Indonesia Asks Google To Block LGBT Apps

Coconuts Jakarta reports:

Indonesia’s IT Ministry says it has filed a request to Google to block around 70 LGBT social networking apps from being available to download in the country through the Google Play Store.

IT Minister Rudiantara confirmed today that the ministry is unable to block the apps themselves as they are all available under Google’s platform. One of the apps Rudiantara mentioned was Blued, a gay dating and social networking app that claims to have 27 million users worldwide. He also spoke of the ministry’s difficulties containing the app and its website ever since finding out about them in 2016.

The ministry’s request represents the latest act of discrimination against the minority group by the Indonesian government. This would be the equivalent of them asking Google to block Tinder for perpetuating heterosexual relationships (though the app also supports same-sex relationships), which the ministry has have never done.

RELATED: Last year Jakarta police arrested 141 men in a raid on a gay sauna as part of an ongoing attack against LGBT citizens. In December, however, Indonesia’s high court narrowly rejected a petition to criminalize homosexuality outright. Indonesia’s Aceh province instituted sharia law in 2015 and two gay men there were publicly caned last year as a jeering crowd recorded the abuse with their phones. Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous nation.

  • bkmn

    Morans. Repressing sexuality does not work – just look at the RCC and their “celibate” priests.

  • crewman

    Would it be more effective to just block Indonesia? /s

    One approach Google could consider is taking a stand for openness. However, that has problems, i.e. decency, and in fact US law requires, certain content be removed, such as child exploitation, other criminal content, etc. You cannot avoid that crimes and values vary by country and culture. Google would inherently be imposing values it has (and the US requires within its laws) on other countries. If Google complies with country laws (which it probably has to do), then you end up with Google being forced into a very ugly censorship role, which goes against its most famous (now abandoned) business value: “Don’t be evil.”

    • tst tst

      But that would be “islamophobic” and “racist”

  • Makoto

    Pence hears this news, and fervently hopes that Mueller hurries up and manages to get Trump out so he can introduce such things here.
    .. well, and that he was sufficiently shielded from all the naughty stuff going on.

  • Tawreos

    We have been here all throughout history and yet people still think that denying that we exist is going to make us not exist.

    • Todd20036

      Hitler tried to exterminate us outright and failed.

      • Tawreos

        They will never get rid of us until the human race dies out entirely, because the straights are the ones that have the gay babies.

        • The_Wretched

          A point that seems entirely lost on them. Evenmoreso, the xtian nutjobs keep pushing for large families and later birth order sons are more likely to be gay. That means their fav. fam. in increasing the % gay vs smaller families.

        • Wanda

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    • Chris Baker

      I think gays are quickly becoming an undeniable truth worldwide. Unfortunately, some places are still way behind. I hope google tells them to f-off, and these various apps discover ways to keep their members secret and safe.

  • Statistics Palin

    As Indonesia goes, so goes Mississippi!

  • m_lp_ql_m

    I believe Blued is a Chinese-backed app. Which I find surprising as their government does what it can to silence LGBTQ issues.

    • Silver Badger

      Oh yes, but any government loves the loud, clear sound of money.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Grindr is now Chinese owned as well

  • Karl Dubhe 2

    Abstinence only for homosexuality?

    That’ll work as well as it does for hetrosexuality, methinks.

  • safari

    Hate never dies.

  • zhera

    I would not want to use an app like that in a gay hostile country. Can’t decide if the the users are brave or stupid. (Is this because I’m straight? Feel free to enlighten me.)

    OBVIOUSLY I wish they wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

    • m_lp_ql_m

      I don’t know about hook-up apps in general, but in a gay-hostile country, the intarwebs can certainly be a life saver.

      • zhera

        But the technology can also be used against you. Scary shit!

        • Mikey

          sadly, even in a country like the US it can be dangerous, as has been demonstrated over and over by people who’ve been mugged and worse through hookups from Grindr.

    • pch1013

      In Egypt and probably elsewhere, the cops use Grindr and similar apps to entrap gay men.

      • zhera

        My thought exactly!

  • JWC

    O/T what does “sjws” stand for

    • m_lp_ql_m

      “Social Justice Warrior”?

    • pch1013

      “SJW” is alt-right shorthand for “anyone who speaks out against racism, sexism, and/or homophobia.”

      “Alt-right” is shorthand for “Nazi.”

  • fuow

    Yeah, there’s a reason I despise that religion.

    • PR

      All religion

  • bkmn

    Oh oh, looks like the FBI wants to talk to Sheriff Clarke as part of their investigation into Russia funneling money to the NRA.

  • ted-

    Another country I won’t be visiting.

  • ETownCanuck

    I hope Google tells them to pound sand.

  • Slippy_World
    • Jonathan Smith

      not that one…….

      • Todd20036

        Really? He’s rather cute, IMHO

        • Jonathan Smith

          yes, but i would rather he stick that right in my face than drag it down some unbreakable glass……..

    • I loved Pete from Warehouse 13. What a fun show!

  • Charlie In SF

    One more reason to skip Bali

    • Publius

      Bali is much more gay friendly than the rest of Indonesia. It’s Muslims that have a problem with gays there. Hindus are the majority in Bali, and they DGAF about gays.

      • Charlie In SF

        As I recall, the cops there all Javanese; policing drunken Australians.

        • Publius

          Perhaps (but to be fair, many drunken Australians require policing), but the difference in the level of LGBT acceptance is certainly notable. I’ve never met any gay person who felt unwelcome or insecure in Bali.

  • safari
  • Jonathan Smith
    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      One can hope.

      • Jonathan Smith

        i SHOULD change that:
        Google to Indonesia:
        “we make more money than you. Fuck off”

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Google should respond with a hearty fuck you.

  • Bambino

    265,527,161 is the population of that country. Good luck with the gay no more movement.

  • TominDC

    Somewhat OT: “Antara” can mean “trans” or “cross” in Indonesian.

    For a second there I thought this was a bit of fake news, what with the minister named Rudiantara…

  • Silver Badger

    One more place not to visit. Right up there with Mississippi and Al Abama.

  • Trevor Brown
  • AdamTh
    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Dat ass!

      • Jonathan Smith

        as in…..
        keep “Dat ass” at home, send the lube,
        i can make/get more.”

    • jmax

      So much for etiquette; I would eat that using both hands.

    • HZ81

      What is PUR…(?) for Men. And please stop photoshopping my divine ass into pics. 🙂 😉

      • Jonathan Smith

        Puritanical Urethra Relief?
        and WOW! our butts are twins!!!!!!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Just like conservative Jews and Christians, conservative Muslims are assholes.

    Why would this surprise anyone, especially given Indonesia’s slow but very steady decline into radical Islam. As Joe points out, you need only read about what’s happened in the province of Aceh to know how/why this is happening.

    • Jonathan Smith

      “As Joe points out, you need only read about what’s happened in the province of” Alabama “to know how/why this is happening.”
      there, fixed it

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Interesting. So, by switching Aceh to Alabama, you’re implying that what’s happening in Indonesia is not as much a concern as to what’s happening in Alabama because why?

        • Jonathan Smith

          because the one affects me, the other is a country going after a company that they have no possible way of effecting?


          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            We can have that discussion, I just don’t understand why you felt the need to “fix” my comment since it was accurate and relevant to the topic at hand. By posting “There, fixed it” you implied I was in error in some way or that my comment was not valid in some fashion. Which, frankly, was rather rude.

          • Jonathan Smith

            just for “snark” ?
            didn’t mean to piss you off.

          • Statistics Palin

            “didn’t mean to piss you off.”
            You say that like it’s a bad thing. Pissing off scolds is a good thing.

          • Jonathan Smith

            no, actually, i rather LIKE Jean-Marc’s comments. and i did NOT mean to piss him off.
            i was just playing around and i think he took it wrong.

          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            Fair enough. I confess I’m a little grrrr today because my booh is away and I’m a bit cranky. So, in the spirit of mutual respect, I too offer my apology for being perhaps a bit sensitive. We all have those days, don’t we?

          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            Well, I’m rarely a scold unless it’s my husbotter, then it’s quite a different story….he likes being punished 🙂

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Substitute Indonesia with Alabama and the story reads the same.

    • gaycuckhubby

      No it doesnt

      • Paula


        • gaycuckhubby

          Not even close

  • Gregory In Seattle

    And Google will comply, because money is FAR more important to them than human rights.

  • Dayglo

    Indonesia can suck it.

  • gaycuckhubby

    Saw a lot of news recently that Grindr was sold to a straight Chinese Billionaire.
    Are articles like this fearmongering or is there legit fears?

    • BearEyes

      I deleted my account and removed the app out of caution. Don’t know how true the data gathering is but wouldn’t surprise me. I expect they would be looking for bigger fish though.

  • Robere

    Go India!!

    • Rebecca Gardner

      India? You must be a home schooled special sort of moronic troll.

  • Bride of Trump

    Indonesia is full of orang goblok.

  • The Milkman

    Dear Indonesia,


    Love and hugs,

    The West.

    • GanymedeRenard

      “Love and hugs,

      The West Civilized and decent people of the world.

      There, fixed it for ya’. 😉

  • Chris Gardner

    We’re like the Jedi… just when you think you’ve killed all of us off, new ones are born to take our place.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Has the though crossed anyone’s mind that they don’t have to download and run the apps on cellphone?

    Fuck these bigoted idiots.

  • GanymedeRenard

    Oh, please… As if queers haven’t been looking for love or cruising or whatever before the age of Google or Grindr.

    Sorry, Indonesia government, but if by this measure you seek the extinction of homosexuality, you’re doomed to failure. Monumentally.