Gus Kenworthy Named P&G Brand Ambassador [VIDEO]

The Cincinnati Business Courier reports:

Procter & Gamble Co. revealed today that U.S. freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy, who is expected to compete in the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, will be a brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders shampoo.

Regarded as the first openly gay action-sports athlete, Kenworthy will be featured in the “Shoulders of Greatness” advertising campaign for the Cincinnati-based maker of consumer goods.

Kenworthy will appear in a 15-second TV commercial as well as in-store and digital spots on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube through February. The games in PyeongChang will run from Feb. 8-25.

Kenworthy created a stir in July by saying that if he wins a medal in PyeongChang games he won’t accept an invitation to visit the White House because he doesn’t approve of how President Donald Trump is running the country.

Kenworthy hasn’t yet officially made the US Olympics team, that announcement might come today.

  • joeyj1220
    • northern_neighbour

      Yeah, he is a pretty wholesome guy all round, even when he couldn’t
      afford the ski suit, as in the pic above.

      I mean the cost of boots and skis nowadays …

      • Todd20036

        I’m ok with him NEVER being able to afford a ski suit.

        • northern_neighbour

          yeah, I guess I’m with you … from the p.o.v. of eye candy …

          but other than that I wish for him to do well and have a happy life in all respects. He is a class act, a beautiful role model, and a first rate ambassador for EQUALITY in all ways.

  • Christopher

    Glad to know that he got his dandruff under control. 🙂

    Still, this is cool. I hope he makes the team.

  • Danieruw

    I have three takeaways from this.

    1. P&G is a really good company to work for if you are LGBT. They have an excellent LGBT employee resource group. It made ours at Macy’s look like garbage.

    2. Even ten years ago, athletes would not have come out for fear of losing sponsorship and endorsement deals. For a major company to not only use an openly gay athlete in their ads for a product geared to men’s grooming, but to embrace and promote the LGBT community in the same ad is a massive step forward for us.

    3. This is an FU to repugnicans, I think. P&G sees what’s happening in the country and says “We’ll do this anyway, even though we’re based in Cincinnati.”

    Awesome for them and for Gus!

    • BearEyes

      All to the good, but #3 for the win

    • Gustav2

      P&G headquartered in Cincinnati, OH.

      When you lose the Midwest…

    • patrick

      P&G = unquestionably spending their profits against our Community…
      “Total Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (36% to Democrats, 64% to Republicans). House: (Total to Democrats $71,000, Total to Republicans $122,500). Senate (Total to Democrats $41,500, Total to Republicans: $79,000)”

  • JohnJay

    I remember him at the 2014 Sochi Olympics: there were all sorts of stories about how Gus tried to save and rescue the stray dogs and puppies in Sochi.


      He did rescue the dog family and brought them all home and are now all well homed.

    • Dazzer

      At least one British athlete from the Sochi Games has a dog that Kenworthy rescued.

      He was in the British press quite a lot – and he seems to have got on well with athletes from around the world. He didn’t just stick with the American delegation (some athletes from around the world only ever fraternise with their own country’s sports people).

      • greenmanTN

        Is ‘fraternize’ a euphemism, I hope?

        • Dazzer

          God no!

          Olympic athletes go at it like rabbits with one (or more) another.

          At London 2012, I think they (and the Paralympians) went through something like 100,000 condoms.

          Promiscuous sex is almost as much a tradition of the Olympics as the lighting of the flame.

          • greenmanTN

            Well, I was a Boy Scout and if you rub two sticks together long enough you light a flame. Just saying… 😉

          • ChrisMorley

            London’s 150,000 (15 each) was seriously eclipsed by Rio in 2016.

            Seventeen days, 10,500 athletes, 33 venues, and 450,000 condoms. That’s how many camisinhas (little shirts in Brazilian slang) are being supplied by the International Olympics Committee for the 2016 Rio Summer Games.
            Forty-two per athlete, to be specific, which, even by Olympic standards, is a hell of a lot.

          • Dazzer

            At London 2012, some athletes must have got through far more their allotted 15 condoms.

            One well known sprinter bedded another country’s entire female volley ball team in one night.

            Then they all went out the next morning to eat their free Macdonalds in the Olympic Park (and presumably compare notes).

          • ChrisMorley

            Awesome athleticism.
            Your sources are intriguing. Excellent inside “gossip”.

          • Dazzer

            I was a gamesmaker at the Olympics and Paralympics. I was working on the press side – so I heard some rumours.

            However, the people who knew best what was going on in the athletes village were the gamesmakers there. They were all sworn to secrecy and – to this day – have usually kept their mouths shut about what went on there (apart from general gossip).

            However, that particular sprinter was incredibly popular with women from all over the world and they all wanted to have sex with him. And he was keen to accommodate them all. His appetite for sex was prodigious, so sometimes you’d hear the village volunteers talking about his exploits in hushed and awed voices.

            Also, it became apparent very quickly that there were far more gay/bi/experimenting athletes in the Olympics than were openly declaring themselves gay.

          • JackFknTwist

            That’s just wonderful !

    • Zoey
      • leastyebejudged

        Jesus, what a fucking parasite. And the gays will just eat this shit right up ‘cus he’s “cute”. Disgusting.

        • northern_neighbour

          Judge not that ye, in turn, ….

          Gus is just fine … it is Jenner whose political rationality is all fucked up.
          It was just a snapshot (which he deleted) … and who knows, maybe the son of the Sultan of Brunei is secretly gay, and admires Ken … ??

          We can’t expect every gay icon sports hero to be totally up on all the political ramifications and minutiae around the globe. 100% awareness and purity at all moments is hard to come by.

      • Todd20036

        I’m wiling to allow he was clueless that one time.

        Caitlyn is lost. She’s no advocate for the transgendered. She’s as much a quisling as Milo, and is no heroine.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Considering that P&G is based in Cincinnati …home of Right to Life and nasty anti-gay legislation… this is a big deal.

    • johncAtl

      They can change their logo but we know they’re still controlled by Satan.

      • Bluto

        What ever happened to turd eagle of the apocalypse?

        • TexasBoy
          • Zoey

            I’m just more surprised that he has 48,000 followers. That’s scary.

          • northern_neighbour

            Not really all that scary.

            I’m thinking that about 48,000 millennials per month stop going to church, especially Fundy/Crazy churches, and are pretty permanently turned off by all the religious hogwash that underscore old batshit attention whores, crazy whores like this 3rd Eagle ‘invisible’ white supremacist privileged’ Delusionist’, he who lives out in some pristine countryside not yet ruined by the mega-Koch suckers of our society.

            Hope for a better future springs eternal. Most of the kids are all right!!

            We need to march with the millennials towards a more just future, and not obsess too much over the semi-demented soon to be ghosts of the past.

          • violamateo

            Now, looking at those 48,000 followers from the Third Eagle perspective, 4+8=12, and 1+2=3. Not so many followers, after all!

          • McSwagg

            And those 3 are all zeros.

          • JackFknTwist

            True……..the demented shall pass !

          • prixator

            Aha! When I first saw a picture of the accused serial killer in Toronto, I had a nagging feeling I had seen him somewhere before. Now I know that who I was thinking of was this 3rd eye nut.

      • Chuck in NYC

        My mother actually bought into this logo nonsense back in the late 70s-early 80s. My late dad got so put out with her. I think she got over it, but I sometimes wonder based on some of her ongoing political comments.

    • Dazzer

      P&G in the UK has always been a fairly progressive and forward-looking company in the UK.

      • Hue-Man
        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          HA! This is one of my all time favourites, that “like your ex” line is perfection.

        • patrick

          McCarthy, Kevin (R-CA), Rice, Tom (R-SC), Scalise, Steve (R-LA), Blunt, Roy (R-MO), Burr, Richard (R-NC), Burr, Richard (R-NC), Burr, Richard (R-NC), Johnson, Ron (R-WI), Kirk, Mark (R-IL), Kirk, Mark (R-IL), Portman, Rob (R-OH), Thune, John (R-SD), Thune, John (R-SD).

          Cute commercials – but let’s not become distracted by pretty faces and vain PR-campaigns. Money talks and we can plainly see who P&G calls their friends – yep, that’d be our Community’s self-acknowledged enemies.

      • patrick

        P&G in the USA:
        “Total Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (36% to Democrats, 64% to Republicans). Total Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (36% to Democrats, 64% to Republicans). House: (Total to Democrats $71,000, Total to Republicans $122,500). Senate (Total to Democrats $41,500, Total to Republicans: $79,000)”

  • Reality.Bites

    Fake news. No gay man’s scalp would dare flake

  • Blake Jordan

    Good to see not all companies have backed away from open support for LGBTQ+s, after the GOP took over full control of the federal government…

    Edit: Companies, etc. quickly caved to the bull shit “repeal” of HB2 in NC… didn’t help that the DINO governor betrayed LGBTQ+s, after hey helped him win!!!

    • patrick

      P&G = unquestionably spending their profits against our Community..
      “Total Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (36% to Democrats, 64% to Republicans). House: (Total to Democrats $71,000, Total to Republicans $122,500). Senate (Total to Democrats $41,500, Total to Republicans: $79,000)”

  • JT

    Gus is wearing too much clothing in these ads.

  • band

    I wanna rest my Heels of Licentiousness on his Shoulders of Greatness.

  • greenmanTN

    Dandruff should be so lucky!

  • Blake Jordan

    Considering he did well during the qualifiers, and has been doing well during the X-Games; etc… it would be very suspicious if he did not qualify for the 2018 US Winter Olympic Team!!!

    Once he is official, he can join Adam Rippon in taking down Pence a peg or two!!!

  • ClevelandJim

    I love everything about Gus, even his quirky boyfriend. Good on P&G!

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Yeah, they seem like a fun, silly couple which means they’re happy.

  • Dagoril

    He’s purdy.

  • David Walker

    Old joke: I know how to give head, but how do I give shoulders?

  • Jim Maloney

    I saw the commercial when streaming one of the cable networks a couple of nights ago. I don’t recall the rainbow flag in it though…I hope I see it again and my memory is wrong.

    Edit: My memory was wrong. Yeah! Here is what I saw 6 seconds shorter and rainbow flag is in it:

  • MDixon34

    The commercial has run during the Colbert Show this past week (in LA market at least). It gives me chills when I see it. Really happy for Gus.

  • fuzzybits

    Oh Monica is busy sending out a bulletin.

  • patrick

    Sadly, he’s a PR-tool. Any Company which supports the Republican Party is showing NO commitment to the health, safety and civil-rights of LGBTQ citizens (that includes athletes). He should decline their onerous offer…
    “Total Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (36% to Democrats, 64% to Republicans). House: (Total to Democrats $71,000, Total to Republicans $122,500). Senate (Total to Democrats $41,500, Total to Republicans: $79,000)”

  • Mike

    Using a hipster dude to sell dandruff shampoo is hilarious. Or maybe I’m out of touch. Do hipsters have dandruff?

  • Rillion

    He’s officially made the Olympic team. It is known.

  • Eli Bradley