when they can look down on others.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        If they give the appearance of “happy” the Stepford wives always come to mind for me.

  • Sam_Handwich
  • Pollos Hermanos

    Quick. Somebody call Willie Aames for verification.

  • Gustav2

    Renee Baio’s response is the equivalent of “but…but…but Hillary’s emails.”

  • Will Parkinson

    Aw, damn. I wanted to go to Twitter, but he has me blocked. 🙁

  • These two are exceptional white trash. He re-tweeted a meme suggesting Sandy Hook was a disaster. The old wife still trying to look like a Barbie Doll attacked one of the mother’s of a dead child. And still, they have the balls and the saggy tits to say they are such wonderful Christians.

    • Dale Snyder

      Saggy balls and tits.

  • Moebym of the Returners

    Regardless of whether this allegation is true, his daughter definitely deserves better parents. I fear she’s already been exposed to their toxic belief system for far too long, though.

  • AtticusP
  • Lazycrockett
  • shellback

    I don’t know who he is, but by his appearance, I would have guessed he was more interested in farmyard animals.

  • Ninja0980

    As I’ve said before, Diagnosis Murder is one of my mom’s favorite shows.
    Thank goodness this prick was only on it for two seasons (which I didn’t like as much anyway.)
    Makes it easier to skip them and enjoy the rest.

  • Tomcat

    Sexual assault or sexual harassment has been the norm for way too long in business and Hollywood. I do not feel for anyone that falls into the ME TOO trap because they have no morals that tell them to come forward and ask for forgiveness until AFTER caught.

  • AtticusP

    How long is it before we find out that Miss Piggy was fondled by Big Bird?

    • Tomcat

      Kermit did it.

    • another_steve

      I know for a fact that Mr. Clean fondled the housewife in that 1961 TV commercial.

      • It Takes a Village, People

        Strangely, there have been no complaints. And lots of babies were born bald that year. hmmm…..

        • Tomcat

          Mothers all over America were extremely happy with their little housekeepers he produced.

    • Tomcat

      Very hard to satisfy a pig sexually,,, if you ever saw a boars dick you would know why. (It is a corkscrew shape).

      • Karl Dubhe 2

        I thought that was just ducks? Then again, I’ve never looked for a pic of a boar’s dick.

        And I’m never going to look for that sort of thing again. 🙂

        • BobSF_94117

          I’ve seen the dick of a bore or two…

      • Dazzer

        There was a howlingly funny Australian comedienne called Dreenagh Darrell back in the day who did a whole set on pig penises.

        She used to bring the house down every time.

        • Paul Duca

          The genitalia of a male pig is corkscrew shaped and up to 14 inches long–plus, it has been verified that its orgasm lasts as long as a half hour.

      • yes b’y

        Seems ducks have corkscrews too, which they shed. I think I saw it once ewwwww

    • Dubito et cogitare

      Q: What’s green and smells like pork?
      A: Kermit’s finger.

  • Tomcat

    ONLY more proof Hillary was right about deplorables.

    • Todd20036

      Like we needed any

  • Tomcat

    Alright now, Anyone have any proof that Mr Rogers did it too.

    • leastyebejudged

      So far as proof goes, he has all the proof their interactions were consensual.

      You don’t tell people you’d love to work with your molester again. She’s a liar.

    • kanehau

      Somebody had to have their hands up the puppets.

  • another_steve

    Based on what we know of Baio today, I’d say the probability that he sexually molested women is very high.

    • Tomcat

      Of course he did, a woman said so and I believe her 100%.
      Just like trump followers believe him 100%. Only fair.

      • another_steve

        I look to the character of the man being accused. Is this the sort of guy who very well may have sexually harassed women?

        Donald Trump… yes.

        Scott Baio… yes.

        • Tomcat

          I am sure there are many more you and I would NOT expect, that did.

          • Nelson Kerr

            Tomcat you are probably right

      • Treant

        Oh. Sorry, I thought we weren’t supposed to be as dumb as Dumpster supporters.

        My bad.

      • Nelson Kerr

        He know that he is a lying POS from, his lies about Sandy Hook
        prove that clearly. So we have a woman against a proven lying POS, I tend to go with the person that has not proven publicly and on the record them-self human garbage. Why would anyone do otherwise?

  • JT

    Baio: But my mental age back then was only 14. It’s pretty much the same now.

  • JWC

    somehow this is believable

  • bkmn
  • leastyebejudged

    All these people are whacked.

    I do not like Baio, but I certainly find the donut whisperer lacking credibility here.

  • Dagoril

    I hope Joanie is holding up ok through all of this.

    • Silver Badger

      I think she died awhile back.

      • Treant

        She did, April of last year.

        • TampaDink

          Then she’s fine.

          • Cuberly Deux


            Why do I imagine you dryly saying that whilst in your outstretched hand you’re holding a martini….lol…

          • Dazzer

            Has there ever been a time when TampaDink didn’t have a martini in his outstretched hand?

          • Cuberly Deux

            Ha! Most likely no.

            But then I bet he edits his comments a bit, he omits how he starts every sentence with “DAAAAHling.”

    • Kelly Lape

      Wow, now that’s beating a dead horse. (I’m going to hell for that)

  • Jon Trouten

    Another child star had already made allegations of abuse on the set of Charles in Charge back in December. Alexander Polinsky has been talking about it on his Twitter feed and was backed up by Nicole Eggert.

  • Paula

    Start back peddling Chachi. Its gonna’ be a bumpy ride!
    OTOH, its not like he has much of a reputation to ruin.

    • Cuberly Deux

      Well, he’s alt-right so it’s pretty much a reputation to embellish.

  • safari

    O/T: We’re in ludicrous territory

  • another_steve

    What’s that tchotchke hanging from his neck in that photo?

    • #DJTK5F

      Joni Loves Tchotchke.

      • another_steve

        ^^ LMAO!!!

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    So Sad… The only thing left for Baio now is a shot at a Republican Senate seat.

    • another_steve

      If the allegations against him are true, he can be Roy Moore’s running mate when they run for President and Vice President in 2020.

      • liondon#iamnotatraitor

        The family values party

  • Eric Lewis

    He was nearly twice her age & her boss isn’t this sort of a textbook case ?

  • Boreal
  • ceeenbee

    I’m shocked!!!

    Okay. No I’m not.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Fun Things to Think About
    George Bush left the Presidency in 2009 and we’re still fighting two wars that he started.
    Fun times.

    • Friday

      There was a fun clip of Will Ferrel returning as Dubya on that point posted to the Mary Sue today or yesterday. 🙂

  • Yet another anti-gay Republican evangelical. Why is this so common? That said, innocent until proven guilty. So far this is just an allegation.

    • another_steve

      “Republican evangelical” is the mother-of-all-red flags.

      If someone introduces himself to you as a Republican evangelical, gather up your children, your pets and your houseplants – and hide.

    • Friday

      Their religion is *based* on scapegoating. Dysfunctional ‘morals’ and projection are an inherent structure of that.

  • Treant

    Well, that shows absolutely no ability to analyze an accusation.

  • hdtex

    Renee Baio is a real peach too. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer pair….

    • Mikey

      Ugly, ugly people the Baios, and it has nothing to do with their physical appearance.

      • JP

        Well, considering his attraction for me back then he shore fell down the ugly tree.

  • Karl Dubhe 2

    Baio’s career at this point is to collect royalties for past work.

    I don’t think it’s possible to destroy what’s left of his career.

  • Michael R
    • another_steve

      So proud of our First Lady!

      Such nice silicone titties.

    • Friday

      One thing that really strikes me about Melania’s porn career and so much else is the thought of how she really *should* be a really attractive lady, but she always looks like she hates everyone and practically broadcasts ‘Sex is dirty and mean.’ This seems to be an image of women some sociopaths get off on or something.

      • kareemachan

        Well, some of it is all the botox and plastic surgery….

  • teedofftaxpayer

    And of course his wife defends him and she wasn’t even with him at that time. WTF does know other than what he tells her.

    • ClevelandJim

      Renee just earned herself a large, 2-topping pizza!

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Papa John’s Reich Wing Supreme: Cheese and lots of bovine feces…mmmmm

        • ClevelandJim


    • Reality.Bites

      Pretty sure she wasn’t BORN at the time

  • Nowhereman

    Oh my gawd! Will Clint Eastwood be next? (Snark–the headline made me laugh! I mean, Scott Baio!)

  • Clyde’s Stuff

    His wife is a blatant racist. I have her tweets buried somewhere in my files that she made before she began blocking practically everybody. Baio is as well. So yeah, I’d believe it of this Trump Monkey Clone.

  • Mark Abbott

    Look at the bright side Scott; now you can run as a Republican and Trump will endorse you!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    How Scott, there’s a witness and it’s a guy…good luck with the “women are out to get me” defense.

  • Friday

    Considering he’s been all over the place as a right-wing authoritarian, this isn’t surprising news. This shit just seems to come with the personality type.

  • fuzzybits

    What a hideous couple.

  • Henry Auvil

    In similar news, Doris Day accuses Rock Hudson of rummaging through her purse on the set of “Pillow Talk”.

    • edrex

      but with consent.

    • Reality.Bites

      Figures. Republicans

  • Mike

    The thing is, what does Scott Baio have to lose over this? His reputation? His acting career? Ha! The only upshot may be be that Republicans will now see him as US Senate material.

    • He is a Californian Resident, and I highly doubt he would even get near the top two tier for the General Election..

  • TexasBoy

    Didn’t Erin Moran accuse him years ago?

  • edrex

    the shape of his head got weird.

  • ian
  • Slippy_World
  • JDS

    i guess Chachi loved more than Joanie?

  • Jmdintpa

    he fingers me in the garage to this day ….

  • ceeenbee
  • Paul Duca

    I wonder if he gave her pinkeye.

  • Helen Damnation™

    He deserves every bit of damnation that is thrown at him, godammit. I watched his 17 minute FB live video, and was shocked how dumb he is. And his wife is a control freak from hell. O/T but doesn’t Ben Feldman resemble Baio, but in a much cuter way? Here’s an example.

  • HappyDance904

    Was Charles really in charge??? NO! WAIT!! Charles GETS charged!!!!

  • David

    Someone did NOT age well.

  • GeoffreyPS

    More than 2 cease and desist letter? Does that mean 3? It’s weird to see “more than” used in such a way. And a cease and desist letter is basically just a glorified threat letter: keep it up and I may take you to court. Sounds like Ms. Eggert would love that.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Heterosexual men!

  • fahvel

    who and what is this baio? accomplishments? (not what he’s done), notoriety based on what?

  • Robert Flanagan

    Well there goes his career…..oh, wait.

  • exGander

    Damn. That’s a super size order of ugly right there.

  • kareemachan

    scott’s wife is almost uglier than him.

    And that’s saying a LOT.

  • MrMAB63

    Baio’s wife has turned out to be a bigger POS than Scott himself…

  • Michael Hunt

    I hope this doesn’t damage his thriving career.