REPORT: Bannon To “Fully Cooperate” With Mueller

Axios reports:

Steve Bannon, who was inside the White House when FBI Director James Comey was fired and has strong opinions about what happened, “intends to fully cooperate with Mueller,” according to a source familiar with Bannon’s thinking. The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff scooped Bannon’s legal strategy last night.

The source said that the White House has placed zero restrictions on Bannon talking to special counsel Bob Mueller: “He can say whatever the hell he wants to say to him about whatever topic that he wants.” By contrast, Bannon is holding back from Congress.

Last week, according to the source, Bannon’s counsel informed the staff of the House Intelligence Committee, where the former top aide to President Trump appeared yesterday, that the White House was unlikely to permit him to talk about his work in the transition and the West Wing. The grounds: executive privilege.

Yesterday the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Bannon “on the spot” when he was uncooperative during a full day of testimony.